In a world that was conquered by Apocalypse, Nate lived in the Savage Land with his parents until Apocalypse's forces came to destroy them. Sauron took him away on Nate's parents' orders. The two crashed in Antarctica where they met Wolverine and eventually join the Defenders. He then recruited Molecule Man and unlocked his powers to their full potential to destroy supporters of Apocalypse.

During the attack on Apocalypse's fortress, the Defenders where forced to travel via the Dark Dimension. When Brother Voodoo ordered the remaining Defenders to leave and let him battle Dormammu, Nate took the Eye of Agamotto from him, leaving him powerless against the demon.

Accompanied by Owen, he killed En Sabah Nur, and using his armor, the Eye of Agamotto, and Owen's powers, he tried to open a portal into the past to change history, but Captain America killed him in the process using Mjolnir.[1]


  • Telekinesis
  • Telepathy


  • The white streak in his hair makes Nathan look more like X-Man than Cable

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