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Nathan Summers seemingly had a similar history as his Earth-616 counterpart. He grew up in an alternate future and returned to his home reality under the alias Cable and joined the X-Men.

Dark Age

When the daemonites merged with the Sentinels, they used their combined powers to take over the United States of America. By 2019, most of the X-Men had been either killed or imprisoned. Cable was imprisoned in the House of Ghosts, where he was constantly tortured. Those that were allowed somewhat-free roam allied with WildC.A.T.s to defeat their captors. They were able to regain their powers and freed cable and his fellow inmates. Using their combined abilities, they sent their astral projections back to the time of the kherubim's arrival on Earth and destroyed their scout ship. In the new timeline, the daemonites never infiltrated the planet.[1]


Seemingly those of the Nathan Summers of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Nathan Summers of Earth-616.

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