Nathan Byrd was a private investigator and former policeman. He first came into contact with Abe Brown of the Sons of the Tiger when Brown witnessed the killing of Linda Lee Black, a Woman Byrd had been hired to protect. Brown helped him avenge her death[1]. When the White Tiger first made his appearance wearing the tiger amulets, Byrd began investigating him[2]. Byrd, Det. Sgt. D'Angelo and Awilda Ayala confronted the White Tiger about the disappearance of Awilda's brother Hector, at which point the Tiger unmasked and revealed himself to be Hector[3]. After fighting off an attack by mercenaries trying to kidnap Jack of Hearts[4], the Tiger assisted D'Angelo and Blackbyrd in bringing down the Corporation which was behind the murder of scientist Phillip Hart. For the attack against their headquarters, Blackbyrd visited his old police friend Misty Knight and acquired the assistance of Iron Fist and Shang-Chi[5][6].

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