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Doctor Stasis is one of three Nathaniel Essex clones created by the original Essex, along with the present-day Mister Sinister and Orbis Stellaris,[1] as well as Mother Righteous, a clone of Essex's late wife Rebecca.[2] He is marked with the suit of Clubs on his forehead.


Doctor Stasis is a clone of the original Nathaniel Essex, one of three created in 1895[1] along with a clone of Essex's late wife Rebecca[2] to explore different solutions to the problem of inevitable Machine supremacy. Like the rest of of Nathaniel's clones, he believed himself to be the only one and the original Nathaniel Essex, having no memory of his death in Bedlam.[1] He was given false memories of undoing Apocalypse's modifications and deciding that mutants were dangerous.

Throwing himself into the world of science, Stasis was present during many breakthroughs in the creation of superhumans through science. He first witnessed the creation of Captain America and it was during this time he learned he was a clone when he witnessed Mr Sinister working for the US government.[3]

He was on hand for the genesis of the Hulk and witnessed him saving Rick Jones in the unforgiving desert landscape. Undeterred by the unusual twists of fate, Doctor Stasis remained a constant presence in the unfolding tapestry of superhuman origins. His watchful eyes were there when Spider-Man, in a moment destined for history, was bitten by the radioactive spider, forever altering the course of the web-slinger's destiny.[3] Stasis also aided Bella Pagan in the early work with creating the Children of the Vault and left himself a back door in them for future use.[4] He set up a base deep underneath New Jersey, where he conducted his experiments..[5] He was the mysterious chairman of the Oblivion Institute[6] and eventually became director of Orchis' Sixth Petal of Human/Resources.[7] He used intelligent animal chimeras as servants, whom he would repeatedly kill for their failures before bringing them back to life.[8] Stasis would spend each evening eating dinner in the company of clones of his late wife Rebecca and son Adam, killing them once the dinner was over or when they failed to meet his expectations.[2]

At some point, he became aware of fellow clone Orbis Stellaris, and the two started working together.[3]

Doctor Stasis (Earth-616) from X-Men Vol 6 9

Stasis discovered the secret of the mutant nation of Krakoa; that mutants were able to resurrect their own.[9] Following the X-Men's attack on the Mother Mold, Doctor Stasis investigated the corpse of Scott Summers to try and uncover the mysteries of mutant resurrection.[6]

In a house in suburbia, Stasis seemed to enjoy a regular meal with what looked to be his wife and son. However, when the woman served the wrong sauce, Stasis expressed his disappointment and the two instantly dropped dead. Stasis then called upon his animal chimera assistant Bornan to dispose of their bodies.[6] In order to make public perception of mutantdom more negative by pushing humanity to view Krakoa as a "secretive island cult," Stasis presented Summers' autopsy to famed Daily Bugle reporter Benjamin Urich.[10]

Doctor Stasis sent several of his animal chimeras to attack the X-Men at the Treehouse in order to collect data. Using a compound to drive his chimeras into a murderous rage, he set them loose onto New York City with the explicit goal to kill Cyclops. The chimeras were specifically designed with power meant to isolate the X-Men from one another, and Stasis himself monitored the attack from a nearby van masquerading as an ambulance. When all others proved insufficient, Doctor Stasis sent Bornan into the fray and Bornan managed to wound Cyclops with his deep claws while the X-Men were protecting a human baby from his rage. As Cyclops was bleeding in an alley, Stasis approached him wearing an emergency worker uniform and finished him off. Before he drew last breath, Doctor Stasis whispered to him his direct location to see whether Cyclops would remember his words.[11]

Impressed with M.O.D.O.K.'s work, Doctor Stasis suggested recruiting him into Orchis and accompanied Nimrod to make a formal proposal.[7] However, Cyclops was on his trail and went after Doctor Stasis with only Synch as backup. Approaching Stasis' laboratory through the sewer system, Cyclops confronted and unmasked him, revealing the all too familiar face of Nathaniel Essex.[8] Stasis surprised Cyclops by claiming that he was the original Nathaniel Essex and that the one on the Quiet Council was but a failed experiment with a mutant gene. Held in a headlock, Doctor Stasis detonated the explosive above his lab in order to escape. Before departing, he told Cyclops that Earth's future lay with humanity. His identity exposed, Doctor Stasis then went to his home and initiated its self-destruct in order to erase all traces of him.[5]

After the secret of mutant resurrection was publicly revealed, Doctor Stasis consulted with Orchis' attorneys and announced their plans to claim any and all murder charges against mutants as invalid. Before the second annual Hellfire Gala Stasis discussed the revelation with Feilong and met Orchis' new ally; Dr. Moira MacTaggert.[12]

While Stasis was eating dinner with his cloned family, Mother Righteous appeared and revealed her identity to him. She threatened him to never clone his family again and informed him that she was taking an interest in Orchis.[2] On behalf of Orchis, Stasis met with Righteous, where he asked for a date and the resurrection of Selene Gallio. Stasis did his best to woo Mother Righteous, and as a gift she told him about their true origin. After dinner, the two visited Milbury House, where Stasis repaired a gravestone for Adam, Rebecca, and her stillborn daughter Morgan. They then visited the Thames where Nathaniel proposed to Rebecca, and Mother Righteous used one of her enslaved gods to recall Selene's soul before an enraged Charon attacked. Stasis killed Charon to protect her, but before the two could kiss, Selene interrupted. Parting as allies, Stasis hid the fact that he was already aware of and working with Orbis Stellaris, whom he told that he wanted to control Mother Righteous.[3]

Fall of X[]

During the third Hellfire Gala, Orchis put their plans to rid Earth of mutants into action. Using his scientific acumen, Stasis managed to infiltrate the factories manufacturing the Krakoan miracle drugs that had won them human acceptance and inserted a kill-switch into the drugs. Launching an attack on the Hellfire Gala, Orchis blackmailed Professor X into using his telepathic powers to force every mutant to walk through the Krakoan gates, which Orchis had hacked to transport the mutants to Mars. If Xavier refused, Orchis would use the kill-switches inserted in Krakoan medicines to begin killing humans, framing mutantkind for the deaths.

With no other choice, Xavier complied. Only a select few powerful or well-trained enough to resist his telepathic commands were able to remain on Earth, as Stasis and Orchis set about hunting the last remaining mutants.[13] Before her death at Orchis' hands, Jean Grey implanted false memories into Stasis' mind, making him believe that X-Man Firestar was a double-agent who had worked for Orchis on Stasis' behalf. Stasis made her his confidant, unaware that his memories of her betrayal were false, and that she was secretly sabotaging Orchis' efforts.[13]

Orchis set about purging the Earth of all remaining mutants, but their fortunes soon began to turn as the X-Men launched their own plans of resistance. With the Orchis-encouraged civil war on Arakko concluding and with Orchis' poisons secretly planted within the Krakoan medicines undone, Orchis now faced an invasion from Arakko as well as open action from the X-Men.[14] After the destruction of Orchis' space station at the hands of a Brood Swarm, Stasis realized that Orchis had failed and began preparing his disappearance.[15]

He was caught by Shadowcat and Emma Frost, who used her telepathic powers to torment Stasis with visions of his brutal murder at the hands of various mutants until he succumbed to a massive heart attack, with his corpse being incinerated by Firestar for good measure.[14]


Doctor Stasis' name reflects his mindset, which has not changed since his creation, believing that he needs to stay the same no matter what the world demands of him. As such, he still possesses sexist and misogynistic attitudes that flare up, though he tries to keep them under wraps. He is capable of love, but a twisted kind that demands perfection of those he loves, rejecting countless clones of his wife and son for slight disappointments. His genuine love for Mother Righteous is tainted by a desire to control her.[3] Stasis has a burning hatred of mutants, whom he sees as a cancer upon humanity,[8] and he is capable of as much cruelty as Mister Sinister.[11]


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  • Doctor Stasis wears a mask that fully covers his head and protects him from telepathic interference.[8]


  • Sinister Six Shooter: Doctor Stasis possesses a gun he calls the Sinister Six Shooter, which fires specialized rounds based on the abilities of the Sinister Six. Only the Electro round has been mentioned.[3]


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