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The history of this Mr. Sinister seemingly followed the same path of his Earth-616 counterpart's.

Mr. Sinister started a plan to perfect the world using DNA from deceased Genoshan mutants. He allied with corrupt media mogul Chance White in order to acquire control under the producer's satellites. After Sinister's Marauders rescued White from Deadpool, Mr. Sinister got Chance to confirm the satellites were now his, and proceeded to kill White, who was no longer useful. This infuriated the mercenary Deadpool, who demanded Sinister to pay him the money White owed him. The villain gave no importance to Deadpool's demand, telekinetically dismembered Wade, and escaped with Blockbuster, announcing that Genosha awaited them.

In Genosha, Sinister started profaning mutant corpses harvesting their DNA. The X-Men joined forces with Deadpool in order to stop Sinister and followed the supervillain to Genosha. In his way to find Sinister, Deadpool interfered in Essex's plans, as he killed a clone of him which was broadcasting a signal through a security tower, rescued Rogue from Blockbuster and stopped the profaning of corpses with the help of Cable.

When Deadpool finally got to Mr. Sinister's base, Magneto's old citadel, the villain sent numerous clones to fight him. The real Sinister finally showed up angry with Deadpool's interference, quickly subduing the recently arrived X-Men using concussive blasts. Sinister started insulting Deadpool, without noticing he was standing right in a giant "X" the mercenary had painted before the final battle. Deadpool proceeded to punch Sinister in his crotch, and used a modified Sentinel boot to crush him when he was reeling from the pain, finally killing him.[1]


Seemingly those of the Nathaniel Essex of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Nathaniel Essex of Earth-616.

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