Mister Sinister was the Baron of Bar Sinister, one of the domains of Battleworld. He and King Hyperion were working against the House Braddock of Higher Avalon, another domain of Battleworld, when the God Emperor Doom's force, the Thor Corps brought him to the Castle Doom in Doomgard. Sinister was accused by Baron Braddock of Higher Avalon, and clashed with Baron Braddock's brother, Brian Braddock, in single combat. Sinister was near victory when God Emperor Doom stopped the match.[1]
Victor von Doom (Earth-616) and Nathaniel Essex (Earth-21919) from Secret Wars Vol 1 2 00001

Secret Wars #2 Sinister defeats Braddock

When Iron Thor was found dead in Utopolis, King Hyperion sought the counsel of Baron Sinister to help discern whom the murder might be. Sinister informed him that it was likely a traitor within his own ranks, someone wishing to personally do him harm.[2] Sinister also possesses Fare-Devil as a chef and uses Collektra to hunt exotic beasts for him. [3]

Captain Marvel one of the survivors from Earth 616 is captured by Baron Sinister after Sheriff Strange scattered the survivors across the Battleworlds.[4] They are later seen together after Sinister finishes his meeting with God Doom who gathered his Baron's to discuss the threat of the Prophet who is gaining support across the Battleworlds. Captain Marvel apparently under control of Sinister helps Sinister decide to betray God Doom.[5] Sinister and Captain Marvel attack the other Barons instead of the Prophet's army. During the battle, Sinister head is removed and brought before Apocalypse where they argue before the Thors arrive to fight as they too have betrayed God Doom.The Maestro and his Worldbreakers also join the battle against God Doom separated Sinister and Apocalypse[6] Sinister is apparently killed as Meastro's ship crashes down on him, as he is just a head and cannot flee. [7]


Seemingly those of Mister Sinister of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Mister Sinister of Earth-616.

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Seemingly those of Mister Sinister of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of Mister Sinister of Earth-616.

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