Nathaniel Essex is the CEO and owner of Essex Corporation.[1]

  • Nathaniel Essex, as Mister Sinister, was originally included into the script of the film Logan, as the main villain behind the Alkali-Transigen project. He was later removed and his place was taken by Dr. Zander Rice.
  • The tease in X-Men: Apocalypse of Mister Sinister, was originally meant to double as tease for the now canceled film Gambit, that was in development at the time, since Mister Sinister was planned to be in it.[2]
  • Before said plans were scrapped, in favor of introducing the character in the film Gambit,[2] Jon Hamm was originally planned to appear as Mister Sinister in the film The New Mutants.[3]
  • Editor and composer John Ottman, and his assistant Byron Burton, originally had the idea of setting up Mister Sinister as a villain across multiple films, including one film they had penned focusing on the character Beast titled X-Men: Fear the Beast, and a planned Omega Red film.[4]

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