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A clone of the Original Mister Sinister sent alongside his Hellions through Otherworld into Amenth in order to steal the Arraki Champions' swords, in order to cause them to forfeit the Contest of Swords.[2]

Suffering an immediate loss when faced with the Locus Vile, Sinisters' team fled back to Krakoa with the Vile's genetic data, leaving Sinister to be experimented on and tortured, returning to Krakoa with his newfound loyalty to Tarn the Uncaring.[1]


X of Swords

The clone of Mister Sinister was created when Sinister's plan to end the Contest of Swords by forcing a forfeit on the Arraki side was granted, subject to Sinister joining his team on the perilous, possibly permanently fatal journey across Otherworld. Naturally the clone was similarly adverse to risking death, and he and his creator played the noble game to decide who would travel.[2]

Though the clone won the game,[1] the original revealed that he had in fact won "the right to travel to Amenth", as well as Sinister's cape, which was later traded to King Jamie of Avalon in return for safe passage.[2]

Sinister and his Hellions eventually made it to Arakko, only to learn that, by then, the contest was well underway. This did not bother Sinister much as his true reason for travelling to Amenth was to collect genetic information on some Arakki mutants. Unfortunately the Mutants the Hellions encountered were Tarn the Uncaring, and his Locus Vile, who apparently killed Sinister when he used his Genetic Collection Drones to collect their genes.[3]

Don't Look Back

Sinister was not actually killed however, and was instead subjected to months of unending torture, eventually joining the Locus Vile and coming to call Tarn his master.[1] He even managed to make his way back to Krakoa, arriving just after the 'fireworks' of the Hellfire Gala,[4] to prepare the way for Tarn to reclaim what was stolen from him.[1] During a second confrontation between the Hellions and the Locus Vile, Tarn showed everyone the original Sinister's memories showing him killing all the surviving Hellions immediately after they left the gate. With everyone now attacking Essex he unleashed an army of clones as a distraction and convinced his clone to abandon everybody else and go with him through an illegal gate that responded to his DNA, convincing him with one word "Chimera".[5] Sinister took him to his clone lab in Murderworld and explained to him what he'd been working on while he was away: the first chimera, a clone of himself split 50/50 with the DNA of Tarn. They were interrupted by the arrival of the real Tarn, who had gotten their location from Kwannon; when he saw what Sinister had done with his DNA he was prepared to kill them both but he was distracted when he was informed Amino Fetus had eaten and was morphing into his final and most deadly form. The Locus Vile all left to deal with this, but immediately afterwards the Hellions showed up to confront the two Sinisters. Havok and Greycrow were ready to destroy the lab and the chimera but Kwannon begged them not to as they'd be destroying a copy of her dead daughter's mind. John and Alex were ready to stand down but Empath took over, revealing that he was spying on Sinister for Emma Frost and unleashed Havok's insane personality which burned the entire lab to the ground while laughing maniacally.[6] After coming out of the rubble, the original Sinister left his clone to the furious Hellions with Nanny seemingly about to pull his head of when the X-Men found them.[7] It's unknown what happened to this clone after that.


Mister Sinister's personality is very similar to that of his genetic template,[2] though he holds a strong loyalty to the Locus Vile and Tarn the Uncaring.[1]



Presumably those of his genetic template


Presumably those of his genetic template



  • Genetic Collection Drones: Insect-like drones used by Mister Sinister to collect the DNA of mutants more easily.[3]

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