Quote1 They were all defective. As I am. I'm insane, you see. My grasp of reality is nebulous. You're the first truly functional Nate Grey I've seen. Quote2
-- Shaman src

Nate Grey came to the Earth-998 from his native reality, Earth-2098, which was sacrificed to restore Earth-998.[2] The Red Queen wanted to use him as a ultimate weapon, but he was dangerously unstable, so she gave him a genetic insignia, to stabilize his powers. In the process of experimentation, his mind was damaged and he going mad. The Queen seemingly slew him, but he secretly survived and escaped.[citation needed]

Becoming a Shaman, he built a hidden village where his "tribe", the people who fought with the Queen, could live. At some point, his tribe had stolen and preserved the body of Forge, Queen's best maker. [citation needed]

Eight years later, when Nate Grey from Earth-295 came to Earth-998, Shaman helped him escape from the Red Queen. He told X-Man that the Queen tried to use his powers, but failed, and began traveling to different realities, in search of the perfect weapon, a "working Nate Grey". But in all realities she found only a "defective" Nate's, until she met X-Man. [citation needed]

Together both Nate's went to a hidden village. X-Man, under the guidance of the Shaman, used his powers to talk with Forge, who told them the truth about the Queen Maddie. Immediately thereafter, the village was attacked by Mr. Scratch and the Black Knights. Scratch destroyed Forge's body, paralyzed X-Man, and almost strangled Shaman while the Knights killed all the villagers. Shaman used his powers to stabilize X-Man's power, gave him his X-Gene insignia and send him home to Earth-616. [citation needed]

Thinking it was Nate Grey from Earth-295, Scratch captured Shaman and took him to the Red Queen. The Queen realized that it was fake, defective Nate, and then killed him.[citation needed]


  • Telepathy
  • Telekinesis
    • Flight
    • Force Field

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