A counterpart of Nathaniel Richards, this particular man was left to go about his life until one day, a disaster pulled him to Earth-616, granting him immortality and the power to traverse space-time under his own power.

However, the accident that gave him this power was followed by an injunction from the being known as Immortus: only one Nathaniel Richards could be allowed to survive with these powers. All the empowered Nathaniels must now fight until only one remains.

What no one knew at that the time was the Nathaniel of Earth-12498 was a homicidal lunatic. He began swiftly eliminating his counterparts, taking their equipment and using it to kill more and more counterparts. The other Nathaniels began to speak of him as "The Beast."[2]

At one point, he met his son, though the circumstances are unknown.[1]

Eventually, only two of the Nathaniels were left - himself and Nathaniel Richards of Earth-616. Gathering allies in the form of his college-age son and some friends, Nathaniel-616 came to The Beast's stronghold, Collapsed Chronopolis, a city existing across all of time at once.

The Beast was killed by a young Victor von Doom.[2]


  • Immortality
  • Interdimensional Travel

  • The insignia on Nathaniel's jumpsuit is strikingly similar to the insignia on the jumpsuits of the Children of Tomorrow.

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