In this reality, Nathaniel Richards, the boy who would grow up to be Kang the Conqueror, tried to go back in time to create the Young Avengers and thus stop his future self. But his time-bending armor malfunctioned, and instead of sending him into the early 21st century, it sent him to a future in which a villain called Victorious destroyed the Avengers, who happened to consist of former members of the Runaways. Convinced that the Runaways were destined to be the next Avengers, he continued on to the 21st century and, in the guise of Iron Lad, convinced the largely undisciplined teens that they needed to become a more formal team. Unbeknownst to him, however, Victorious had followed him. The villain attacked him and stole his armor, then tracked down his younger self, Victor Mancha, and had him infiltrate the Runaways in Richards' stead. Posing as Iron Lad, young Victor Mancha misled the Young Avengers, having them fight against villains who were far above their abilities. It was his hope that the Runaways would be killed in combat, thus preventing them from stopping his future self. But after one fight left Molly Hayes near death, the Runaways learned of Mancha's duplicity, causing a fight that killed Kang the Conqueror and nearly killed Chase Stein. In the end, Chase managed to save himself by using Iron Lad's armor to heal his wounds, and the younger Victor Mancha killed Victorious and then stole Kang's time belt and disappeared.Thereafter, the Runaways resolved to continue serving as the Young Avengers.

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Seemingly those of Nathaniel Richards (Iron Lad) (Earth-6311)#Powers.

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