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After Immortus used the Psyche-Globe to bombard Kang with the memories of all Kang counterparts killed by him, it threatened to drive him mad. With his sanity quickly fleeting, Kang triggered the time circuitry in his helmet to create two necessary divergent versions of himself to divide the madness between. Prime Kang returned to the 40th Century to recover,[1] while divergent Kang-123488.23497 ended up elsewhen. He was attacked by young Kanglet, but managed to kill him. Impressed by this display, Ravonna who was posing as Kang-Nebula[2] invited him to join the Council of Cross-Time Kangs.[3]

Council of Cross-Time Kangs (Multiverse) from Avengers Vol 1 292 001

Kang before the Council of Cross-Time Kangs

The divergent Kang, dubbed Kang-123488.23497 materialized in the council chambers of the Council of Cross-Time Kangs. He soon found himself universally accepted into the Council.[4] He met with Lord Kang, ruler of the Cross-Time Kangs, who was impressed by his performance. He was then shown to his new quarters by Kang Nebula who earned Kang's suspicions when she tried to seduce him.[5] Kang began monitoring Kang-Nebula learning that she was secretly sneaking off to Earth-616 to manipulate the Avengers through their leader Dr. Druid.[6]

Confronted by Lord Kang over what he might know about the disappearance of Kang Nebula, Kang-123488.23497 revealed what he knew. After examining her room, Kangs discovered that Nebula had managed to seduce and steal technology from each member of the Council for her own use.[7] After confirming this by questioning the rest of the Council, Lord Kang suspected that Nebula might be going after the Avengers as they were destined to breach the so-called Time-Bubble that exists in a fifteen year span of time in the reality of Earth-8810. It was believed that a powerful Celestial weapon. This was later confirmed when they reviewed events on Earth-616 and learned that Nebula has successfully enthralled Dr. Druid, Thor, Black Knight and She-Hulk. Lord Kang decided to stop Nebula from breaching the Time Bubble and took Kang-123488.23497 and Kang-Mesozoic24 with him to Earth-616. They managed to stow themselves on the side of the Avengers Quinjet from its launch site at Hydrobase and hitched a ride to the Time Bubble.[8] Although they lost Kang-Mesozoic24, Lord Kang and Kang-123488.23497 prevented the death of the Black Knight and freed She-Hulk from Nebula's control. She-Hulk then freed Thor and the Knight from Nebula's control. In the ensuing struggle, both Nebula and Dr. Druid were lost in the Time Bubble. Both Kangs were lost in the probability field of the Time Bubble as well.[9][10]

When N'astirh, a demon from the realm of Limbo (not to be confused by the temporal one) attempted to spread his realm onto Earth,[11] it had an impact on the time-stream and threatened to erase this Kang, still lost in the Time Bubble, from existence. Only able to enter the modern age as a temporal specter, Kang attempted to find the Avengers in the demonically possessed version of New York City that was being called the Inferno. Unable to find them he instead found the Captain, Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, and the Eternal known as Gilgamesh battling Nanny and the Orphan-Maker who were attempting to kidnap Reed and Sue's son Franklin Richards. Although the heroes defeated Nanny and Orphan-Maker, Franklin was kidnapped by N'astirh to used in the magical sacrifice needed to permanently open the portal between Earth and Limbo. Seeing that they had no means of tracking N'astirh, Kang used the last of his power to revive one of his Growing Man constructs hidden in the city. Under his orders it disguised itself as a demon and lured the ad-hoc group of Avengers, later joined by Thor, to the Empire State Building, headquarters of N'astirh and his demonic legions. The Avengers rescued Franklin and foiled N'astirh's plans for the time being, they also destroyed the "demon" that led them there as well.[12][10]

Kang-123488.23497 and Lord Kang of the Council of Cross-Time Kangs were still trapped in the Time-Bubble on Earth-8810 along with Nebula and Dr. Druid. Sometime after the Inferno incident, Nebula began using her influence to convince the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor of Earth-616 to travel to that reality and attempt to breach the Time Bubble.[13] Another entity to pierce the Time Bubble was the transdimensional bounty hunter known as Death's Head who had been assigned by the Time Variance Authority to stop the Time Bubble. Their arrival also freed Lord Kang, Kang-Mesozoic24 and Kang-123488.23497 who immediately attacked the gathered heroes. Mesozoic24 was slain by Death's Head, while 123488.23497 was slain by the Human Torch who was under the influence of Nebula. Lord Kang fell into a massive device that was pulling the universe into it powered by Galactus.[14][10] Eventually the Fantastic Four and their allies dispelled the Time-Bubble, defeating it's creator the so-called Black Celestial.[15] For a time it seemed that there was only the one Kang left in all existence in the Omniverse.

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