This Kang the Conqueror is an alternate, future version of the Earth-5631 Kang the Conquereror.

After having succesfully stolen one of Iron Man's new armors to built himself an army, Kang defeated and captured the Avengers and proceeded to conquerer the world. 10 years later, he was still ruling, having disposed of most superheroes except Power Pack. At some point, he used a weapon to distabilize Mass Master's powers, trapping him permanently in his cloud form.

When the young Power Pack arrived in this future, send there by Kang's younger counterpart, they teamed up with their adult selves to free the Avengers and figure out a way to defeat Kang in the past. Using the chronal energy that Katie had absorbed during their trip to the future and a belt from Kang’s armor that the Future Power Pack had managed to secure, Katie was able to return the whole team back in time to the exact moment Kang originally banished them. Using a weapon given to him by future Tony Stark, Jack was able to shut down the armors of all Kang’s soldiers. Katie then used her power to send Kang into a time portal to an unknown destination, beating the villain. With his victory averted, it is likely that this future version of Kang was erased from existance.[citation needed]


Seemingly those of Nathaniel Richards (Kang) of Earth-6311.

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