Kang was rumored to have beaten up Reed Richards and Sue Storm, then dumped them into the timestream; however, this information was heard third-hand from The Shocker, thus making it uncertain whether or not it is actually true.[1]

This rumor ended up being true as Kang appeared in the Baxter Building after the Fantastic Four was visited by a future Peter Quill who traveled back to retrieve the Ultimate Nullifier. Kang knocked Sue unconscious and then cut off Richards arm while it was elongated. Quill lunged at Kang to the ground but got headbutted in the head knocking Quill off balance.

Kang created a dimensional rift sending both Reed and Sue through it causing them to be lost in the timestream. Kang then grabbed Quill by the neck and slammed him into the wall while smashing his weapon into pieces. Quill asked both the future and past versions of H.E.R.B.I.E. to remind his past stuff about borrowing the kid's knife which then ended him in his hand. Quill stabbed Kang in his right eye blinding the Conqueror as he opened a time portal to escape but not before warning Quill that what he had did was only a hollow victory as Kang had aldready completed his task.[2]

Later during a rescue mission, Logan and Puck tried to mount an attempt to board the Brood-infected space station. As he was drifting off unconscionably he was confronted by Kang himself, who told him time has been twisted and the new Warlord of Amerika happened to be Bruce Banner Jr.[3]

  • This character was first mentioned in a conversation between Hawkeye and Logan.[1]

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