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Rama-Tut was ruler of Egypt. He was from the year 3000, and seeking adventure, constructed a time machine and travelled back to ancient Egypt. He kidnapped the Fantastic Four when they were forced to travel back in time by Doctor Doom via Time Platform. He told them of his origins and imprisoned the team as hypnotized slaves, but a passing comet returned Ben to his human form and restored his will. As Rama-Tut prepared to marry Sue, Ben rescued her and the rest of the team. As the comet moved away, Ben became the Thing again, and the Four followed Rama-Tut for their final confrontation. The team battle Rama-Tut until they reached his Time-Ship, positioned beneath the Great Sphinx. They destroyed his ship, which returned them to their own time.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Rama-Tut of Earth-6311



Possesses a Time-Ship, capable of travel through both time and space.


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