At one time Nathaniel Richards deemed his foray as the Scarlet Centurion to be a complete failure and decided to resume his Rama-Tut guise. However his sudden ejection from Earth-689 also created a divergent Scarlet Centurion. [1] This alternate version ended up in the future of Earth-712 where he became a successful conqueror.

The Scarlet Centurion attempted to conquer the modern era of this reality on several occasions, regularly clashing with the Squadron Supreme. [2] On one such encounter, the Scarlet Centurion attempted to sway Tom Thumb into poisoning Hyperion in exchange for a cure for cancer. Tom Thumb refused with the Scarlet Centurion laughing in his face the whole time.

The Scarlet Centurion agreed to allow another enemy of the Squadron Supreme known as Master Menace come to his era and spent over 30 years developing a dimensional gateway that he hoped would shunt the Nth Man out of their dimension. The Nth Man arrived in their native dimension and threatened to destroy it.

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