Quote1.png I am Nathan Dayspring Summers. I am Cable. I didn't kill myself. I'm still here. I'm sure the older version of me was a good friend. I'm happy to hear that. But he wasn't doing his job. When the original five X-Men came from the past, he should have sent them back right away. But he didn't. And the fallout from that would have meant ten of thousands of people dead. It wasn't an easy choice to do what I did. If I could have, I would have let the older version of Cable...of me...live. But he came at me, he tried to stop me. So I had to make the choice. Because if I hadn't, if he stopped me, then people I cared about were going to die. Quote2.png


The history of Nathaniel Summers was the same as his former counterpart until the ripple effects of time began having an effect on his reality, including the deaths of Tetherblood and Aliya. Nathan was informed by Blaquesmith that his older self's inability to protect the timeline and not returning the time-displaced original X-Men to their proper time was causing this, as the result would be the eventual death of Iceman and thus the changing of the timeline. Nathan also learned from Blaquesmith that Scott Summers and Jean Grey were his parents and had raised him disguised as Slym and Redd Dayspring. With this knowledge, he traveled back in time to accomplish what his older self could not.[3]

With the help of Paul Douek, Nathan used a Phoenix Cage to resurrect his father, Cyclops,[9] and kept him hidden inside Professor,[10] as they traveled to the present where Cable killed his older self, coming into conflict with the X-Men and Ahab while he gathered the time-displaced X-Men and returned them to the past to ensure that the Prime Marvel Universe's timeline would avoid an apocalyptic future,[11] and his own timeline would be restored.[3]

Returning to the Professor, Nathan discovered that although Scott was grateful his son resurrected him, he wanted to rejoin the X-Men, rather than stay locked away. Reluctantly, Cable allowed his father to leave, but on the condition that he pick between two destinations: the home of Paul Douek and his family, who were in danger, and the X-Men's battle with X-Man. After Cyclops saved the Doueks, Cable was satisfied that his father had returned to his heroic roots, and the two parted ways.[9] To ensure his father's safety, Cable asked Wolverine to stay by his side to protect him.[12]

Teaming Up with X-Force

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Nathan next traveled to Transia and worked with Deathlok to look for Rachel Grey, who was once again under the influence of Ahab.[6] During this time, he reluctantly worked alongside X-Force, who were originally tracking him down to make him pay for murdering their former leader, his older self.[13] He learned that Stryfe was behind the upheaval in Transia,[5] and after Stryfe's plot to use Rachel to destroy the Clan Chosen was thwarted, Nathan stopped Rachel from killing the young clone. Nathan resolved to uphold his duty of protecting the timeline and refused to change it to suit his own needs like Stryfe and his older self had.[14]

Dawn of X

Cable joined the mutant nation of Krakoa when it was founded, residing on the Moon in the Summer House. He attended a family barbecue, where he traded guns with Raza of the Starjammers.[15] He would later investigate the emergence of a mysterious island, that was approaching Krakoa, alongside Cyclops and Prestige. Despite some hostility from the local lifeforms, in part due to Cable handing one a grenade as a gift, which it then activated, the situation was resolved.[16]

Nathan with his father and sister.

When Psylocke formed a team to investigate the new threat of Apoth and the drug, Overclock, she enlisted the aid of X-23 and Cable.[17] When the team investigated an Apoth location in Brazil,[18] Cable was captured by Apoth's servant, who saw Cable as the symbolic unity between man, machine, and mutant.[19] He later released Cable,[20] who, with X-23, Husk, and Bling!, aided Psylocke in defeating Apoth.[21]

While searching for the missing mutant, Fauna, at the request of his friend Curse, Cable, alongside Armor and Pixie, fought an enraged Arakkoan monster. After discovering that the creature was injured from an object being embedded in its foot, Cable used his telekinesis to remove the object and calm the creature. Upon touching the object, he learned that it was the Light of Galador, an ancient sword once belonging to a Spaceknight named Morn. Cable immediately took to the weapon and kept it for himself.[7]

Nathan dating Esme Cuckoo.

When a mutant baby went missing in Philadelphia, Cable headed to the scene of crime with Esme Cuckoo. After they made out, Cable, who was actually dating all the five Cuckoo sisters at the time, asked Esme what the other Cuckoos were doing when he was on a date with one of them and if they ever got jealous. The girl claimed her sisters were doing other stuff, when they actually were psychically spying on them from their room on Krakoa. However, Nathan and Esme date night was abruptly interrupted when the Spaceknights from Galador came to Earth, detecting the energy signature from their mythical sword - the Light of Galador - after it was recovered by Nathan in Krakoa's wilds. They crashed into the house where Cable and Esme were hanging out and took the sword away from them.[22]

Kidnapped by the Spaceknights along with Esme, Cable discovered his older self (who foresaw and accepted his own death) had actually left him an ace hidden inside his techno-organic steel sleeve to use against the knights: a nuclear bomb. After retrieving his new sword, Cable lured the knights to a remote desert where he set off the bomb, completely obliterating the Spaceknights. Nathan and Esme escaped back to Krakoa through an emergency portal without collateral damage, promising to see each other again after Cable's date night with her sister Phoebe the next day. Nathan then returned to the Summer House and told his parents about his adventure.[23]


Cable, like his older self, is extremely pragmatic when trying to achieve his goals.[11] Despite his strong desire to protect the timeline,[14] in part informed by witnessing first-hand what its alteration can bring,[3] he has himself abused time-travel to alter the past, such as when he resurrected his father.[9] This version of Cable learned that Scott Summers and Jean Grey were Slym and Redd Dayspring at a much earlier age than his older counterpart did,[3] and as a result has expressed a much stronger fondness for them.[10][24] Cable has also shown a willingness to be more lighthearted and friendly than his older self frequently did.[17][7]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of the Nathaniel Summers of Earth-616.


Seemingly those of the Nathaniel Summers of Earth-616.



Cable usually carries energy weapons and grenades as his weapons of choice.[16]

Light of Galador: While on the Arak Maw, Cable found the Light of Galador embedded in the foot of an Arakkoan monster. It had previously belonged to Morn, the first of the Spaceknights. Despite its size, it is said to be lightweight.[7]



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