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Base Of Operations
Formerly Germany

Organization Leader(s)
Formerly Adolf Hitler

Former Members

Formerly The Joker



Quote1 I'm amazed Hitler has lasted as long as he has, with this kind of scum supporting him. Quote2

The Nazi Party seemingly had a similar history as its Earth-616 counterpart.

Fat Boy

After learning that the Gotham Project had completed a prototype nuclear bomb, the Red Skull manipulated The Joker into stealing it. While in Gotham City, Shmidt used his Dust of Death on some GCPD officers and attempted to kill Batman and Bucky; however, these events allowed Batman, Bucky, Captain America, and Robin to figure out his plans.

When he went to collect the bomb from Joker, he betrayed Skull after learning his true identity. The Nazis responded by knocking out Joker and his minions and taking Joker prisoner. Skull planned to drop the bomb on Washington, D.C., crippling the United States of America and causing mass panic among its citizens. The four heroes took the Batplane to intersect Skull's plane as it left the base. Bruce and Steve broke onto the plane and flew it to the Atlantic Ocean. Shmidt mocked their efforts, as they were still close enough to his target to fulfill his mission. He tried to deploy the bomb, only to find that Joker had betrayed him and damaged the dropping mechanism. Their fight caused the bomb to drop with the two madmen on top of it, exploding over Atlantic.

End of WWII

The party was disbanded after losing World War II.


Transportation: War Wheel[1]

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