The Nazis have been heavily featured in many Marvel Publications during its Timely Comics era of publication. Subsequently there is over 70 years worth of appearances of members of the Nazi party in Marvel books. This is an unabridged version. For an abridged version please refer to the Abridged Nazi History.

For the most part, the actual history of World War II in the Marvel Universe mirrors that of the real world. As such, it can be assumed that for the most part the history of the Nazi party on Earth-616, including famous battles, and campaigns are on-par with their real world counterparts unless otherwise specified. The below accounting is regarding the various interactions and events that are unique to the Earth-616 universe. For a full real world history of the Nazis please refer to Wikipedia.

For a full listing of members of the Nazi party on Earth-616 see the full membership roster. A full listing of Nazi war machines unique to Earth-616 can be found here.

Rise to Power

On Earth-616, the general history of the Nazi party mirrors that of the real world ([1]). However, below are some significant events pertaining to the Nazi's early history and rise to power.

Originally called the German Worker's Party in the 1900s, the National Socialist Workers Party had their start in 1919, eventually adopting their current name in 1920. A political party that had socialist/nationalist ideals, they were most notoriously known for their idea that the German race was "superior" to all others. They had a long history of persecution against Jews, Slavs, Roma (gypsies), Communists, homosexuals and those with mental and physical disabilities.

In November 1923, members of the Nazi party marched on Munich city hall, the demonstration exploded into violence. These events were witnessed by 9 year old Johann Shmidt, the future Red Skull.[1] By November 1926, the Nazi party's ideas were taking root in society, with persecution of Jewish citizens becoming more and more common. In March of 1927, counter protests between members of the Nazi party and the Communist Red Front exploded into violence in the city of Kurfurstendamm.[2] By 1933, the Nazis were gaining political power in Germany, however were constantly clashing with protesters who were mainly supporters of Communism. On February 27th, 1933, Dutch leftist Marinus von der Lubbe set the Reichstag on fire, acting alone. In response to the fire Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring determined it to be part of a Communist uprising. Goering then drafted the Brownshirts into an auxiliary police force. On February 28th President von Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Fire Decree which suspended virtually ever free right the German people had to free speech, freedom to assemble, and all privacy rights. As Berlin was being swept for Communist supporters. They setup Dachau one of Nazi Germany's first concentration camps. Over the next few months the German's completed their rise to power, and among the 1.6 million Germans to join the Nazi party, and Johann Shmidt, then a teenager was one of them.[3] However, after suffering many beatings and seeing that life as a Brownshirt was not as glorious as being a member of Hitler's S.S., Schmidt quit the Brownshirts and eventually joined his old childhood friend Dieter Lehmann and his Communist supporters in a plot to assassinate Hitler himself.[4] Also during this year Baron Heinrich Zemo, a staunch Nazi supporter, traveled to America to further his knowledge in applied technology, and was tutored under Nikola Tesla.[5] On June 29, 1934 their assassination plot came to fruition when Hitler made an appearance at the Hotel Hansenblauer in Bad Wiessee to eliminate Ernest Rohm one of his biggest opponents whom Hitler despised due to his homosexuality. Dressed as a bellhop, Schmid and Lehmann stormed into Hitler's room. But seeing true power for the first time, Schmid turned the gun on Lehmann. So inspired was Hitler, that he took the boy under his wing and began training him to be his highest ranking operative answering to nobody but Hitler himself.[6] Zemo immediately returned to Germany thereafter and began working on a Death Ray device, working along side German scientist Abraham Erskine.[7] During a visit by Hitler and Johann Schmidt, Erskine pleaded to Hitler to use science to enhance the body instead of destroy it, leading to the scientist being mocked.[8]

On September 15, 1935 Adolf Hitler announced the enactment of the Nuremberg Laws, a law that directly prosecuted Jewish citizens, stripping them of their citizenship and restricting them from relations with non-Jewish Germans. This speech was witnessed by Max Eisenhardt who would later grow up to be the mutant terrorist Magneto.[9] As Hitler took full control of Germany, he soon began a conquest of of Europe which ultimately caused the outbreak of World War II. The Nazis allied themselves with Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan. Hitler also made various pacts with arcane powers to assist in his rise to power, notably Heinrich Krowler and his cabal of mystics,[10][11] and two different demons who claimed to be Satan.[12][13]

World War II


The earliest instance of Nazi forces clashing with super-heroes was during the invasion of Poland in 1939. Nazi forces led by Felix Pavlek were wiped out by the Vision.[14] However, despite the heroes brief interference, the Nazis still managed to take over the country. Heinrich Zemo, being involved in the Blitzkrieg was commended by Hitler himself, and was awarded the highest scientific honours and began plying them toward Nazi domination.[5] Also American hero the Angel (Thomas Halloway) liberated Polish town of Grybow.[15]

Early rocket tests were conducted the Nazis on an uncharted island on the Pacific. Forces there captured female aviator Jenny Keaton to protect their secret work. However, the testing endangered the sea life living in the area, prompting Atlantean leader Emperor Thakorr to send his grandson the Sub-Mariner to destroy the base, freeing Jenny in the process.[16] Thanks to this encounter, the Nazis learned of the existence of the Atlanteans and began bombing the bottom of the Sargasso Sea in order to cull Atlantean corpses for experimentation, earning the enemy of Namor who slaughtered a ship of Nazi soldiers who were collecting the corpses of his people. This, plus learning of the creation of the android Human Torch by American scientist Phineas T. Horton prompted the Nazis into using science to develop their own super-soldiers. Erskine and Hans Brueder were selected by Heinrich Himmler to head the project.[17]

National Socialist German Workers Party (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 3 0001

U-boat captain

Start of the Battle of the Atlantic caused a clash between the Nazis and the Sub-Mariner who was convinced by police woman Betty Dean to fight the Nazi forces.[18][19]


The year 1940 saw an expansion of German activities an attempts to infiltrate, spy, and compromise the security of the United States, which were almost always met with failure thanks to the intervention of a number of costumed heroes.

In Europe, Barney Mullen came into the middle of a crossfire between British and Nazi forces while shipping a load of golden filigree to Rotterdam, narrowly avoiding losing his ship.[20][19] Captain K-4 of the Sky-Devils, posing as Gestapo agent Gunther Hesseman, infiltrated a Nazi ammo dump and destroyed it.[21] Also that month, Abraham Erskine began planning to defect to the United States just as Brueder began experimenting on John Steele a super-human American soldier from World War I which the Nazis had captured and placed in suspended animation. As Erskine was being transported to Luxenbourg to present his findings to Himmler, he was liberated by American soldiers Nick Fury and Red Hargrove who helped him escape Nazi Germany, successfully setting back their efforts to create super-soldiers. At the same time, the Nazis began smuggling spies into the United States through human traffickers that operated in New York City. This operation was uncovered by the novice super-hero Phantom Bullet who was murdered for his knowledge. Although the Nazis succeeded in smuggling Major Kerfoot into the United States, the Phantom Bullet's death prompted the Angel to investigate the murder. Also during this period the defective Erskine was now living in the Untied States, working on his Super-Soldier Serum.[22]

The month of March 1940 saw the Sub-Mariner coming to the aid of an American supply ship that was being held by Nazi U-boats. Destroying the subs, Namor led the American ship to safety.[23] In Africa, the jungle adventurer known as Trojak came to the aid of his friend Edith Alton who had been captured by Nazis who setup camp in the region. Trojak freed the girl and vowed to destroy the Nazi invaders in his territory.[21]

In April, Nazi spy Professor Barzak was ferreted out by FBI agents Randy Hayes and Jack Savage who foiled the spies plot to use a shrinking formula to steal secrets from a nearby American air force base.[24] Also during this time, Mastermind Excello foiled a plot by Nazi spies seeking to cripple major American cities using a "super power plant" to set off a number of bombs that they had planted. Nazi spies active in America also attempted to steal plans for a torpedo repeller invented by Josh and Joel Williams, only to be foiled by their robot Flexo. More Nazi's from "Swastika Land" were foiled from planting mines in New York Harbor by Jim "Taxi" Taylor and his modified taxi cab.[25]

In May, the Nazi's successfully attacked London with a specially modified zeppelin. However before they could use the craft to attack Paris, it was blasted out of the sky by K-4 and the Sky-Devils. In the United States, Nazi purchasing agent Anson Dictor sought out a new jet engine invented by Don Gorman. Gorman refused, and when Gorman tested his new jet engine in commercial airliners, Anson and Gorman's employer Chester Orsen stole the planes. Gorman tracked down the stolen planes and Dictor and and Orsen were be arrested by the FBI. While in Africa, the Nazi's stationed near Trojak's territory were destroyed thanks to Jerry Alton, Edith's brother and an Allied spy who planted explosives around the base. Although Jerry, Trojak and Edith were captured, Trojak's tiger companion Balu set off the explosives, killing all the Nazis and freeing his friends.[26]

June 1940 saw Sky-Devil members Rene D'Auvergne and Ronald Wolverston-Clodd captured by Nazi forces while attempting to photograph a Nazi sea and air base. They broke out of their cell and warned the Allies of a Nazi surprise attack. Allied Forces destroyed the base, and K-4 rescued his comrades.[27] As the summer progress, Major Kerfoot infiltrated the American scientific community under the false identity of Professor Hamilton, earning himself into a position of trust to be invited to participate in the early stage of Operation Rebirth, the United States first attempt at making a super-soldier of their own. However, even as the Nazis were gaining ground in espionage, they Angel was slowly learning about their infiltration into the country. While back in Germany, American forces were beginning covert military operations in the country. In Frankfurt, a covert American bombing saw the destruction of the lab Brueder was working in, another set back to the Nazi's race to create a super-human. This attack also saw the release of John Steele who began roaming the German countryside.[28]

In July, Deviant Warlord Kro, posing as Pluto, went to the Nazi ruled Prussialand posing as their dictator and using his influence to instigate more conflict. This was opposed by the Eternal known as Makkari (then posing as Mercury) to interfere. Using his speed powers Makkari stole plans and sabotaged Kro's attempts to stop the fighting leading to both sides becoming friends due to the lack of battle.[29] During this time Magar the Mystic awoke from his slumber and found himself horrified by the war. Lending his magical powers to aid the French resistance in fighting off Nazi invaders, he summon edthe spirits of Napoleon, the Duke of Wellington and inventor Thomas Edison to help end the battle. With the Nazi's rounded up, Magar ordered them to cease their hostilities and retreat to Germany.[29] While both efforts certainly stopped some of the conflicts they were short lived, and did not end the Nazi's continued attempts to take over the world.

In September Marin Burns, supposedly the reincarnation of Hercules was given the costumed identity of Marvel Boy and sent to stop Nazi Fifth Columnists from infiltrating and undermining American security. Marvel Boy foiled the operation and led the FBI to the Fifth Columnists hideout in Washington, D.C.. While in France, Benjamin "Red" Ruff, also known as the Flying Flame, was sent past the "Sigfried Line" to try and learn how the Nazi's were destroying Allied fighters without any visible weapons. Captured by the Black Ace he learned that the Nazi's were using a magnetic weapon to destroy the plans. Sabotaging the device, Redd escaped and led Allied forces back to the base, destroying it and shooting down the Black Ace in a dog fight.[30] Namor clashed once more with the Nazis, finding a Nazi U-boat outside the waters of New York being used to smuggle Nazi spies. He rounded them up and led the authorities to the U-boat, which the Sub-Mariner then trashed.[31] Also during that month, a Nazi U-noat was spotted by the Sub-Mariner who decided to let it go, unsure if he was in support or against the Nazis. However, when accepting an invitation by a Nazi spy named Ursula to learn more about the Nazi ideals, Namor was disgusted by their idea of a "master race" and incapacitated their sub, leaving the spies to drown.[16]

Namor again clashed with the Nazis when going after Lynne Harris and Luther Robinson. Learning that they were rescued by a Nazi U-boat, he attacked the ship and forced them to hand over Lynn. As he only sought to force Lynn to be his bride, he let the Nazis go about their way.[32] Later, Namor and Lady Dorma decided to help in the war effort. Flying to a French controlled island, the two Atlanteans aided the French army in stopping a Luftwaffe aerial attack.[33] Using answers from the captured Nazi commander, Namor and his Atlantean forces located a secret Nazi U-boat base on an island near Florida. Namor and his minions destroyed the base and wrecked the U-boats and brought them back to the French island to salvage.[34]

The android Human Torch first encountered the Nazis in September of that year when they tricked his new partner Toro into believing that his parents were alive. With convincing impostors they got the young mutant to return with them to "Slave Land" where they tricked him into using his flame powers to help their munitions building. The Torch learned the truth and came to Toro's aid, clashing with their leaders "Adolph Hiccup" and "Ben Mouscilin". Learning the truth, Toro helped the Torch prevent the Nazis from launching a rocket attack on the United States. Also during this period the Sub-Mariner returned to the United States and foiled another Nazi attempt to infiltrate America through New York. Later he joined the US Navy in fighting off a Nazi attack off the Atlantic coast.[35] Also during this period, the jungle man known as Ka-Zar and his lion companion Zar were returning to Africa by boat after an adventure in the United States. The ship was sunk by a Nazi U-boat.[34] Surviving, Ka-Zar and Zar were brought aboard the Nazi ship where they rebelled against the Nazis. The Nazis did not get the chance to leave the two to die at sea as their U-boat was attacked and sunk by a British vessel who rescued Ka-Zar and Zar and returned them to Africa.[36]

As the fall progressed, Nazi assassin Heinz Kruger was smuggled into the United States to infiltrate Operation Rebirth. Rendezvousing with Major Kerfoot, the two discovered they were being followed by the private detective known as the Ferret who had been investigating "Professor Hamilton" since his maid disappeared and he was hired to find her. They stabbed the Ferret to death and then torched his office to insure that nobody discovered their plans, unaware that it brought the Angel a step closer in his investigation. While in Nazi-occupied France, Nazi forces were being attacked by John Steele who saved a small town from Nazi occupation. While back in the United States, Krueger was given his appointed task: assassinate Erskine and insure that the American's super-soldier serum does not succeed.[37] Also during this period, Nazi spies attempting to infiltrate Operation Rebirth are discovered by frail Steve Rogers who managed to escape them.[38] Rogers was eventually selected for Operation Rebirth, and when the project was attacked by Nazi spies, he was protected by rejected Super-Soldier candidate Dominic Fortune.[39] However, the project had already been infiltrated by Krueger, Kerfoot, and Cynthia Glass.[40]

In the Winter of 1940, as Project Rebirth was underway Krueger was present when Erskine tested his formula on frail Steve Rogers transforming him into the pinnacle of human perfection. Kruger revealed his duplicity and succeeded in assassinating Erskine, but Steve Rogers tossed him into the lab's equipment, killing him.[41] Although Erskine's formula was lost, fragments of it still existed, some of which was collected by Major Kerfoot. When his superiors came to collect them, they murdered Kerfoot and fled the scene. One Nazi spy also attempted to steal a sample of Steve's urine following Operation Rebirth, but was killed by a Russian spy who stole the sample instead.[42]


1941 saw an increase in Nazi activity, particularly overseas in many attempts to undermine American interests and outright invade the United States prior to the countries entry into the war. New costumed heroes also rose from the war and foiled various Nazi plans.

In January, Nazi Fifth Columnists led by Pinhead attacked New York City in a bid to force it into supporting the Nazi cause, this plot was foiled by the Human Torch and Toro. Pinhead was slain by the Torch. New York continued to be terrorized by Nazis led by former criminal Karl Schwab who electrified the entire city. However this plot was ruined and Schwab killed by the Angel. In France, the Sub-Mariner, Luther Robinson and Lynne Harris uncovered a Nazi plot to dig a tunnel under the English Channel to the United Kingdom and destroyed the plan.[43]

In March of that year, Johann Schmid -- now the Red Skull -- arrived with an army of Nazi soldiers in the town liberated by John Steel months earlier and murdered every man, woman and child.[44] While in the United States, Nazi spies attempted to assassinate Colonel Hansen but were stopped by Captain America.[45] Spies also captured Biz, an American soldier who discovered Captain America's secret identity, and tortured him but the soldier refused to reveal the secret and died, frustrating the spies attempts.[46] Also during this time, Major Kerfoot managed to avoid capture and escaped with a portion of Erskine's super-soldier formula. When his superiors came for him, they killed him and recovered his books.[44] They were traced to the Liberty Shipyards by Captain America[45] where Cap and the Angel battled the Nazis. While most were captured, their leader escaped back to Nazi Germany with the notes collected by Kerfoot. Also at that time Professor Bruder was set up in a new lab just outside Berlin. There he was teamed with fellow scientist Professor Burstein in continuing experiments in replicating either the source of John Steele's powers or replicating Erskine's formula.[44] Shortly thereafter, a Nazi attempt to sabotage Boulder Dam was also prevented by Captain America.[45] Also, in March of '41 the newly empowered Blazing Skull attempted to stop a plot by Nazi agent Meitzer from utilizing an enervating gas to make shells stronger. This lead to his temporary capture and torture at the hands of Adolf Hitler himself. The Blazing Skull did not break down and scream before the Fuhrer, causing the dictator to leave in a fury and the Blazing Skull escaped the Nazis.[47]

In the Spring of that year Nazi forces in Europe battles Captain America for the first time.[48] While back in the United States, Cynthia Glass was exposed as a double agent, but having fallen in love with Captain America, sacrificed her life to save him.[49] When Nazi spies attempted to invade the Maryland coast, Captain America and his new partner Bucky defended their homeland and drove the Nazi forces back.[50][51] Later, when Namor kidnapped President Franklin Delano Roosevelt the Nazis attempted to capitalize on this by assassinating the US President. However, Captain America came to Roosevelt's rescue and Namor (realizing the errors of his ways) assisted Captain America in fighting off the Nazis.[52] Shortly thereafter, Captain America and his new partner Bucky foiled the Nazi sabotage plots of Nazi agents Sando and Omar. Captain America also foiled a Nazi plot orchestrated by Rathcone to eliminate senior American military officials. In addition, American aircraft manufacturer George Maxon betrayed his country by joining the Nazi cause and begas posing as Nazi agent the Red Skull in America. His first attempt to sabotage American military jets ended in his seeming death.[41] Also during this period Nazi scientist allied with mad scientist Doctor Manyac to develop robotic versions of his Green Flames and kidnapped Philo Zog, inventor of the Electro robot. They forced Zog to work with Manyac in creating a massive robot called Operation: Blockbuster. But they were stopped by the Sub-Mariner, police woman Betty Dean, the Angel, Human Torch, Toro and someone posing as the Ferret.[53]

During April that year, Captain America foiled a Nazi plot to replace American millionaire Henry Baldwin with a Nazi spy before he could give money to the British war effort. Cap and Bucky traveled to Germany and freed Baldwin from the Black Forest concentration camp clashing with Hitler and Hermann Göring in person. Back in the United States Nazi agent Wax Man eliminated American military officials until slain by Captain America and Bucky.[54] Fifth Columnists operating in Washington D.C. attracted the attention of reporter Eileen Conroy prompting them to eliminate her. They were stopped and captured by the Thunderer. During this same month, a Nazi U-boat attack on a research vessel carrying scientist Elton Morrow caused the blue diamond he was researching to be embedded in his skin, leading to his becoming the costumed hero known as the Blue Diamond.[55] While in Europe, the Sub-Mariner, Luther Robinson and Lynn Harris used Nazi mines to destroy a Nazi base in Northern France.[56] Furious of Namor's constant involvement in the war, Hitler ordered a Nazi attack on Atlantis. The initial attack led to the supposed death of Emperor Thakorr, leaving Namor as ruler of the kingdom. Namor led his people to victory, repelling the Nazi attackers. The Nazis next stole a supply of Radium from New York City. When Namor needed the radium to cure his people of an unknown illness, he clashed with them and recovered the much needed element.[57]

In May 1941, Maxon -- surviving his previous encounter with Captain America -- stole a powerful drill and terrorized New York as the Red Skull before being slain by Captain America and Bucky.[58] By this time, Captain America learned that the Red Skull he battled in America was only an impostor and traveled to Europe with Bucky to confront the real Red Skull. Captain America was captured and then injected with a serum that made him obedient to his enemy.[59] Despite Hitler's orders to kill Captain America, the Skull sent him to London with a team of Nazi operatives to eliminate a high ranking American military official, while Bucky escaped Nazi captivity and followed after them.[60] However, Captain America shook off Nazi conditioning and with Bucky's aid stopped the Nazi invaders. Shortly thereafter they stopped an escaped Nazi prisoner of war from using a new prototype vanishing ray on American troops.[61] Later, American filmmaker Mark Carstine was murdered and his anti-Nazi film was terrorized by the Craig Talbot an American actor and Nazi sympathizer who was exposed by Captain America and Bucky.[58] While fleeing the Sub-Mariner, Betty Dean, Luther Robinson and Lynne Harris were attacked by a Nazi fleet. When the Sub-Mariner caught up with them, Betty convinced Namor to fight the Nazis, destroying the flee with an army of aero-subs. Meanwhile, the extra-dimension Vision appeared in a German concentration camp and freed its prisoners, including Nazi protester Professor Bauer and aided him in escaping to Portugal.[62]

Early that summer, Nazi forces struggled to prevent John Steele from entering back into Nazi Germany. While at the Nazis Berlin science lab, the Red Skull arrived with Meranno (later U-Man) an Atlantean exile who had joined the Nazi cause. There the Skull outed Bruder's assistant Eric Schmitt as a Jew and had him taken away to be placed in a Nazi concentration camp. The Skull and Meranno began plotting a coordinated attack on both coasts of the United States by the Nazis, Imperial Japan, and a rogue Atlantean faction, unaware that John Steele had infiltrated the facility and was listening in on their plans.[63] Later, Hitler personally authorized the Lord of Death to operate in New York's Bowery district turning the local homeless into an army of zombies to attack American naval vessels docked in the area. This plot was foiled by Captain America and Bucky. Also during this time, the Sub-Mariner discovered a secret Nazi operation off the coast of Virginia to create boats within the United States to destroy American fleets, and took down the operation.[64] Other Nazi subversives operating in the United States were the Unholy Legion who posed as homeless people and used disguised weapons during their operations until they were shut down by Captain America and Bucky.[65]

In Bermuda, Nazi agents played upon local superstitions posing as undead "Nazombies" until they were exposed by the Sub-Mariner and the Angel. Hitler dispatched the Mad Violinist to the United States to use his killer music to eliminate American military officials. Trailed by the Patriot, the Violinists committed suicide rather than face capture.[66] Also during this period the Cat's Paw was hired by Nazis to eliminate the owners of companies providing weapons to the United States military. Her attempts constantly interfered with by the Angel, she learned that she was working for the Nazis and seemingly committed suicide. While in Africa, Nazi forces worked together with their Italian allies to clear African jungle using chemicals to eliminate all life to facilitate the creation of Nazi/Italian bases. This plot was stopped by jungle adventurer Ka-Zar who destroyed one of the Nazi bases and wrecked their air fleet.[67] The Sub-Mariner meanwhile stumbled upon a group of Nazi war criminals who had broken out of prisoner of war camps in Canada attempting to smuggle themselves into the United States and trick them into recapture. The Nazis also hired the contortionist known as the Python to capture, torture and force American scientists to reveal their secrets. His plans werefoiled by the Angel who turned him over to the authorities.[68]

By the end of June that year, the true Red Skull sought to capture British spy Agent Zero, leading to a clash with the newly formed Young Allies. Although the Red Skull succeeded in capturing Agent Zero and taking her back to Nazi Germany, the Young Allies succeeded in rescuing her and fleeing the country. Most humiliating of all, during this encounter the Red Skull was be tricked into thinking Hitler was an impostor and beat him up while Hermann Goering's car was be stolen by the Allies.[69] While this was happening, Nazi operative Baron Wolfgang von Strucker was sent to the nation of Madripoor to form an alliance with the Hand, a band of ninja assassins, offering them young Natasha Romanov as a sacrifice. This plan was foiled by Captain America, Iven Petrovitch and the mutant adventurer Logan (later Wolverine).[70] July saw more clashes with the Sub-Mariner who investigated a series of plane crashes in the United States along with his friend Betty Dean. The duo uncovered a secret Nazi installment under the lake where the crashes happened and destroyed the operation. That same month, a train containing a group of Nazi prisoners being deported out of the United States was taken over by Nazi prisoner of war Heinrich von Betz. His escape attempt was thwarted by the Patriot.[71]

In August of 1941, the Nazis sent the Circus of Crime to eliminate military officials in the United States while posing as a legitimate circus. Their mission was uncovered and taken apart by Captain America and Bucky. Also during this month a Nazi Bund operating in the Untied States began terrorizing German-Americans into joining their ranks. This plot was also foiled by Captain America and Bucky. Devil's Island, a French occupied domain became the site of a Nazi prisoner of war camp. Captain America and Bucky freed captured American pilot Tom Jason. Upon his rescue Jason returned to Europe where he helped Allied Forces fight in Greece. August also saw newspaper reporter Jerry Hunter dispatched to Britain to cover the war as a foreign correspondent for an American newspaper. He learned that an American embassy worker was really a German spy seeking to prevent the passage of a food treaty between Britain and the United State. Hunter foiled the plot, and tricked the traitor to bomb a German facility instead of the Prime Ministers residence on 10 Downing Street.[72] Nazi attempts to capture the nation of Alslavia were foiled by the Human Torch and Toro, and the Sub-Mariner came across a number of Nazi spies operating in Salt Late City. Later in the month, in Africa Nazi and Italian forces continued to attempt to expand their presence in the region only to be continually opposed by Ka-Zar. While back in the United States, the Patriot spoiled a Nazi spy's attempt to prevent the construction of a new model of tank.[73] Also during this month a human smuggling operation run by Nazi agent Dame Kackle was thwarted by the Defender and Rusty. Major Liberty also foiled a Nazi attempt at destroying munitions plants, while a plot by Nazi Eric von Himmel to sabotage American aircraft manufacturers was ruined by the Young Avenger.[74]

In September of that year, Jerry Hunter exposed weapons manufacturer Lord Wotonby to be a traitor building a massive tank for the Nazis within Britain, and destroyed it before it could cause too much damage.[75] Nazi agent N-4 posed as a secretary for Topper Tank factory in order to sabotage their new tank, only to be captured by the Human Torch and Toro. A Nazi Bund agent named Howards got employment at a theater to halt production of anti-Nazi play "Swastikas Over Europe" by murdering members of the cast and crew until he was captured by the Patriot. While in Africa, Ka-Zar stole a Nazi plane and used its poison gas to eliminate an entire air field of Nazi soldiers. Nazi agents coerced a tribe living on an island on the pacific to kidnap American scientists, this plot was be thwarted by the Angel.[76]

By October American reporter Kevin Marlow in Germany was tossed into a the Strohm prison when attempting to get the true story behind them. There he was given a derivative of the Super Soldier Serum by the mortally wounded scientist Eric Schmitt. Freeing the other prisoners and breaking out of the prison, Marlow used his newfound powers to become the Destroyer and attack Nazi forces within Germany. His initial clashes with the Gestapo led to Gestapo leader Fredrich von Banger capturing the Destroyer and attempting to drown the hero. However, the Destroyer managed to escape. Later, the Destroy allied himself with Florence von Banger (no relation to Fredrich) and put an end to Nazi scientist the Scar who was using his inventions to keep the German people in line. Nazi Fifth Columnists also set up the false company "Life-Like Dolls Co" as a front to shrink American officials down to size and murder them. When one such doll was sent to President Roosevelt the Terror tracked down the spies and eliminated their operation. The Nazis also soon heard of a secret flight being taken by British Prime Minister Winston Churchill over Germany. Their attempt to capture Churchill was thwarted by the Blazing Skull.[77] Also during October, Nazi spy Kurt Mueller took the place of American Lieutenant Conroy and attempted to steal secret documents by forcing a plane crash Malay Archipelago where the Nazis had gained the loyalty of the Dhaka Tribe. Mueller was slain and the files recovered by Captain America and Bucky. In Germany, Florence von Banger and her uncle Rudolf Hess were forced into a concentration camp in order to force Hess to use his scientific knowledge to create a black plague bomb to drop on England. This plot was thwarted by the Destroyer who clashed with Hitler himself before disarming the disease filled missile, leaving its pilot to be captured by Allied Forces. While back in the United States, Nazi spy the Lens used poisoned jewelry to eliminate American citizens to create panic until stopped by the Whizzer and out at sea, the Sub-Mariner discovered that a supposed Nazi "ghost fleet" was nothing more than Nazi U-boats with projector screens planted above them and helped Allied Forces sink them.[78]

In the fall of 1941, The Nazis faced additional opposition in the month of October from an allied army of undersea dwellers lead by the Sub-Mariner who was launching an all-out war against the surface world. When the Human Torch attempted to warn the various countries of Namor's threat, Hitler passed it off as nothing more than Russian propaganda. This was his mistake as soon Germany was be flooded and invaded by Atlantean forces until the invasion was thwarted by the Human Torch.[79] Also during this time Nazi operatives in Ireland discovered the underwater community known as the Druids of Black Moors and convinced them to aid the Nazi cause in attacking Britain. These attacks attracted the attention of the Sub-Mariner who convinced the Druids to turn against the Nazis and force them out of their domain. In the United States a former writer for Julius Streicher's Der Strumer newspaper began murdering the creative team of Anti-Nazi Comics, leading to the Angel posing as a writer to capture him.[80]

As the month of October came to pass, the Red Skull returned to the United States and began eliminating more military officials using Chopin's "Funeral March" as his calling card, he was thwarted by Captain America and Bucky. In addition, Nazi agent the Fiddler used his talents to eliminate US Senators who were opposed to the Nazis until he died attempting to drive Bucky mad with his music. While in Britain, Nazi agents murdered a prominent American actor and framed a British citizen in an attempt to turn the United States against Britain. This plot was exposed by Jerry Hunter.[81] Nazi operative the Creeper was hand picked by Hitler to infiltrate the United States but he was captured and imprisoned by Captain America and Bucky.[82] Also during this time, Atlantis was taken over by Namor's uncle Daka who allied with the Nazis and the Seal People to invade Argentina in the first step of invading both North and South America. This plot was thwarted by Namor and an army of Atlantean resistance fighters. Also during this period, German military official Herr Huss pretended to defect to the United States in an attempt to leave it vulnerable to attack, this plot was foiled by the Patriot. While at the same time in Africa, Ka-Zar learned that Arabian prince Ali Hamud was allowing Nazi planes to refuel at his home, and destroyed it with the help of Ali's brother Saba.[83][84] Back in the United States group of spies led by Countess Mara attempted to steal a rapid fire grenade launcher, she and her minions were stopped by Captain America and Bucky. Later that month, Nazi spies captured Captain America as he was appearing in Gotham City for a charity appearance and attempted to convince him to join the Nazis. Captain America declined and turned the group over to the authorities. In England, Nazi spy Wilhelm von Logor posed as journalist Will Jenks to assassinate British intelligence official Reginald Whitney in order to prevent him from revealing secrets about the Nazis learned during a trip to Russia. He was stopped by the international reporter Headline Hunter. Stateside, Nazi agent Kurt Hausner posed as the fortune teller Yogi Zamor to eliminate high ranking military officials. His activities gained the attention of Father Time who attempted to bring him to justice. Hausner committed suicide in order to prevent capture.[85]

In November, Nazi spy Pierre Dumort posed as a French resistance fighter and loaded war game guns at Camp Lehigh with live rounds of ammunition to eliminate as many soldiers as possible. His plot was thwarted by Captain America and Bucky. While in the UK, Jerry Hunter learned of a Nazi plot poisoning produce grown in the country side with a crop duster and used the very same poison on the Nazi agents.[86] Also during this time the Nazi agent the Python attempted to escape from death row, and died attempting to escape prison during a clash with the Angel. While in the forests of Maine, Nazi agents set a series of forest fires until their plans were discovered by boy detective Terry Vance. Meanwhile, the Sub-Mariner was called to Florida by his friends Betty Ross, Luther Robinson and Lynne Harris to investigate strange sightings of small footprints in the area. He discovered that the Venusian Lavorites led by Queen Jarna had allied with the Nazis to build a secret undersea base off the coast of the United States in an invasion attempt. After forcing the Lavorites to return to their home planet, the Sub-Mariner forced Jarna to aid him in destroying the Nazi camp.[84][87] Also during this time, the Nazi agent Black Claw began sinking American ships prompting costumed hero Captain Terror to come out of retirement and end his operation. Big game hunter Reynolds allowed Nazi agents to operate from his island to sink American ships until the operation was taken down by Major Liberty. Nazi agent J.P. Evans used his position as the owner of a munitions company in the United States to smuggle weapons between the US and Mexico until his operation was stopped by the Defender and Rusty.[88] Also during that month, Baron Strucker and Nazi operatives were sent out to Djbera, Africa. There Strucker, deciding to break off from the Nazi's founded his first incarnation of Hydra. However, this operation was complicated by the arrival of Captain America, Bucky, Nick Fury (leading the British S.A.S.), and Logan who came to the area to recover Nazi defector Major Hans Guetterez. Unknown to all, Bucky was given secret orders to track down Baron Strucker and assassinate him.[89] While the heroes were caught in a Nazi fire fight, Bucky slipped away to eliminate Strucker but the others soon followed and Captain America convinced Bucky to capture Strucker instead of kill him.[90] However, Logan got new orders from his employer, the mysterious Romulus to help Strucker escape, betraying his comrades as they tried to fly out of the region. who tipped off Baron Zemo to their position and shot them out of the sky. Strucker and Zemo forced Logan and Captain America to fight to the death until Bucky shot Logan through the chest and forced the Nazis to flee under fire. The Americans left Logan to die in the desert, but his mutant healing factor insured his survivial.[91] While in the United States, there was another plot to attack Camp Lehigh staged by Fifth Columnists in an attempt to shake the American public's faith in the United States military by posing as American soldiers, this plan was stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[92]

In December, Hitler personally sent his agent the Reaper to travel into the United States and use his rabble rousing techniques to convince Americans to take up the Nazi cause, but he was stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[93] Soon after, the Nazis sent out their costumed operative the Teutonic Knight to steal a number of inventions created by the United States and Allied Forces. In the United States he stole a new battle ship called the Flying Arsenal, foiling Captain America and Bucky's attempt to stop him; In rural England he kidnapped Dr. Barrow from a train under guard by the Human Torch and Toro; and was able to best Namor aboard a ship off the African coast, stealing a supply of the rare Radium-X.[94] At this time, John Steele had infiltrated a Nazi fortress and learned more about the planned invasion of the United States, and reported back to the States about a secret meeting. When U-Man and his rogue Atlanteans later met with Nazi forces they were attacked by Captain America, Bucky, and the Angel. U-Man fled leaving the only survivor, an Atlantean soldier, to be captured and turned over to the American authorities.[95] With information gleaned from the Atlantean soldier, Captain America, Bucky and Namor were able to face a combined Nazi/Atlantean invasion of the American east coast, part of a two pronged attack which included the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941. While the Nazis and Atlanteans were forced back at the east, the attack on Pearl Harbour was not as successful. However, the United States government managed to cover up the east coast attack and then officially entered into World War II.[96]

While in Europe, Nazi agents were dispatched to Switzerland to eliminate a scientist who defected from Germany following the outbreak of the war. In the Alps they were stopped by Jerry Hunter who traveled to the location to investigate the strange killings.[97] Also during this time, German saboteur Armless Tiger Man was sent to the United States to destroy American factories until he was stopped by the Angel.[87] Later that month, the Destroyer ruined the war machines of Herr Sin before he could use them to sink Allied ships, while in the United States the Black Widow eliminated Lewis & Sykes, two munitions distributors who sold weapons to the Nazis and Allied Forces to profit on the war effort.[98]

By the 22nd of December, Nazi agents within the United States had learned that Dr. Anderson, a scientist who was part of Operation Rebirth, was working on trying to recreate Abraham Erskine's Super-Soldier Serum. They kidnapped Anderson and forced him to use his knowledge to transform American-German Bundist Wilhelm Lohmer into the first Nazi super-soldier, Master Man. Master Man was then sent to assassinate British Prime Minister Winston Churchill who was en route to America to speak to the United States government about their entry into the war. Master Man's mission was thwarted by the combined efforts of Captain America, Bucky, Human Torch, Toro, and the Sub-Mariner. During the battle the faulty serum failed and Lohmer reverted back to his normal form and was easily captured. In this attempt, the Nazi's caused the formation of their greatest threat ever: The first union of Allied super-heroes who became known as the Invaders.[99]

In France, French resistance fighters in the city of La Brave, aware of when the Allied D-Day invasion was going to occur radioed for assistance to avoid capture and having the information forced out of them. The Nazi forces were met by Nick Fury and his command, the Howling Commandos who rescued the resistance fighters and helped maintain the date of D-Day a secret from the Nazis.[100] While in Germany, the Nazi scientist named Brain Drain was responsible for working on the Master Man project, and had recently discovered members of the Tekeli-Li alien race stranded in Germany. He brainwashed them members MCM-XLI, Donar, Froh and Loga into believing they were the German Teutonic Gods and exploited their technology to create a powerful atomic weapon. However, the Invaders, traveling into Europe to investigate Brain Drain intervened.[101] During the course of the battle, the Tekeli-Li members were freed from Brain Drain's control and sacrificed their lives to destroy their technology, although Brain Drain survived the resulting nuclear blast.[102]


By 1942 the use of paranormal and super-humans by the Nazis began to expand. U-Man, now fully working for the Nazis was sent on another attempt to assassinate Winston Churchill on his way back to England from the United States,[103] but he was defeated by the Invaders and fled capture.[104] The Nazis soon contacted Basil Frankenstein (descendant of legendary scientist Victor Frankenstein) to use his ancestors advances in science to create a Frankenstein's Monster that way loyal to the Nazis. From his castle in the Swiss Alps, Frankenstein and his creature captured the Human Torch and Toro to experiment on them, but they were rescued by the remaining Invaders. During the battle Basil, his Japanese assistant Dr. Kitagowa and the monster were all slain.[105]

Later, Adolf Hitler assigned his agent Doctor Dragon to dug a tunnel to England under the Channel. This tunnel was destroyed by the Destroyer and the hero turned Dr. Dragon over to the British authorities.[106] During a Nazi invasion of Holland and Denmark, British soldier John Watkins was injured in combat and presumed dead. Sneaking back to Britain from behind enemy lines and returned to Britain. He was sent back by his superiors to terrorize the Nazis as Citizen Z. His initial mission included meeting Hitler face-to-face and slapping a sign on the dictators back with his trademark "V for Victory" emblem. Also during this time Erich Von Wolff aka the Barracuda began taking pleasure of sinking civilian ships. This gained the attention of the Fin who then forced von Wolf and his crew to surrender to the British Navy. While in the United States Nazi scientist Eric Karlin created a legion of living zombies to attempt to steal back German assets frozen in the Federal Reserve Bank. This operation was opposed by the Blue Diamond who sent Karlin falling to his death in a vat of acid.[107] Later in the month of January, Nazi agent the Saint's plot to steal a super-air tank design was foiled by the Human Torch and Toro; Off the coast of Africa Ka-Zar assisted Free French resistance fighters sink a Nazi U-boat;[108] Nazi agent the Gypsy Gargoyle would fail at his mission to steal a new camouflage paint being tested by the United States Army thanks to interference from Captain Terror,[109] and Nazi operative Baron Boche would hire the services of the criminal Black Talon to capture the island dubbed New America for the Nazis. This plan was foiled by the Young Allies.[110]

In March, Nazi spy Guy Stanford used his British tabloid the Tattler to turn the British public against Headline Hunter while simultaneously assisting in a massive gas attack on Britain. Hunter learned the truth and warned the public of an antidote before Stafford was killed in a Nazi plane trying to stop Hunter from dropping leaflets.[111] In the United States some Nazi rabble rousers managed to convince ship builders to walk off the job until they were exposed by the Patriot, who sent their leader falling to his death.[112] While back in Germany, the activities of the Destroyer angered Hitler to the point he sent his "only friend" Von Maus to eliminate the hero. The Destroyer defeated Von Mause and posing as the master killer delivered some humiliation upon Hitler himself. While in Dakar, Africa, slaves were used to build railroads and when the supply was running low Nazi agents posed as refugee ships to capture new slaves. This plot was learned by the Terror who boarded one of these ships, freed it's passengers then traveled to Dakar and terrorized Nazi forces there.[113] Lastly, at an Aerodrome in France, Red Ruff finally exposed the Nazi spy in their midst who was posing as their mechanic.[114] By the spring of '42, Nazi operative Felix Sak staged a secret U-boat base hidden beneath his private island off the American cost, this base was discovered by the Sub-Mariner who slew Sak and sent the American Navy to destroy the island. While in Germany, still frustrated by the Destroyers continued crusade against his regime, Hitler then sent his agent Heinrich Bungler to stop the hero. Bungler attempted to flush the Destroyer out by executing outspoken anti-Nazi priest Pastor Muller. However, the Destroyer defeated Bungler and rescue Muller.[115] In April of that year Herr Horner traveled to Britain posing as a German defector to eliminate anti-Nazi writer Lord Danvers, but he and his partner Gestapo agent Cramm were stopped by Headline Hunter.[116]

With constant opposition from the Invaders, the Red Skull and a group of Nazi scientists traveled to the United States and attacked the heroes during a parade, capturing Captain America, Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and Toro. The Skull, finding Bucky useless to his plans left the boy to watch as his friends were captured. Using a brainwashing device the Red Skull turned the majority of the Invaders into his obedient slaves and set them to attack American munitions factories.[117] Undaunted, Bucky formed the another group of heroes called Liberty Legion and trained them to work as a team, taking down various Nazi threats.[118] This infuriated the Red Skull to the point where he sent out the enthralled Invaders to destroy various American national monuments, but each one was stopped by members of the Liberty Legion and Toro was recaptured.[119] The Skull then issued a challenge to battle his enslaved Invaders at Yankee Stadium, and with the aid of bat-boy Fred Davis Jr. destroyed the Skull's equipment freeing the Invaders, however the Skull and his men escaped.[120] In London, the Nazi's continued to sew chaos on the English with the aid of English vampire Baron Blood, secretly John Falsworth brother of Montgomery Falsworth, formally the World War I hero Union Jack. His attacks on the victims of Nazi bombings attracted the attention of the Invaders[121] and brought the Union Jack out of retirement to hunt him down.[122] After severely draining Montgomery's daughter Jacqueline, Baron Blood was forced to flee to a nearby cave where was impaled on a stalagmite, temporarily killing him.[123] By this point, Nazis had forced Jewish scientist John Goldstein to use his Blue Bullet armor to attack the Invaders in exchange for the life of his brother Jacob. The Invaders were able to defeat Blue Bullet with the aid of the newly empowered Jacqueline Falsworth who joined the team as Spitfire.[124] Soon after Nazi forces in stationed in the Jewish ghettos of Warsaw, Poland were attacked by the Invaders who had come to liberate Jacob Goldstein. However, Jacob refused to leave his people or his studies into the mythical Golem of Jewish myth. The Invaders were soon captured by Nazi forces[125] and held prisoner by disfigured Nazi agent the Face who attempted to learn the secrets of Captain America's shield. However, the Face's plans were ruined when Goldstein became the embodiment of the Golem and rescued the heroes, helping them escape.[126]

In England a Nazi spy named Alfie formed a super-hero team called the Crusaders in order to undermine the Invaders popularity among the British people and have them placed on a security detail for a public appearance of the King of England. By upstaging the Invaders, the Crusaders did just that,[127] however when the team learned the truth, both the Invaders and Crusaders stopped the assassination attempt and captured Alfie.[128] Nazi spy Agent Axis then teamed-up with the Shark and the Hyena to target Captain America, Human Torch and Sub-Mariner as they returned to the United States. Agent Axis managed to steal Captain America's shield, the Shark stole Namor's swim trunks, and the Hyena a sample of the Torch's synthetic blood. Before either of the villains could eliminate their targets they were plucked out of time by the cosmic being known as the Grandmaster.[129] At that same moment, Nazi forces were battling the time displaced Avengers before they were pitted against the Invaders.[130] When the battle in France was over, the three Invaders were returned to their own place in time and beat their foes and recovered their stolen property.[129] At that time Hitler had became a target of the Howling Commandos when they were given orders to smuggle themselves into Nazi Germany and capture the Fuhrer himself. The Howlers failed to nab Hitler during one of his speeches leading to the entire unit to be captured, save Nick Fury. Fury then rescued his comrades and nabbed who they thought was Hitler and managed to escape. However upon arrival in England, they soon learned that the man they nabbed was really one of Hitler's many impersonators.[131]

Elsewhere in Germany, the Red Skull and Baron Strucker allied themselves with the Thule Society to obtain powerful occult weapons to use in the war. Using Atlantean citizens as sacrifices they summoned the Hammer of Skadi which crashed to Earth in Antarctica. When the Nazis went to recover the weapon they were attacked by Captain America, Bucky and the Sub-Mariner. Realizing that he could not lift the Hammer and needed to find somebody worthy, the Skull had the Thule Society hide it with their magics and fled, leaving Strucker to think they recovered a powerful weapon. The Hammer of Skadi was not uncovered for many decades after the war had ended.[132] Not long thereafter, Baron Zemo had perfected his latest invention, Adhesive X, but during a clash with Captain America a vat of the fluid was smashed open and spilled onto Zemo, gluing his mask to his face. Zemo fled, vowing to get revenge against Captain America.[133]

While in France, the Free French resistance movement was given a much needed boost against their Nazi aggressors thanks to the assistance of the Sub-Mariner and an army of Atlanteans who armed an army of rebels and got them motivated to fight back. While back in the States, Nazi scientist Dr. Strasser posed as a doctor to treat important members of American defense, turning their corpses into floating horrors. The Patriot soon stopped this, sending Strasser to the same fate many of his victims had suffered.[134] By May of that year, Nazi spy Yellow Claw was killing officials at Camp Lehigh with poisoned flowers, and met a similar fate when Captain America and Bucky clashed with him. While in the small American town of Freetown, Nazi spies were testing tunneling techniques to use in a larger city but were foiled thanks to the intervention of the new costumed youth calling himself the Secret Stamp.[135] Later in the month of May, a group of Nazis operating in the United States turned US war games into lethal battles by turning the combating teams against each other by using bugs that flew at the speed of bullets. Their leader Otto was sent to his death by the Patriot, and the rest of the Nazis taken into custody. Nazi agent Gondor was active in San Francisco aiding Japanese spies into entering the country illegally by stashing them in the coffins of deceased American soldiers killed in the Pacific theater. This operation was exposed by the Angel who brought Gondor to justice.[136] At that time, back in Germany, Hitler's speeches were being interrupted by the Freedom Broadcast, a pirate radio station that openly mocked Hitler. Despite the Nazis attempts to shut the radio station down, the attempts were thwarted by the Destroyer.[137] In the United States, defected German scientist was briefly recaptured by Nazis Heinrich Tode and Nazi sympathizer Dr. Drew until he was rescued by Major Liberty. While off the shores of South America Nazis led by Gustave Leech were sinking American supply ships until they were stopped by Captain Terror.[138]

Hitler soon learned about the comic book series Major Victory, which featured a super-hero with similar origins to Captain America. Suspecting that the writer and army private Biljo White knew the secret to Operation Rebirth, Hitler sent the newly revived Master Man to capture him. The Invaders invaded Hitler's Berchtesgarden and were captured. Although they failed to get the full truth out of him, an accident caused Nazi dominatrix Julia Koenig to be transformed into Warrior Woman. With his two perfect Arian warriors, Hitler demanded that the pair get married after they seemingly slain Captain America.[139] Hitler, Master Man and Warrior Woman then transported the captured Invaders to Berlin where the wedding was to take place, and plans to execute the heroes was to be carried out.[140] An attempt by Captain America, Spitfire and the Destroyer (Brian Falsworth) ended with Cap and Spitfire being captured by the Nazis and Hitler claiming Captain America's shield as a trophy.[141] Brian once more attacked the Nazis during the wedding ceremony, taking on his fathers identity of the Union Jack and freeing the Invaders, leading to a battle between them and Master Man and Warrior Woman, while Hitler attempted to escape in a bomber with Cap's shield.[141] However, Hitler was attacked by former Crusaders member Dyna-Mite who forced Hitler to give up the shield and flee. In the aftermath of the battle the Invaders fled Berlin.[142] While in Egypt, Nazi forces tricked the super-powered Scarlet Scarab working with them by pretending to champion his cause to liberate Egypt from British occupation, but in reality intending to take over after the British were defeated.[143] However, the Invaders soon got involved in the conflict and made the Scarab realize the Nazis duplicitous intentions and help them force the Germans out of the region.[144] In the United States, Agent Axis and Nazi operatives captured Professor Hijiri Sabuki and his daughter Gwendolyn from a Japanese internment camp. From his secret hideout Agent Axis hoped to force Sabuki to use scientific equipment to transfer his gestalt minds into new bodies, using Gwen, Toro, and David Mitchell.[145] This plot was foiled by the Invaders, and Sabuki used the devices to empower the youths and heal the wounded Toro. Agent Axis was then defeated by the youths who had formed the Kid Commandos.[146] While in France, Nazi operatives were forcing French prisoners to try and dig a tunnel under the English Channel. However, this plot was stopped thanks to Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos, Captain America and Bucky.[147][148]

Nazi activities in the summer of that year included: Nazi spies led by Captain von Spitz operating out of New York City who were plotting to blow up New York's hospitals until they were stopped by the Human Torch and Toro; Off the coast of Africa Nazis led by Marshal Doering discovered an island full of gold but were all slaughtered by the Sub-Mariner and the hermit who lived there; While in Germany Nazi agents led by Captain Achimmell attempted to capture the Destroyer, but were tricked by him in his assumed identity of German writer Louis Kramer. Achimmell was killed trying to stop the Destroyer when he was accidentally shot by his subordinate Inga von Leche who was more than happy to replace him.[149] As June progressed, Nazis led by Friz Krone attempted to once more demoralize the American public by posing as underground "Earthmen" and attacking New York City, this plan was stopped by Captain America and Bucky. A similar attempt inspired by Orson Well's reading of the War of the Worlds led a group of Nazis to pose as Martians and invaded Gotham City. This plot was also exposed and stopped by Captain America and Bucky. While back in Freetown, USA, a Nazi agent known as Grandma's spy operation was foiled by the Secret Stamp.[150] Also during this time the Python, having somehow survived his encounter with the Angel, was busted out of Alcatraz by Nazi forces by orders of Hitler himself who hoped to use the most ruthless villain ever to destroy the Human Torch and Toro. To this end the Python forced Professor Phineas Horton to use the device her made to create the Human Torch to transform the Torch into a giant fire creature that the Python could command. After assisting in turning back a Nazi invasion of New York, Toro, Horton and the Sub-Mariner restored the Torch to normal and the Sub-Mariner slew the Python.[151] Back in the United States, Nazi Bundists managed to capture the Howling Commandos. Hitler ordered them to be eliminated immediately due to the groups uncanny knack of escaping capture. However, once more the Howling Commandos managed to escape certain death.[152] As the summer continued on Hitler would meet with Benito Moussilini and Emperor Hirohito in Germany, their meeting together was interrupted by the Victory Boys as rescued one of their own captured by the Nazis. While in South America, Nazi agents led by Baron Girbel were prevented from sneaking into the United States by El Gaucho.[153]

While in England, the Teutonic Knight had completed his new Nazi battle ship and used it to attack London, bringing the Invaders to face him.[94] However, the Teutonic Knights ship was destroyed by the heroes who later foiled an attempt by Baron Strucker to assassinate Winston Churchill at his home at 10 Downing Street.[154] Hitler meanwhile had become furious over the constant humiliations and defeats caused by the Howling Commandos and demanded that Baron Strucker do something about it. In response, Strucker formed the Howler's opposites the Blitzkrieg Squad. But despite being equals to the Howling Commandos, the Squad was easily defeated.[155] Soon thereafter, Hitler was approached by a time traveling Victor von Doom who sought to deliver Hitler a humiliating defeat. To this end he provided Hitler with technology that could pull members of the Asgardian race forward in time. Using the device, Hitler pulled Thor to his time and convinced the hero to assassinate Russian leader Joseph Stalin.[156] The Invaders managed to convince Thor of how he was being manipulated and he returned to his own time. Hitler then attempted to bring forth more Asgardians, but overloaded the machine causing it to explode. Satisfied with Hitler's humiliation, Doom also returned to his own time.[157] However, Doom was unaware that Baron Strucker followed him to the future. There Strucker realized the Nazis lost the war and purchased a number of books on the future that was to come and returned to 1942 with renewed vigor in plotting his own survival after the war.[158] In England, Master Man was using the Destroyer identity to discredit the hero until he was exposed by the Invaders.[159] While in the United States, Nazi spies led by the armored Iron Cross targeted defected scientist Dr. Schultz. Pursuing him led to a clash with the Liberty Legion, whom all but the Whizzer were captured.[160] Iron Cross placed the Liberty Legion in a U-boat with Schultz as he attempted to return to Germany when he was attacked by the Invaders.[161] With the Liberty Legion free, the two groups of heroes prevented Iron Cross from escaping with Schultz, and incapacitated the Nazi's armor, sending him crashing into the Atlantic ocean to seemingly perish.[162] Around this time, Viscount Crowler's plot to free his master Dormammu came to fruition using the hate and carnage caused by Hitler's war to free his master. However the time traveling Dr. Strange and the Howling Commandos worked together to stop him and send Dormammu back to the Dark Dimension.[10]

After this battle, a cylinder of Vibranium fell through the time stream from the future and ended up in the hands of Brain Drain, who began building a massive Swastika shaped air fortress. Requiring experimental aircraft parts being built in New York to complete his craft, he drafted Master Man, U-Man and the Sky Shark to attack New York and obtain the parts. They were faced by the Liberty Legion with the assistance of the time displaced Thing who was seeking out the time-lost canister. However they failed to stop the villains from stealing the components and activating his sky-fortress.[163] However, the heroes attacked the vessel incapacitating it and defeating the Nazis. While his allies were captured, Brain Drain escaped, but not before the Thing could recover the Vibranium and return to his own time.[164]

Later Nazi captain had allied himself with an species of underground dwellers as the Legion of the Devil and terrorized the small American town of Valley Port. This plot was exposed by Captain America, Bucky and Betty Ross exposed the plot and sent the underground dwellers and their Nazi ally to their doom in an underground cave in. Also during this time, the Red Skull broke out of prison and began staging robberies with a bow and arrow. He captured Captain America and posed as the hero framing him for the theft of defense plans. However, Cap was freed by Bucky and battling the Red Skull on an airplane the Nazi was seemingly sent falling to his death.[165] The Skull survived however and continued his sabotaging operations in the United States until he was tracked down by the Young Allies, Betty Ross, Captain America and the Human Torch. In the course of the battle the Red Skull was seemingly killed once more when he was pushed over a cliff by the Young Allies.[166] Japanese operative then summoned U-Man to assist her in capturing the Kid Commando's Golden Girl, a successful mission despite the interference of the Invaders and Commandos, but they ultimately rescued the girl.[167] By this time, Nazi forces had resurrected Baron Blood in England and sent him to the Untied States to assist Lady Lotus and U-Man in attacking Idlewild Airfield, once more being repelled by the Invaders.[168] With a hypnotized Human Torch, Master Man and Warrior Woman; Lady Lotus then formed Super-Axis to oppose the Invaders, but they were easily trounced and captured, with only Lady Lotus escaping.[169]

Also during this month a Nazi saboteur Von Brukk's attempt to blow up the Sky City Plane Factory in New York was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro; On the coast of Africa Nazi naval officers Von Rommel and Von Ratter sank many American ships until both men were captured by the Sub-Mariner and turned over to the American Navy; While in New Jersey, a Nazi Mad Scientist created giant squids to attack New York, these creatures were redirected at their creators home by the Vision and the area destroyed by American bombers; And boy detective Terry Vance and his pal Deadline Dawson exposed the Tropey Stamp Company as a Nazi front to smuggle defense plans hidden in counterfeit stamps mailed to neutral countries.[170]

On June 19, 1942, Nazi operatives using early size change pills attempted to assassinate President Roosevelt and Winston Churchill during one of their private meetings, but the attempt was quashed by the Invaders who were on security detail.[171] Two days later a Nazi U-boat infiltrated New York Harbour to smuggle Battle Axis into the United States. This led to a clash with the Invaders, but Battle-Axis managed to escape.[172] The group captured Jacob and John Goldstein and the equipment needed to build a device to shake San Andreas Fault to cause the American west coast to collapse into the Pacific Ocean. When the Invaders attempted to stop them they were all captured, thanks to the Vision who betrayed his allies to find a way home.[173] However, the Invaders broke free and with the help of the Vision destroyed the device created by Battle-Axis's leader Dr. Death. However in the aftermath, the members of Battle-Axis escaped.[174] Days after that, Nazi forces in Germany were attacked by a squad of super-heroes including Captain America, Black Widow, Human Torch, Toro, the Destroyer, Black Marvel and others.[175]

As the summer rolled by Hans Knutte, a Nazi Fifth Columnist posing as a newspaper reporter took on the identity of the Spook to convince the newly surfaced Sub-Earth Men to war against the United States. This was stopped by Captain America and Bucky who captured the Spook and convinced the Sub-Earth Men to make a peace agreement with the United States. While French traitor and Nazi supporter Le Bull was sent to steal Professor Clement Mott's Cosmic Compressor, Le Bull and his men were caught by Mott who attempted to destroy the Earth to end all war. This was stopped by Captain America and Bucky. While Le Bull fled the scene he drowned in the quicksand around Mott's home. While Nazis struck again in quaint Freetown when Fifth Columnists murdered Mr. Eckerman and employee of the Bureau of Vital Statistics in an attempt to forge fake identities. This mission was exposed by reporter Jerry Dash with the secret assistance of the Secret Stamp.[176]

The Nazis also suffered another blow when Captain America and an army of troops crashed a Sleeper production factory.[38] Baron Zemo continued his diabolical creations, inventing Particle X which he intended to unleash across Europe, but this plot was foiled by Captain America and Citizen V.[177] In the United States, Nazi operative Hans Stryker instigated a battle with Captain America and Bucky hoping to get film of their defeat but the plant backfired.[178] Also during this period, after comic books mocking Hitler were air dropped all over Germany, Hitler ordered as assassination of the comics creator, New York comic book artist Carl Burgos. Burgos was saved by the Human Torch, Toro and his fellow artist Bill Everett; While out in the Atlantic, a Nazi plot to smuggle explosives and coded messages in from a U-boat to spies ashore within the carcasses of sharks was discovered and foiled by the Sub-Mariner;[179] and back in Germany Hitler ordered Herr Gruber to build underground weapons factories using slave labor, but the initial attempt was stopped by the Destroyer.[180] Brain Drain resurfaced once again, using his scientific genius to create mind control masks that enslaved the people of Hessian Hamlet. However he was captured by the Liberty Legion, while Miss America traveled to America to prevent the Ubermadchen from doing the same thing to the women working in America's munitions factories.[181]

In the fall of 1942 German scientist Professor Schulz and an artist named Lubitch sacrificed their lives to create a Stone Man that was loyal to the Nazis. The creature was destroyed when the Destroyer aided British soldiers in blowing up a German weapons depot. While in the United States FCC agent Jerry Carstairs stopped a spy operation led by Kurt Weidner in his costumed identity of the Black Avenger.[182] Adolf Hitler sent his costumed operative the Owl to Hollywood to assist their Japanese allies in an invasion of California. He attempted to do so by posing as extras in a film being made about the Young Allies. However the Allies along with Captain America and the Human Torch put an end to the invasion attempt although the Owl got away.[183]

During an attack in Europe, the Nazis captured the Human Torch and amplified his powers. Then, with the Torch under their control, used him to launch an attack on Atlantis in order to convince Princess Fen to ally herself with the Nazis. The Nazis then set up operations in Atlantis to find a means to replicate the Human Torch's technology, using the Atlantean people as guinea pigs. When the Sub-Mariner and Captain America came to Atlantis to investigate they were captured and locked up.[184] Breaking free, the two heroes discovered that the Nazis were creating an army of Human Torch androids dubbed the Firebrand Squadron to use against their enemies. Revealing to Princess Fen the Nazi's atrocities on her own people she attempted to capture the Nazi scientists but they then unleashed their army.[185] Liberating the Human Torch, the three heroes then worked together to destroy the Firebrand Squadron while Fen and her security forced were rounding up the Nazis in Atlantis. Later, Captain America and Sub-Mariner convinced Fen to turn the Nazis over to American military so that they could be put on war crimes trials.[186]

During the month of September, Nazi activity in New York City was high: Herr Mongrel and his fellow spies attempted to halt food supplies from reaching the city, but they were stopped by Fighting Fool and his companion Napoleon Sack;[187] also around this time Nazi operative Von Gotch set up the Van Gotch Shipping Company to dangerously load ships so that they sank out at sea. This plan was ruined by the Sub-Mariner; Not far from Von Gotch was Nazi agent the Great Astro who used "star reading" as a front to alert a Nazi U-boat of ships leaving New York Harbor. This operation was exposed and taken down by the Patriot. In Canada, bombing attacks were led by Von Belch the so called "Canadian Fuhrer" before he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro; While elsewhere in the states, Nazi spy Felix von Shlecht used an ape named Gertie to attempt to steal defense plans of the Panama Canal, only to be foiled by Terry Vance and his ape Dr. Watson.[188]

In October, the Nazis captured Isaiah Bradley the so-called "Black Captain America". Hitler and Goebbels attempted to convince Bradley to join the Nazi cause using him as a means of learning the secrets to the super-soldier serum. However Bradley refused and he was sent off to be executed, but managed to escape.[189] Hitler then took personal involvement in Operation: Turncoat, where a Nazi hypnotist was planted within the Allied Forces to turn Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos against the Allies. However this plan failed when the Commandos proved to have strong wills and were able to resist their hypnotic conditioning.[190] Later when Nazi forces captured the Howling Commandos in Greece.[191] He ordered them brought back to Berlin for execution, but they were rescued by Nick Fury.[192] In England, American General Spencer kidnapped by Nazi agents upon his arrival to Britain. They took him to Berlin where Herr Demon used torture to try and learn defense secrets from him. He was rescued by Captain America and Bucky with the aid of a joint US and UK rescue team;[193] New York was once more besieged by Nazi spies led by J-97 and his minions who staged a false air-raid in order to sabotage New York's infrastructure, this plot was exposed by the Human Torch and Toro and the network rounded up by the FBI; Nazi Colonel Zinzer was sent to New Guinea to convince the local head hunters to worship his Japanese allies who were coming, Zinzer was slain by the Patriot who convinced the natives to turn against the Japanese; While back in the states, the Angel clashed with the blind spy Krauss who was using his parrot Polly to poison government officials. Krauss was killed by his own starved birds when the Angel escaped capture.[194] By November, Nazi scientist Professor Holz was set up in an underwater base and using a ray beam to increase the size of sea creatures and sent them to attack American vessels. Holz and his creations were all slain by the Sub-Mariner;[195] later Nazi forces led by Commander Kornstalk demanded Namor's surrender. When he refused they flooded Atlantis with the Copper Plague, however Namor destroyed the Nazis underwater base and Princess Fen slew Kownstalk.[196]

In November, the Red Skull and Master Man relocated to the Russian front where they holed up in the town of Kalach to test out a new death ray device. Their plans were foiled when an army of Russian soldiers and the Invaders attacked the town. With defeat imminent, the Skull set his death ray to self destruct causing a massive blaze that his enemies were too busy combating, allowing he and Master Man to escape.[197] As the year came to a close, the Nazi agent Creeper attempted to sour relations between Alslavia and the United States but was foiled by Captain America and Bucky. The Cobra attempted a similar plot by kidnapping the American ambassador to a South American nation, but he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. While in Freetown, the Secret Stamp exposed the Mr. Schores as a Nazi spy attempting to blow up the local defense plant.[82] Captain America and Bucky would also expose the supposed return of Medusa as a Nazi ploy perpetuated by the spy Professor Anton Harvey. While in Germany, Nazis failed to capture escaped prisoners Chuck Wilson, Stanisofski, and Twimbly who later escaped enemy lines to Russia and formed the Terror Squad. Also in Germany, Captain von Nuisance captured two underground newspaper publishers and sent them to be tortured by the Brander, but they were saved by the Destroyer. While back in the United States the Whizzer and his sidekick Slow Motion Jones foiled a group of Nazi Fifth Columnists who kidnapped a Naval Admirals daughter and were plotting to sink a Navy Convoy. While elsewhere in the States, Sargent Dix stopped Fifth Columnists who were giving children incendiary pebbles to fire with their sling shots at an American base.[153] As early as this, Hitler began using the costumed operative the Rumor's abilities of persuasion to boost Hitler's support. He continued to draw on the Rumor's abilities until the Rumor was forced into fleeing Germany when he was attacked by American soldier Robert Paine.[198] Later, Hitler is informed by his spy Nina Bergson of an opportunity to eliminate the Howling Commandos and the British Prime Minister. Hitler ordered for the Blitzkrieg Squad to carry out the mission, however this too ended in failure.[199] Another attempt by the Red Skull to eliminate Captain America and Bucky also failed.[200]


1943 saw the Allied Forces starting to gain ground against the Nazis, and Hitlers growing desperation to obtain victory. This particular year saw more instances of advanced science and weapons used as well as the use of costumed operatives and super natural forces. Early in the year, the Red Skull was testing a new death-ray device in the battlefields of Europe, but was defeated in combat by Captain America.[201] Later, Master Man and Warrior Woman were dispatched to Poland where they clashed with the Invaders on the eve of Bucky's 18th birthday.[202] Baron Blood had also relocated to the Irish Coast and targeted the Sub-Mariner's lover Soibhan. Blood succeeded in seducing the woman and changing her into a vampire.[203]

In the winter of that year Nazi spy Joe Grupper and his poisoned food concentrates going to American soldiers until they were stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. Nazi agents also freed Captain America foe Dr. Crime to utilize his shrinking formula before being apprehended once being stopped by Captain America. Colonel Schutter plotted to invade Switzerland only to be stopped by the Destroyer. Back in the United States, the Whizzer and Slow Motion Jones exposed radio transmitter tycoon Mr. Thos as a Nazi operative.[204] Nazi agent Dr. Eternity was next sent to eliminate outspoken American congressman Barlow, only to be stopped by Captain America and Bucky. Operative the Beak attempted to sour American-Russian relations by replacing supplies with scrap until he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. Hitler personally dispatched the Reaper to rabble rouse in the United States until he was put out of commission by Captain America and Bucky. The two heroes also shut down a Nazi Bund led by the Ring that was eliminating American defense officials. While in Freetown, the Secret Stamp rescued actor Carson Bells by Nazi operatives who kidnapped him during a war bond drive.[93] Russian defectors Baron and Baroness Kidersky used televised broadcasts to transmit secret messages to Nazi fleets via interpretative dance until they were exposed by the Sub-Mariner, Human Torch and Toro. Later, Nazi operative the Knife infiltrated the American military and attempted to assist his Japanese allies in Guadalcanal until he was exposed by the Sub-Mariner.[205]

Back in the United States Nazi spies Baroness von Kampf and Bruno Beitz attempted to eliminate South America diplomat Filipe Santos, but the entire operation was frustrated by the interference of Miss Fury ending with Beitz losing his arm in an explosion.[206] Also, Nazi's led by Izan who attempted to take the place of air raid wardens using plastic surgery was stopped by Captain America. Shortly thereafter, Baron Blood succeeded in briefly transforming Captain America into a vampire, but the hero was cured by Dr. Leo Jacobson.[207] At that time, Human Torch and Toro also stopped Mr. Hetler's plot to destroy America battleships that came off the assembly line, while the Secret Stamp exposed a Nazi plot to sell counterfeit War Bonds and Stamps to fund spy operations.[208] While Herr Brunder's attempt to sabotage a USO show was foiled by the Sub-Mariner, famous drummer Drums Toggins was exposed as a Nazi spy by the Patriot.[209] When principal construction on Mount Rushmore was complete, Nazi sympathizer Eric Ward attempted to blow up the monument, but was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. The Eel used a giant octopus to destroy recently completed American ships until he was stopped by Captain America and Bucky, and the Secret Stamp once more defended Freetown when he exposed a spy plot using secret messages written in invisible ink hidden in library books.[210]

On January 7, 1943, Master Man was sent to the United States to murder Nikola Tesla. Although opposed by Captain America and Bucky, Master Man succeeded in his mission and fled. However, this attack led Captain America and Bucky traveling to Germany where they prevented Baron Zemo from completing Tesla's unfinished invention the Teleray. In the course of the battle, Zemo's wife died helping the two heroes. Baron Zemo's sun Heinrich Zemo blamed Captain America for his mothers death and vowed revenge against the hero, and full adopted the Nazi ideal.[5] Attempts by Colonel von Getter to steal new American bomber plans were foiled by the Human Torch and Toro. Becoming furious over the Sub-Mariner's continued interference in his war effort, Hitler then ordered Admiral von Roeder to eliminate the hero by any means. He worked with Oskar Kessler, leading an army of massive robots to invade Atlantis. This invasion was thwarted by the Sub-Mariner. Also at this time Nazi agent Von Boom attempted to convince reformed criminal "Thick Lips" Scarbo to join the Nazi cause by threatening to kill his son, but was captured with the help of the Patriot. Spies led by Kurt Schnell attempted to steal the legendary armor of Baron Francis Trembiew because it contained a sample a powerful explosive. The explosive was destroyed by the Angel and the resulting explosion killed Schnell and his men.[211] As the winter came to an end, the Eraser's plot to steal a submarine model was thwarted by Captain America and Bucky. When the Nazis ringed on a prisoner exchange conducted by Captain Daring his Sky-Sharks helped rescue him from Nazi Germany. while back in the United States Nazi fifth columnist Von Blubber was foiled by a new Marvel Boy.[212]

In the spring of that year Hermann Göring would send his best student Herr Blutcher on a mission to invade Britain, but he was thwarted by the Human Torch and Toro. When the Nazis learned the Sub-Mariner was bringing a message to Free French resistance fighters from the United States, they attempted to stop him but failed. Also at this time, a demon calling himself Satan sent his minion Madam Satan to Germany to replace Hitler with Attila the Hun. These supernatural creatures were banished by the Destroyer allowing Hitler to resume control of the Nazi empire.[12] While in New York City, Nazi spies attempted to replace dummy rounds in a mock air raid with live rounds but were stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. An attempt by the Nazi agent Blue Diamond to steal a new experimental "Puff Gun" was also foiled by the two flaming heroes and out in New York harbor, the Sub-Mariner foiled Nazi spy Bull Neck's attempt to photograph the Navy's harbor defenses.[213] Nazi agents attempted sabotage across the United States by hiding explosives in bottles of prescription cough medicine until they were stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. While out on the Atlantic, Captain Sturm used an undersea base to launch attacks against Allied ships until it was destroyed by the Sub-Mariner. While back in the states, an attempt to smuggle Nazi spy Heinrich Himmelman was foiled by Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson and the Angel exposed a Nazi plot by Fritz von Bock to pose as a respected doctor and quarantine government officials in order to murder them without the public being aware.[214] Also during this time, Captain America stopped a Nazi spy who was posing as an American soldier returned from the war, from stealing government plans.[215]

In Ireland, Nazi spies attempted to sour relations between the United States and the UK by causing bombings that would be blamed on the IRA until the Sub-Mariner cleared the organizations name.[216] While in the South American nation of Bonara, the Ambassador of Terror attempted to prevent a trade agreement to export rubber between Bonara and America but was sent to his death by the Young Allies.[217] In New York, Nazis led by Von Richter begin bombing the cities largest banks but are stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. In Russia, Nazi agents prepared to launch an attack in Murmansk, Russia, but their sneak attack is exposed by Captain America and Bucky.[218] While stateside Captain von Sar launched air raids on US soil until he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. While the Sub-Mariner and Betty Dean expose a Nazi hideout at the Ruzz Showboat to use to hide Nazi U-boats.[219] As the spring came to a close, Nazi agents organized by Oberst von Steibel were dispatched to attack Camp Lehigh with a pack of genetically engineered dog. These agents were defeated by Captain America and Bucky who also destroyed the poisonous dogs. In occupied France Captain Brool attempts to crush resistance fighters but finds himself defeated by the Destroyer and turned over to the resistance fighters. While at an American army camp, Nazi spy Ferdinand Smith attempted to lower troop morale by putting irritants in the uniforms of new recruits until he was exposed by Sargent Jef Dix.[220]

By the summer of that year the Nazis continued to experience loss at the hands of their various enemies both human and super-human. In Brazil, Nazi prisoner of war Baron von Widemouth broke out of a concentration camp and attempted to blow up the locks along the Panama Canal, only to be thwarted by Captain America and Bucky. Nazis located in Crete had attempted to use British fighters to launch an attack on Turkey in order to turn the country against the Allies, but they were stopped by British gorilla fighters aided by the Sub-Mariner. While in Germany, Erwin Krause failed to stop the Destroyer assist a spy smuggle stolen secrets out of the country.[221] In Canada, Nazi agents kidnapped General Beaudoin to force military secrets out of him, but he was rescued by Captain America and Bucky. Soon after this, Nazi agents managed to capture Captain America and Bucky and bring them back to Berlin where they were sentenced to death by Hitler himself. However, the two heroes escaped and with the help of French resistance fighters blew up a Nazi factory constructing a massive submarine.[222] Nazi spy Elanor von Drei attempted a sacred Yashmak in order to gain the obedience of warriors in Istanbul but she was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. While an attempt by Nazi saboteur Dr. Grant to blow up Niagara Falls was foiled by the Sub-Mariner and an attempt by Von Gukk to turn American children into juvenile delinquents was stopped by the Patriot.[223]

Also during this time, a Nazi agent named Delvin formed the Cult of the River God in Ohio to convince Americans to denounce the war or face the wrath of their "god" by way of floodings from the Ohio river. This plot was exposed as a fraud and the cult was destroyed by the Sub-Mariner.[224] In an unprecedented move, Adolf Hitler along with his Axis allies Hirohito and Mussolini agreed to fund the Torso's attempt to destroy Captain America, but the mad scientist ultimately failed. While in the United States, a Nazi attempt to silence defector Fred von Kirsten was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro.[225] Nazi agents later stole a new experimental bomber and attempted to fly to Germany. The Young Allies forced the plane to land in Africa instead and they managed to escape the Nazis. The Allies then assisted the Free French resistance and Allied Forces in driving the Nazis out of Algiers.[226] When Nazi spy Franz Papp was killed by FBI agents, his comrades attempted to recapture his body to uncover hidden plans he tattooed on his body, but they were thwarted to the Human Torch and Toro. While in Greenland, Nazis led by Von Kropp used a weather station to spread false weather reports to the Allies making them vulnerable to Nazi attack until they were taken down by the Sub-Mariner. While back in the States, a Nazi spy captured named Carl Wertz was sentenced to death but managed to escape the court room. He was eventually recaptured thanks to the assistance of Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson. While Nazi operative Double-Beard drugged female pilots flying recently completed bombers was stopped by the Angel.[227] During this period a Nazi known as the Great Varda used his puppet show to eliminate government officials until he was stopped by Captain America and Bucky. In Germany, four of the Nazis leading generals were on a train to Berlin when they were attacked and wiped out by the Destroyer. At this time as Nazi spy within a military base to steal gasoline rations but was caught by Sargent Dix.[228] Back in Germany, agents led by Baron Execute launched high power rockets at that could reach the United States, but they were destroyed by the Human Torch and Toro. When Russian freedom fighter Sonia Petroya became a famous speaker to boost American support of the war, Hitler himself ordered the Rabbit to discredit her, the Human Torch and Toro came to her aid and reversed the Rabbits brainwashing. While the Sub-Mariner ruined a plot by Captain Kale to smuggle U-boats within a sailing ship in the Carribean Islands.[229] The summer ended with Nazi agents of Moonface were stopped from bombing government buildings in Washington D.C. by the Human Torch and Toro. While a ship sinking scheme caused by Professor Jerg out of the port of Pasta Guerera was stopped by the Sub-Mariner. In the states Thomas Miller was exposed as a Nazi spy by Terry Vance.[14] In France, the Nazis obtained a Japanese built heat tracking device and used it to try and track down Free French resistance fighters. However the device was stolen by Peggy Carter and the First Thirteenth, with the assistance of Captain America.[230]

The fall of 1943 saw the rise of more costumed Nazi operatives, such as the Vulture and his Batmen, whose plot to eliminate key members of American society was stopped by Captain America and Bucky, and the Claw whose attempts to poison American food and water supplies was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro.[231] While Marshall Kronin attempted to deal with the Sub-Mariner by capturing Betty Dean, but was slain by Namor for his efforts. While along the French-Swiss boarder Colonel von Bitters hold over the area was ended when he was eliminated by the Destroyer and a band of French resistance fighters. While the Nazi saboteurs known as known as Triple Destruction were stopped by the Whizzer.[232] In Chicago, Nazi agents led by the Nazi Cleaver sold tainted meat to Americans, poisoning them until they were taken out of business by the Human Torch and Toro. While Von Broot's attempts to turn the nation of Barabia against the United Nations was stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[233] The Human Torch and Toro foiled the the Nazis "Purple Terror" plot to force rural Americans to major cities to increase panic during attacks. When Nazi spy Karl Gluten then frame Norwegian technician with sabotage the plan was foiled by the Sub-Mariner. Further, Hitlers deployment of "War Water" to the United States was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro.[234]

Further attempts of sabotage in the United States by Nazi agent Zomber and Herr Radder were stopped by the Human Torch, Toro and Sub-Mariner respectively, while an attempt on the lives of the British royal family by Count Lust in London was stopped by the Angel.[235] The Angel later stopped Felix von Tont's attempt to take the delivery of evidence to be used against Nazi prisoners of war in war trials following the end of the war from Allied agent Bernard Hix.[236] Resistance fighters in Germany attempting to paint Nazi defense buildings with luminescent paint was almost halted by the traitorous Frank Craben had it not been for the interference of the Destroyer. While on the home front, Sargent Dix smashed a Nazi spy cell attempting to sabotage American saw mills.[237]

Soon the amount of losses the Nazis were suffering prompted Hitler, in an act of desperation, to unleash the living biological weapon called Fungi and unleash his moss growing swamp gas on American soil. However, Fungi and the supply of swamp gas was destroyed by Captain America and Bucky. Also during this time Captain America and Bucky also destroyed a Nazi submarine base near Holland, and eliminated the Nazi assassin known as the Coughing Killer in the United States. Also during this period, the Human Torch and Toro stopped Kriss Lout from blowing up the White House,[238], and eliminated the handicapped Nazi assassin the Masked Fiend. Captain von Lontz's attempt to sink American freighters by knocking out their radio transmitters was stopped by the Sub-Mariner at this time as well. The Blitzkrieg Squad was once more deployed to capture Nick Fury. Although they initially succeeded, the Howling Commandos rescued their commanding officer and personally radioed Hitler to once more mock him.[239] Also during this period Nazi spy Mr. Gaines a popular American quiz show host was exposed by Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson; Nazis who hired Lucky Wilson to blow up a mine, were beat to death by angry miners led by the Vision, and Captain Kraust's masquerade as Lord Moot to steal military secrets was foiled by the Angel.[240] Also during this year, the Red Skull sent his agent Lyle Dekker to sabotage the set of Democracy Pictures where a serial series based on the adventures of Captain America was being filmed. This plot was foiled by the real Captain America and Bucky, but Dekker escaped.[241] The Red Skull and Master Man later resurfaced in France where their fortress was stormed by the Invaders and the Allied Forces, who liberated the area.[215]

The year came to a close with more losses to the Nazis: the Mole-Man's bombing plot (including planting a bomb at 10 Downing Street), Ali Baba's acts of sabotage in Turkey, and the Vulture's attempt to wipe out French resistance fighters in France were all thwarted by Captain America and Bucky. Also during this time, Nazi scientist Professor Fear was apprehended by the Human Torch and Toro.[242] A Nazi agent who smuggled secrets in threat was also exposed by Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson during this time and the Angel ended the Mad Board's attempt to poison fish being processed for food.[243] Also during this period, the recently empowered Miss America uncovered a Nazi sabotage plot of an American defense factory and brought them to justice.[243][244] While in North Africa, the Mongoose's attempt to steal secret plans from members of the Women's Auxiliary Corps was stopped by Captain America, Bucky and Betty Dean.[245] Another Nazi attack on the Russian front was also stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. While back in the states Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson exposed Nazis attempting to smuggle themselves into the US using an waterway once used by alcohol bootleggers during prohibition. Nazi experiments by Dr. Groitzig reporter Mary Morgan for a new Nazi formula only served to create the Patriots new ally and sidekick Miss Patriot. Finally with the Angel returning home from England, he stopped a Nazi attempt by the Glowing Death to mark his ship with luminescent paint to make it an easy target for Nazi U-boats.[244]

In December of 1943 the Nazis began developing Operation: Time Ghost in Italy. When the Invaders and a squad of soldiers went to investigate, they found themselves transported to the 21st century by the Cosmic Cube.[246] Private Paul Anselm, a soldier who was sent to the future with the other heroes, obtained the Cube and used it to travel back to 1943 in an attempt to save his comrades who were gunned down by Nazi forces.[247] However the Cube was taken by the Red Skull, who used it to reshape reality so that the Nazis had conquered the world, erecting a giant "Aryan Wall" around Europe and killing all the worlds costumed heroes.[248] However, the time lost Invaders returned to their own time with members of the future New Avengers and Mighty Avengers returned to 1943 to free the world from the Skull's control.[249] In response, the Skull unleashed Master Man, Warrior Woman, U-Man, Thor, Iron Cross and Baron Blood against them.[250] During the final battle with the Red Skull, Paul Anslen recovered the Cosmic Cube and used it to resurrect all the slain heroes and they overpowered the Skull. With his defeat, Paul used the Cube to restore everything to normal changing 1943 back to the status quo prior to the Red Skull's tampering. Everyone's memories of these events were also erased and the Cube returned to the 21st Century.[251]


The start of 1944 saw the Red Skull returning to the United States where he and his minions committed acts of sabotage at American munitions factories until they were once more stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[252] Around this time, Nazi agents led by the Hawk built a massive airship called "Der Tag" to attack the United States. They were thwarted by the Human Torch and Toro who blew the massive airship out of the sky. Also during this period Hitler apparently became deathly ill due to some inner guilt over the death and destruction caused by the Third Reich. He then called in the various actors who posed as him in public to a meeting. The meeting was crashed by the Destroyer, who upon learning of Hitler's deteriorating health decided to leave the Fuhrer to his fate. Back in the states, Private Bill Cox attempted to work with Nazi spies after learning his father was a criminal. The spies were apprehended by the Whizzer who convinced Bill to keep on the straight an narrow.[253] In England, the Nazis unleashed a robot on Bunbrook Bomber Station. This threat was met by the Invaders, who were quickly knocked out by the robot. It was destroyed thanks to the secret aid of Walter Destine.[254] During this period Hitler ordered Jorgen Kline to travel to Teheran to eliminate the leaders of the United States, Britain and Russia who were meeting there for a summit, or risk his wife and child being killed. However Jorgen is killed by the Howling Commandos and Hitler orders his son be taken away from his mother.[255] The Howling Commandos further frustrated Hitler,when they succeeded in capturing his master strategist Otto Froebe.[256] Later, when the Howling Commandos were successfully captured and placed in a prison camp, Hitler ordered their immediate execution once again, but as always, the Howling Commandos managed to escape much to Hitler's irritation.[257] Furious at the Commando's constant interference, Hitler sends the Agent of 1000 Faces to eliminate the Howlers, but he also failed.[258] Later Hitler allowed Colonel Klaue another attempt to eliminate the Howling Commandos, this too ended in failure.[259]

As Nazi forces attempted to keep the Allies out of Southern Italy, Captain America and Bucky were sent into the heavily fortified area to smash defenses to make way for an Allied invasion. While back in the United States, the Human Torch and Toro stop the Nazi spy known as the Mole,[260] and clashed with Nazi assassins Ratter, the White Vampire, and Herr Schmutz who was tainting blood shipments that were going to soldiers overseas. At this time, the Sub-Mariner also stopped a Nazi disguise artist named the Cobra from assassinating President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Joseph Stalin during a joint meeting.[261] While stateside, Miss America stopped Nazi agents from blowing up a bridge.[262]

In Florida, rich statesman the Gargoyle allied with the Nazis in attempting to kidnap Sir Anthony Hutchins on his visit to the Untied States. They were thwarted and captured by Captain America and Bucky. While Nazi spy Fritz von Arnheim posed as Civil War veteran Herman the Hermit to liberate Nazi prisoners of war along the Mississippi River, he was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. While in Mexico, a Nazi operative posed as an Aztec priest an obtained control of an ancient idol in a bid to convince local villagers to take arms against the United States. This plot was stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[263] In the United States, Miss America stopped the Pinhead Killer from forcing an elderly scientist to give up his defense plans.[264]

Meanwhile, Nazi global operations were continued to be thwarted by Captain America and Bucky, such as: Dr. Necrosis' blood tainting scheme in Australia, the Leopard Woman's water poisoning operation in New York, and General von Savage's attempt to dig an invasion tunnel to England under the Channel.[265] In Nazi occupied Poland, Professor von Fleagle's attempt to mass produce extremely potent explosives were stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. While back in the Untied States, a Nazi spy posing as an elderly woman on air raid patrol was exposed by Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson; An operation to steal submarine plans in Washington D.C. were foiled by the Patriot; And the Angel prevented Gestapo agent Max Bovar from forcing German defector Hans Dreden to reveal the secret behind Mars-X Powder.[266] While in Nazi occupied France, the Young Allies were captured and placed in a slave camp, until they were able to escape and assist Free French resistance fighters before fleeing back to the United States.[267]

In the spring of that year, Nazi agents hired American criminal Wilbur the Great to steal oil on their behalf but he was foiled by the Human Torch and Toro. While in the Atlantic, the Sub-Mariner exposed the Nazi's "phantom ships" as nothing more than projector screens mounted on the top of U-boats.[268] In a bit to turn middle eastern nations against the United States, Nazi agents stole and doctored a declaration to defend Mecca to a declaration to destroy it and attempted to have their agent the Wisp deliver it, but she was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. Meanwhile, in the Untied States, the Red Skull and his minions attempted to turn America into another dictatorship one town at at time until he was stopped once again by Captain America and Bucky. While overseas, attempts to stop the Destroyer from delivering attack plans to Free French resistance fighters was also thwarted.[269] Meanwhile, Captain America and Bucky rescue war planner Mr. Morley from Nazi torture expert Dr. Agony and later stop the Red Skull's plans to use a machine that harnessed aurora borealis to incapacitate the Allies machines.[270] While in the United States the Human Torch and Toro stop the sabotage plans of the Brain in Washington D.C., prevent Hans Thysenn and his men from selling tainted beef to the military, and prevent Nazi agents from terrorizing the families of American soldiers with information taken off their dog tags.[271]

Also during this period, Nazi attempts to blast loose icebergs in the Pacific to help their Japanese allies were thwarted by the Human Torch and Toro, an attempt to blow up the Golden Gate Bridge is thwarted by the Sub-Mariner and Betty Dean, Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson prevent the sale of stolen chemical formulas to Nazi agents, the Patriot prevents a Nazi assassination attempt on President Roosevelt, Miss America rescues Lt. Hardy from his Nazi captors, and a Nazi plot to derail trains carrying American troops is stopped by the Angel.[272] While in the Bermuda area, the Sub-Mariner stops the Nazi agent known as the Zombie Master from attempting yet another assassination attempt on President Roosevelt. Later Namor also stops as Nazi attack on New York harbor while the Angel stops Nazi spy Karl Kraft from posing as a scientist in order to steal a poison gas detecting barometer.[273]

Another blow is dealt to the Nazi war machine when the Young Allies track down the secret laboratory of the Mad Mechanic in the Swiss Alps, destroying his various war machines and robots before blowing up his lab.[274] Meanwhile, the Nazis loan out their agent the Black Snake to their Japanese allies to oversee the brainwashing of American troops, but is thwarted by the Sub-Mariner. While in the United States, the Human Torch and Toro stop the Hours from blowing up every clock tower in New York and the Angle bring Nazi spy Siegfried Kunz and his men after they use a poison flower to murder a German-American actress.[275]

Later that same spring, Nazi spy Von Wolheim and his men kidnapped French radio personality Jules Durrain to silence his anti-Nazi broadcasts to France, he was stopped by Captain America and Bucky. While in Brazil, Nazis under the command of Colonel Strauheim captured American plains until their operation was smashed by the Human Torch and Toro.[276] In the African nation of Wakanda, Master Man and Warrior Woman were sent on a failed mission to collect Vibranium, and were stopped by the Invaders and the Black Panther.[277] While in the States, a specially built sub that could launch missiles at New York was destroyed by Captain America and Bucky.[278] By this time Anna Frankenstein and her Nazi lover Von Rottz used her ancestors notes to create their own Frankenstein's Monster to eliminate Captain America and Bucky, but all perished in the attempt. While in Germany, an attempt by Nazis to replace Allied prisoners of war with impersonators was exposed and stopped by the Destroyer, while in the United States Sgt. Dix stopped Nazi spies from sabotaging an oil pipeline.[279] In April of 1944, the Red Skull succeeded in kidnapping scientist Howard Stark and his wife Maria. The Skull threatened to torture Maria if Stark did not share his knowledge on the United States atomic bomb research. Before the Stark's could provide the information they were rescued by Captain America, Bucky and the Howling Commandos.[280] Also during this period, the Red Skull took control of a massive and ancient Sleeper robot (apparently built some 500 years ago by a time displaced Dr. Doom) in the nation of Latveria. However, Captain America, Bucky and the Howling Commandos.[281] By this time, Baron Strucker had utilized his knowledge of the future and reorganized his secret Hydra organization, stationing them in the recaptured Japanese submarine called the Dragon of Death. Through his Nazi connections, Strucker used spies in the United States to stealing materials from the Manhattan Project for the purposes of creating an atomic bomb of his own, Also during this period, the Red Skull began doubting the Nazi's success and asked Strucker to look into suspended animation techniques for him.[158] However, this operation was foiled by the Invaders who destroyed the Dragon of Death and sent Hydra packing. Strucker survived, returning to the Nazis but apparently without his books from the future.[282][283]

In June of 1944, the Allied Forces pushed through Europe on what was referred to as D-Day. The attack found the beaches of Normany invaded by Allied Forces, including Captain America[284][285] his partner Bucky,[286] Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos,[287] and the Invaders,[288] and was a major victory for the Allies.[207] This period also saw the arrival of the Crazy S.U.E.'s in the region, who clashed with Nazi forces in Europe after a long stint on the South Pacific.[289]

Later, in Washington D.C., Nazi spies attempted to assassinate General Marshing but there stopped by the Human Torch and Toro. When a Lighthouse keepers assistant obtained a meteor with destructive capabilities, he invited various world powers to bid on the meteor. The Nazis attempted to obtain it by rook or by crook, but they were ultimately stopped by Captain America and Bucky, who destroyed the meteor and all its fragments. Soon after the Nazis discovered a massive floating island containing a hidden civilization. They took over the island and used it to destroy American bombers heading toward the war in Europe. The island was discovered by Captain America and Bucky who assisted a native resistance movement into driving the Nazis out.[290] Nazi spy the Jackal attempted to sabotage Americas railways but was defeated by the Human Torch and Toro. While in along the Channel, the Sub-Mariner stopped a Nazi plot to freeze the waterway so an invasion force could attack England. While back in the United States, Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson stopped Nazi arsonists in Pine Grove Forest and the Patriot rescued American counter espionage agent John Faracry from Nazi spies and helped take down a number of Nazi spy cells in the US.[291] Later in Vichy, France, Nazi officials attempted to force the resistant population into subservience by unleashing mental patients disguised as Gargoyles on the populace. This attempt was thwarted by Captain America and Bucky. While in New York the Mistress of Death murdered merchant sailors to obtain secret information smuggled out of their dog tags. Chased by the Human Torch and Toro, the Mistress and her minions drove off the Brooklyn Bridge to a watery death.[292]

By this time, the Nazis were also working with the mysterious Shadow Council using arcane magics to create human/animal hybrids.[293] The operation was destroyed thanks to the combined efforts of Captain America, John Steele and the Prince of Orphans.[294] Another arcane ritual, this one set into motion by the Red Skull, was also interfered with by Captain America.[295] Later on the South Pacific, the Red Skull and Warrior Woman attempted to capture Namor to learn the location of Atlantis, capturing Captain America instead. Torturing him in their secret hideout for propaganda footage, they were sent fleeing when the Invaders tracked down their leader.[296] The Nazis meanwhile continued their occupation in France, despite resistance from the Allied Forces.[297] In August of that year they had slaughtered 600 Maquis freedom fighters for resisting the occupation.[298] Eventually, the Nazis were driven out of France[289] and although the Allies had won, the Red Skull stayed behind for one last look at his enemy Captain America and plotted to get revenge.[299] Nazi forces in Belgium also faced opposition from the Crazy SUE's who were traveling across Europe to Germany.[289]

In the fall, Nazi operative Madame X was apprehended by the Human Torch and Toro before "she" could force female factory workers to bomb their places of employment,[300] while a Nazi assassin was apprehended by detective Mike Trapp.[301] The Sub-Mariner later stopped Nazi operatives from stashing weapons in the Antarctic research village of Little America, and then with Betty Dean exposed the Star Newspaper as a Nazi sabotage front. The Human Torch also shut down two Nazi operations: An attempt by the Wolf to ruin the American economy with counterfeit bills and in Turkey prevented Baron von Ritter from using stolen surveying maps to gain a tactical advantage.[302] Meanwhile, Nazi spies were caught transmitting bombing raid patterns learned from operating a British pub by the Human Torch and Toro.[303] In England, British scientist Cedric Rawlings began working with the Nazis from his home Greymore Castle, developing V2 rockets to launch against Allied Forces. When Captain America's partner Bucky stumbled upon the plot he was captured by the Nazis.[304] Captain America was also similarly captured when he came to his sidekick's aid and Major Uberhard ordered Rawlings to place Cap in a V2 rocket aimed for 10 Downing Street.[305] However, this plan failed when Cedric's sister Cecilia sacrificed her life to rescue Captain America and Bucky, as Captain America and Bucky fled Rawlings launched his V2 rockets at Nazi forces in France and blew up his own castle, taking his life in the process.[306] Also during this period, Nazi forces in France faced Captain America and Peggy Carter's resistance fighters,[307] as well as the time displaced Hulk and She-Hulk.[308]

In September of that year, the Red Skull had moved Nazi forces to the Netherlands where he turned Allied Forces into mindless zombies, but these were stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[309][310] Later that fall, Captain America in his civilian guise of Private Steve Rogers was injured in battle providing cover for his retreating troop while fighting in Vernville. He was taken prisoner and found himself a prisoner in Dritten Castle in West Germany. A prisoner of war, Steve rallied with other captured Allied soldiers and staged a jail break. Many days later they were rescued by Allied Forces. Sometime after that, Steve returned to Dritten as Captain America finding the town a bombed out husk following Allied air strikes.[311] Also during this time in Nazi occupied Poland, Nazi's led by a cyborg named Der Metzger were working on secret anti-gravity devices. Dr. Ernst Fleisher created with the assistance of Polish rebel fighter Lior Eschel. Lior Eschel had contacted the Allies who sent Captain America to destroy the devices, but it turned out the Lior had sold Cap out to the Nazis, and he was captured at the cost of Lior's life. Breaking himself and Fleisher out of their cells, Cap proceeded to destroy the hover crafts. Fleisher was killed in the crossfire and Cap beat Der Metzger within an inch of his life. Cap then helped the Polish slaves escape before the base exploded destroying all the technology and killing Der Metzger.[312]

In October, Nazis under the direction of the Red Skull had stolen the Eye of Agamotto and were about to deliver it to Hitler when they were attacked by Captain America, Bucky, Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos. The Skull and his minions fled and were accidentally transported to the Dark Dimension where they made a deal with it's resident Dormammu. However, the heroes followed after the Skull to retrieve the Eye for the Ancient One, the Eye's owner. Making a wager with Dormammu, the Skull and his men attacked the Americans, but lost. Dormammu then banished the Red Skull and his men back to Earth, while the heroes were allowed to return safety.[313] Also during this period, geneticist Mister Sinister, used Nazi resources to make a clone of Namor he dubbed N2. When the Invaders attacked his laboratory, he unleashed N2 upon them, but it was slain by Captain America. Sinister then fled to avoid capture.[314]

As Allied Forces began fiercely bombing Berlin, Hitler ordered the destruction of munitions plants in the United States, however these operations were thwarted by the Human Torch and Toro. Meanwhile, a Nazi prisoner of war escaped his camp and attempted to flee the United States with Mary Morgan as his hostage, but was killed battling the Patriot atop the Statue of Liberty. While an attempt to assassinate the Angel for interfering with Nazi operations was similarly met with failure when the hero became wise of the attempt and faked his death in order to apprehend his would be killers.[315] While out in the Atlantic, Baron von Wetzel's attempt to use a paralyzing gas on Allied ships was stopped by the Sub-Mariner. Namor later stopped Nazi operative Dr. Luville from using an age accelerating drug on Allied soldiers.[316]. In the United States the Angel stopped Nazi operative the Flying Falcon from getting away with murdering American soldiers returned home due to injury, the Human Torch and Toro destroy the Nazi's "Mechanical Mole" that was causing earthquakes beneath New York, and Terry Vance and Deadline Dawson stopped Nazi spies from stealing Old Man Crane's priceless jewels to use for creating weapons. In Nazi Germany, the Destroyer prevents the Nazis from delivering a message to their Japanese allies and uses a Nazi bomber to infiltrate Japan.[317] While State-side, the Human Torch and Toro stop another munitions plant sabotage and in Europe Captain America and Bucky prevent Nazi operative the Baron of Horror Castle from kidnapping General Haywood and Sgt. Duffy.[318] At this time, the Red Skull had captured a squad of African-American soldiers in Berlin and ran many experiments on them. The Skull and his scientists were attacked by Captain America and the Howling Commandos. Most of the test subjects died, however on Michael Kramer survived, unable to die he became the Judas Man. He escaped Nazi custody and lived in relative secrecy for decades after.[319] Also during this period, the Howlers were apparently betrayed by the defected Eric Koenig who captured Nick Fury and turned him over to Hitler himself.[320] Hitler arranged for Fury's immediate execution, however the Howling Commandos succeeded in saving their leader.[321] Fury, alternatively attempted to assassinate Hitler once more, but failed thanks to interferences from his rival Bull McGiveney.[322] The Howlers also attacked the Nazis ship the S.S. Normandy in advance of an Allied invasion force.[323]

On December 6, 1944, Nazi forces in Saarlaurtern, Germany were attacked by the Crazy SUES.[324] The plans of Master of Death to eliminate Professor Ensen before he defected to the United States were stopped by the Sub-Mariner, while a Nazi attempt to blow up the Crosby Hydro-Electric Plant was stopped by Miss America.[325] While the Angel exposes a Nazi spy operating within the FBI in Washington D.C.; Terry Vance, Deadline Dawson and Marmaduke Jones stop Nazi operatives from tapping an American oil pipeline.[326] Also during this time, Captain America and Bucky stop Nazi spy Karl Shaffer from preventing American geologists from discovering a deposit of Zorite in a New England town, and the Herr Bat and his men are stopped by the Human Torch and Toro before they can blow up an American glider school.[327] While the Sub-Mariner exposes a plot by female Nazis to gift Americans with combustible sweaters, the Patriot exposes a plot by Nazis to infiltrate the American prison system in order to break out their incarcerated comrades.[328] Hitler was later given another personal humiliation this time by Combat Kelly, who ambushed the Fuhrer and forced him to dress as an American prisoner of war (even going so far as shaving his moustache off) in order to sneak out of Nazi territory.[329]

With Nazi Germany losing ground every day, both Hitler and the Red Skull sought the services of Nazi geneticist Arnim Zola. Hitler, seeking a means to have his mind transferred into cloned bodies, while the Skull had Zola perfect a suspended animation technique that would allow him to maintain young and vital following the wars end. Confronted by Baron Strucker, the Skull and Zola both accepted an offer to help enhance Hydra as an organization to be their fighting force following the collapse of the Third Reich.[330]


As the war dragged on into 1945, the Nazis continued their various attempts to destabilise their enemies or destroy the various super-heroes who opposed them.

In January of that year in the Netherlands, geneticist Arnim Zola was busy constructing a powerful and highly contagious virus to spread across the entire world, turning it's victims into fury filled creatures. The experiments attracted the Invaders who clashed with Nazi operatives Master Man, Warrior Woman, Iron Cross and U-Man.[331] Zola infected the town below his castle in order to keep the Invaders busy while he prepared to launch a missile containing the virus. However, the Invaders stopped this plan, seemingly slaying Zola (whose mind was downloaded into a new body) and destroyed the viral missile. With no other choice, the heroes were forced to wipe out those infected with the virus.[332] However, one partially infected villager escaped the slaughter and spent the coming decades plotting revenge against the heroes.[333] In February, Nazi forces were forced out of Bastogne, Belgium by the Allies, but not before a vampirized Nazi could turn a little girl into a Vampire into a trap for the allies, this young girl was slain by Captain America and Bucky.[334] During this period a concentration camp that was taken down by the Invaders horrified the Sub-Mariner when he saw the atrocities he saw there.[335]

Herr Swastika developed one-man submarines that were disguised as sea turtles to destroy supply ships along the Great Lakes. This and his plot to destroy a water treatment plant at Niagara Falls as foiled by the Sub-Mariner and Betty Dean.[336] While at this time, Nazi hypnotist Dr. Von Helstog used his powers to try and steal military secrets, only to be stopped by Miss America and an attempt to flood the American market with counterfeit War Bonds was stopped by the Patriot.[337] Also during this time, Nazi agent Baron Krugg was mutated into the Green Death after being exposed to a massive amount of Radium. His reign of terror was halted by the Young Allies.[338]

In March, a group of WAAC's including Adriana Soria were captured by Nazis, but were rescued later by Captain America.[339] Later, Captain America captured Nazi operatives who were able to inform him of Baron Zemo's latest activities near England.[202] In the spring of that year Major von Kaulus was dispatched to the United States to destroy an aircraft manufacturing plant. His plane was shot down and elements in the swamp transformed his co-pilot into the so-called "Thing from the Swamp". Kaulus used his obedient minion to attack the plant but he was stopped by Captain America and Bucky.[340] Nazi spies freed three notorious criminals to steal a captured Buzz-Bombers, but they were all stopped by the Whizzer.[341] Also during this period, an attempt by Nazi spies to replace the Foreign Affairs list of Nazi spies attempting to smuggle themselves into the country was stopped by the Human Torch and Toro.[342] The Nazis also hired international terrorist known as the Black Demon to kidnap American officials and cause acts of sabotage until he was stopped by the Sub-Mariner.[343] Later, Nazi spy Professor Todt attempted to blow up American ships by turning bodies claimed for a New York morgue into bombs. This plan was foiled by Captain America and Bucky,[344] and a Nazi official was assigned to assist the Imperial Japanese army in an attack on the South Pacific using Nazi drone planes. This plan was foiled by the Destroyer.[345] The Patriot also stopped a Nazi plot to steal a new rocket design plan from the Allied Forces during this period.[346] An attempt to assassinate American officials by a Nazi operative known as the Fencing Master was similarly foiled by Miss America.[347] Arnim Zola had retreated to a new laboratory where he began creating new monstrosities. He was tracked down by Captain America and Bucky, who were unfortunately paired with the time displaced Deadpool and Hydra Bob, who helped thwart Zola's scheme before returning to their own time.[348]

In the Spring of 1945, the Allied Forces began liberating survivors of Nazi concentration camps. With Captain America leading the charge that liberated the Diebenwald concentration camp.[349] Later, the Nazis lost a secret rocket facility when Captain America led an army of super-heroes to attack it in order to recover the Spear of Destiny, clashing with the Red Skull once more.[13] With Berlin being bombarded with Allied bombers, Hitler had ordered the Red Skull to stash his "greatest weapon", in a briefcase and send his operative to one of his bunkers. The Red Skull complied, unaware that the contents of the briefcase were merely moments of Hitler's life -- his legacy being his ultimate weapon. He was pursued by Captain America, Patriot, Spirit of '76 and the Red Guardian.[46] The Red Skull was chased into the bunker, where he fought Captain America. Allied bombs caused a collapse of the bunker forcing Captain America to flee, while the Red Skull was seemingly buried alive. However, gas from his suspended animation researched seeped into the bunker, putting the Skull into suspended animation for many decades.[350] One of the Nazis only apparent victory was in the apparent death of the original Captain America and Bucky. Baron Zemo had stolen a drone plane and planned to use it against England. Captain America and Bucky attempted to stop the attack but were captured and tied to the plane. Breaking free, the two heroes attempted to stop the drone, but it exploded while Bucky was attempting to disarm it. Both men fell into the Channel, and were believed dead. Captain America was put into suspended animation and revived many decades later.[351] While Bucky was recovered by the Russians and moulded into their assassin the Winter Soldier.[352] Steve Rogers was later replaced by William Nasland and Bucky by Fred Davis Jr.[353] On April 25, 1945, Berlin was invaded by a super-hero army. During the invasion American heroes Electro, Mastermind Excello, Black Widow, Phantom Reporter, Mister E, Dynamic Man, the Witness, Captain Wonder, Rockman, Fiery Mask, Laughing Mask, and the Blue Blade were captured by Nazis and placed into suspended animation. The Nazis intended to experiment on the heroes and learn the secrets of their powers. However, as the Soviets began taking Berlin, the men involved in the project were all rounded up and killed, the heroes forgotten and left in suspended animation until they were discovered in the 21st century.[354] Fearing a loss in the war, Hitler had Zola create the means to transfer Hitler's mind into a clone body should his body die.[355] After many tests, there was a success, Zola also created Nazi X apparently a perfect Hitler clone as well.[330]

Prior to the defeat of the Nazis, Hitler himself gathered a group he dubbed the League of Hate, Nazi spies who were maimed so they could pose as American soldiers who were captured and killed during the war. They then infiltrated the United States and began sowing dissent by stirring up racial prejudices in American towns. This plot was exposed in June of 1945 and shut down by William Nasland and Fred Davis Jr. who had recently replaced Steve Rogers and James Barnes as Captain America and Bucky.[356]


The Nazis were defeated by the Allied Forces in 1945, which followed a massive super-hero invasion of Berlin in April of that year.[354] The Human Torch and Toro forced their way into Hitler's bunker and attempted to get him to surrender. The dictator refused, and tried to set off explosives which forced the Torch to kill him with his fire.[357][353][358]

War Criminals

Immediately after the war, Nazi war criminals fled across the globe to avoid facing trails for their war crimes. Many Nazi operatives fled Europe or went deep into hiding. Baron Zemo fled to Brazil,[351] while Baron Strucker continued building his Hydra organization, while Zola went into deep hiding to continue his genetic experiments.[330]

On August 6, 1945 the Potsdam Conference was under way following Germany's defeat. During a meeting between President Truman, Winston Churchill and Josef Stalin, escaped Nazi General Brinkhaus attempted to use a device to slaughter the three world leaders. However, he was stopped by the combined efforts of the Sub-Mariner, Captain America and the Red Guardian.[335]

Many groups still operated in an attempt to revive the Nazi cause and start World War III. In 1946, a group of Nazi operatives managed to steal the plans for the atomic bomb, and created a large cache of the weapons from an island factory on the Pacific, but they were slain when the facility was blown up by the Human Torch and Toro.[359] Later, the two heroes worked directly with J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI to capture a group of Nazi spies who were still loose in the United States.[360]

Also during this time, Nazi scientist Hans Ludwig fled to New York City. There he attempted to get a sun ray formula smuggled into Buenos Ares to his fellow Nazi operative Rex Herr who had fled to Brazil where he plotted to obtain a microfilm that had plans for a sun ray that was being smuggled into the country. He also captured government agent Ted Banning who had compiled a list of Nazis that were active in the area. However, obtaining the formula was complicated by various other parties, including Prussian loyalist and former Nazi General Eric Kesselwolfe. However the plot was foiled by Miss America and the United States government leading to the capture of both Herr and Kesselwolfe and the destruction of the formula.[361].

Also fleeing to Brazil was Nazi scientist Heinz Rheint, who had created a powerful biological weapon and his it in the record collection of his colleague Alfredo before he died. OSS agent Mark Mason and Blonde Phantom prevented the formula from falling into the wrong hands.[362] American traitor Tinfish returned to the United States hoping to kill his brother an inherit the family fortune for the purposes of reforming the Nazi party. This plot was foiled by the Sub-Mariner and Namora.[363]


The Nazi party has gone down as one of the most notorious groups of modern history, and their activities have created an on going legacy of hate. Many Nazi operatives had survived the war and continue to operate in the modern age. Villains such as the Red Skull, Arnim Zola, and Baron Strucker are still active to this day. Zola transferred Hitler's consciousness into a clone he dubbed, Hate-Monger. Baron Zemo fled to South America and Mister Sinister vanished. Hitler's right-hand man, Red Skull, formed his own organization bent on world domination. Baron von Strucker formed HYDRA, an international terrorist organization.

The Nazi ideology lives on in the modern age despite wide spread condemnation and their name becoming a synonym for absolute evil. Groups of Neo-Nazi's still exist today, even in the super-human community with groups such as Axis Mundi are still in operation.


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