The Nautilus Platform was a NASA space station for constructing spacecraft in Earth orbit. It became the last refuge of humanity when Earth-3145 was ravaged by a brief, but devastating thermo-nuclear war that killed every complex organism on the planet. Thirty-six people on the Nautilus became the humans in their universe apart from Benjamin Parker, who survived in a bunker beneath the Sims Tower. Because the station had very limited supplies, John Jameson used their only available spacecraft to make weekly trips to the surface, protected by a radiation suit. This allowed the survivors to maintain the Nautilus for over three years.[1]

Unknown to them, the bunker under Sims Tower became used as a holding cell for Inheritors, a family of interdimensional vampiric beings. They were thought to be contained, but eventually found a way to escape to another reality. After that, Verna returned to retrieve the crystal containing the essence of her father Solus,[1] which Jameson unknowingly picked up the crystal on his latest run. Verna used a Dimensional Travel Watch to appear inside the space station and began to seach for the crystal and slaughter the crew, eventually leaving none alive.[2]

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