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Navid Hashim was a Palestinian who left Israel to enter the service of the Saudi Arabian government.[1]

Navid was chosen to succeed Abdul Qamar as the Arabian Knight.[2]

In his first recorded action, he was sent by his government to England to help stop agents of R.A.I.D. from carrying out a terrorist attack against the city of London alongside a makeshift team of superheroes comprised of Union Jack, Sabra and Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. The Knight held his own in combat with the likes of Zaran, Machete,[2] Boomerang, Firebrand,[3] and an upgraded Dreadnought.[4] At one point, while being treated for injuries sustained while under the control of the Corruptor, Union Jack approached the Knight asking for a lend of his magical sword, as magic is one of the few things that Ecstasy is susceptible to. The Arabian Knight informed Union Jack that the sword will only work for its master. Showing his selflessness, however, the Knight told Union Jack to kill him in order to become the new master of the sword and ward off Ecstasy's attack. This won him the admiration of both Union Jack and the Contessa.[4] Despite the cultural tensions between him and Sabra, the two heroes eventually developed a grudging respect for one another based on their skill in combat.[5]


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Navid wears a special costume made from the previous Knight's sash and magic carpet. It responds to his mental commands, including toughening to protect him.


Navid uses the previous knight's golden scimitar which could emit beams of magical energy capable of a maximum force of 20,000 pounds per square inch, enough to rupture a three inch-thick steel plate. Its energy is activated by his will alone. He can command it to shoot with whatever force he wishes. Its enchanted nature makes it so that if anyone except him tries to hold it, its magical energies will backfire against the wielder. He is also able to use the scimitar like an ordinary sword for slashing and stabbing.

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