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Synopsis for "Torpedo Trap!"

Returning back to their ship after a 12 hour leave, Battleship and Salty find themselves running late. Rushing back in a purchased boat, the pair are suddenly hoisted out of the water by a rising Chinese submarine. They attack the Chinese soldiers who come out of the hatch, but when they find that there are too many of them, they dive over board. When one of the soldiers tries to shoot at the two escaping Americans, he is stopped by his superior who explains that the shots will alert the nearby American destroyers to their position. While they are distracted, Battleship and Salty sneak up from behind and knock them out with boat oars. They then drag the two enemy soldiers into the water and feed them to some passing sharks.

When more Chinese sailors surface to see what is going on, Battleship and Salty attack them as well. Getting hold of a gun, Battleship fires off some shots alerting the destroyer to their position. Hearing this the Chinese then try to submerge their sub, forcing Battleship and Salty to board it to avoid the sharks out in the waters. Rushing the navigation room, Battleship tries to hold them at bay with his gun but soon realizes that he is out of ammo. The pair are soon swarmed and tossed in the bilge.

They are taken to a secret submarine pen where they are forced to prepare and load submarines for a main attack on the American ships. However, Battleship and Salty work to sabotage the torpedoes instead. Forced to go along with the Chinese to witness the attack, Battleship and Salty's plans pay off when the torpedoes turn back and strike the sub fleet destroying them all. Burke and Pete manage to escape and get back to their ship. There their commanding officer welcomes them back early from their leave. Confused by this, both men learn to their dismay that they were assigned 12 day leave, not 12 hours as they originally thought.

Appearing in "Battle Stations!"

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Synopsis for "Battle Stations!"

War story.

Appearing in "Teamwork!"

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Synopsis for "Teamwork!"

War story.

Appearing in "The Skipper!"

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Synopsis for "The Skipper!"

War story.

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