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In 1941, a group of Nazis were dispatched to the Bermuda region. In order to strike fear into the locals, they disguised themselves as Zombies to prey on local superstitions. However, when this team of so-called Nazombies attacked the Bermuda region, they did so at the same time the costumed hero the Angel was visiting his ally the Sub-Mariner. Warned in advance by his friend Palbo, the Sub-Mariner attacked the Nazombies camp; however, he was too late to stop the full out invasion.

Seeing that the Angel had been overpowered and captured, the Sub-Mariner freed the Angel, and the duo worked together to fight off the Nazombies. During the course of the battle, they discovered that the Nazombies were not undead soldiers at all but Nazis in costumes. The Nazombies were easily defeated and turned over to the authorities.


Equipment: The Nazombies wore costumes that made them resemble the undead.
Transportation: Tanks, fighter planes, and warships all of Nazi make.
Weapons: Firearms and cannons that were standard issue among the Nazi army.

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