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Neal Conan was a news reporter and cameraman who, along with his broadcasting engineer Manoli Wetherell reported on, and then became more directly involved in the X-Men's confrontation with the Adversary in Dallas, Texas.

Magical forces around Eagle Plaza caused beings from other times and places to enter the city. Wetherell had to save Neal from being killed by a barbarian warrior by shooting the barbarian. The pair proceeded to the plaza, where they filmed the confrontation between the X-Men and the government super team Freedom Force.

When the X-Men entered the plaza to confront the Adversary, Neal accompanied them, recording events on a handheld camera, while Wetherell remained outside, relaying the images to the world. Neal even accompanied the X-Men and their then ally Madelyne Pryor up to the Adversary's citadel above the Earth. To defeat the Adversary, Forge needed nine souls to open a portal to banish him, and used those of the eight X-Men present, along with Madelyne. Neal recorded the X-Men's sacrifice, and it was transmitted to the globe.

Neal was returned to Earth by Roma, who also brought back the X-Men, who for some time pretended to be dead in order to strike at their foes.

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Physical Strength

Neal posseses the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build.

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