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Neal was the son of the Huckster, a vicious psychopath who reveled in grotesque forms of murder. Neal's father was Nighthawk's greatest archenemy until he died when one of his schemes backfired on him. Because the Huckster died in battle with him, Nighthawk felt responsible for his death and for Neal who had been orphaned by it. The hero adopted Neal and raised him as his own, lifting him from his downtrodden background and teaching him about decency, honor, and justice. As without Nighthawk's tutelage and parental figure, Neal would have followed the same path as his biological father.[1]

After Nighthawk died following his fallout with the Squadron Supreme and their "Utopia Program", Neal dedicated his life he owed Kyle Richmond to keeping alive the ideals he fought and died for by becoming his successor. Although Neal didn't wear the wings as he believed he haven't truly earned them. When the Squadron vanished during the crisis, and corporations took power, Neal followed Nighthawk's example again and recruited what forces he could to form a resistance known as the Nighthawks. However, he began to have doubts about his resistance for being too militant in their actions and straying away from what he had taught them. When the Squadron returned to their world, Neal was approached by Hyperion who want him to join his team against Earth's usurpers. Initially, Neal was distrustful of this offer given that he never forgave the Squadron for being responsible for Kyle's death, but he eventually joined the Squadron and finally wearing his adopted father's wings.[1]

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