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Neanderthals are classified either as a subspecies of Homo sapiens ("Homo sapiens neanderthalensis"),[2] or a separate species: Homo neanderthalensis.[1]

Those early humans lived in caves instead of in trees like their ancestors.[7]

Developing the back of their brains, they were allegedly the first to care about others, raise their young, bury their dead, and experience anger and love.[3]

Paul Harper[]

Paul Harper traveled back in time and encounters Neanderthals. He actually encountered two evolution's of man: he was first chased into a cave by Ape-Men, and once in the cave, was chased out by a family of Neanderthals.[9]

Experimented on by[]

The Deviants[]

100,000 years ago, Tzaigo was replacing organs with primitive-human and Neanderthal organs to extend his life. He was in a secret relationship with the Eternal; Azura, but Sersi confronted her and tried to show her the truth . She took her to a cave where they found a pool of blood and bodies, horrified, Azura turned on Tzaigo, killing him.[10]

30,000 years ago lived the Oogla tribe: Cole, his wife Jana and their daughter Tres, and also Gort and One-Eye, among others. In this time, Neanderthals were confronted to sabertooth tigers and mammoths.[11]

The Deviant scientist Taras Vol abducted the three Neanderthal experiment to find a way to increase the Deviant lifespan. The experiment was eventually halted due to the Great Cataclysm, which sunk Lemuria and Atlantis, and the three Neanderthals were released in the nature, with almost no aging.[11]

Cole left to take the long journey home trying to find his family. It took him fifteen years to find his way back home, but by then his family was dead. Cole never recovered from losing them, and never remarried or had another child.[11]

The Kree[]

25.000 years ago,[1] the Kree (along with a Sentry) came to a tribe and experimented on them,[7] because of their genetic potential for manipulation,[7][12] which was discovered due to the Kree dissecting Arlok, a fallen-in-combat Eternal, and finding out the Celestials' experiments on the early humans.[7]

Those Kree experiments lasted for twenty-five years, and led to the creations of an offshoot species whose specimens would eventually be known as the Inhumans;[13] these diverged from humanity approximately twenty-five thousand years ago.[8]


At some point, as the Asgardians came to Midgard and mistreated the then mammoth-hunters mortals, Odin secretly had the Angels of Heven, protect the humans from the Gods.[14]

The Celestials[]

At some point, seemingly succeeding to Kelby Tak, Gorsvil became the Apocalypse[15][16] to his fellow Neanderthals.[17] He was seemingly succeeded by En Sabah Nur.[15][16]

Savage Land[]

In the Savage Land, after defeating the "Dark Walker," the "Star Giant" imprisoned him, then changed primitive hominids into more evolved men,[18] Neanderthals, which Neanderthals became the Hannanaki tribe and took up residence on the Forbidden Island in a western remote part of the Savage Land. They commanded the Reapers.[19] They were tasked by the Star Giant to protect the machine keeping the Dark Walker slumbering. The Star Giant also created the Mer-Men as guardians of the waters.[18]

The remaining Neanderthals of Earth were taken to the Savage Land by the Nuwali and survived until modern times. Atlantean scientists used them as subjects in the experiments by which they created the various non-human races known as the Beast-Men of Pangea.[6]

Cole's adventures[]

Millenia passed, Cole got involved in many important event in history, he met the Amazon warriors, arm-wrestled Goliath the Giant, witnessed the death of Julius Caesar, accompanied Cortez during his slaughter of the Mayans, freed slaves during the 1800's, served as a sheriff, and fought in both World Wars.[11]

During the same span, the Hannanaki and the Mer-Men slew all such intruders as Romans, conquistadors, cowboys, and Nazis.[18]

Modern Days[]

Savage Land[]

The Man-Apes were Neanderthals.[20] Maa-Gor's tribe were said to have been the last living Man-Apes in the Savage Land.[21] Ka-Zar killed the last male Man-Apes of this tribe except Maa-Gor himself. When Maa-Gor was transformed into the Man-God, he resurrected his tribe, but they disappeared after he lost his powers.[22]

The Swamp Men are Neanderthals as well.[20]

The Hannanaki tribe was confronted to investigating S.H.I.E.L.D. Geological Department agents, accompanied by Shanna, later joined by Wolverine,[19] and came to worship Amadeus Cho as their god.[18]

Cole, Gort and One-Eye[]

Cole finally took retirement and opened his own restaurant, which he named "Old Man Cole's." But his two former companions, after they stole him a statue from him, a statue he had made for his daughter, confronted him. He beat both of them with the help of Cable.[11]

Alternate Realities[]


Jerrick Brogg created an army of Neanderthals at a research laboratory in a national forest using a large shipment of plutonium to stimulate growth. Captain America tracked the plutonium shipment and discovered Brogg's project.

The Neanderthal army chased Cap through the forest, and Cap met Chat, who stopped the primitive men by sending her animal friends at them. Brogg tried to relocate his army and research, but Cap defeated him and the Neanderthal army, without a leader, dropped their guns. Cap told Chat that he would see that they got some education and move them to the Savage Land, where they might fit in better.[23]



Savage Land, same as Earth


Same as Earth


Same as Earth


Extinct, scattered remaining members


Type of Government

Tribal Leader

Level of Technology

Primitive, Stone-Age making simple weapons using stone (such as spears)[11]

Cultural Traits




The Neanderthals produced rock art.[11]

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