Nebulo was amongst a group of Inhumans that Black Bolt found guilty of treason and had Lockjaw teleport to the other dimensional "Un-Place". Later Hulk was teleported to there as well just as Maximus was recruiting the "Evil Inhumans" to his cause and Maximus teleported them all to Attilan. The Hulk refused to help Maximus and began going on a rampage. This provided the distraction Maximus needed to steal an invention by a scientist named Romnar that absorbed people. Realizing only the Hulk could break the barrier guarding the invention Nebulo tricked the Hulk into attacking it. Acquiring the invention Maximus fashioned it into a gun to use against Black Bolt, but the "Evil Inhumans" began fighting amongst themselves over how to use the gun and were quickly defeated by Black Bolt. In an attempt to curry favor, the "Evil Inhumans" tried to help stop the still rampaging Hulk, but Black Bolt ended up stopping him and the "Evil Inhumans" were again banished.

Nebulo was next seen once again working with Maximus and the "Evil Inhumans" in a plot to take over the island of Costa Salvador and then the world using mind control. The Hulk stumbled upon the island and after some fighting with the Hulk and amongst themselves Maximus was able to convince the Hulk to help them against the U.S. military which had come to the island. The Hulk helped them against the military until he realized that Betty Ross was among them and that Maximus planned to hurt her and turned on them. Maximus and the "Evil Inhumans" got into a rocket and blasted off escaping.

Nebulo next helped Maximus in his plot to take over the newly risen Atlantis, but they were stopped by the Fantastic Four.


Invisibility: Nebulo was invisible and only his shadow could be seen.

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