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Baron Mordo banished Doctor Strange and Victoria Bentley to another dimension where they met Nebulos,[1] who took control over Strange and sent him back to Earth with his scepter, expecting that Strange would use it to absorb in it all of Mordo's evil mystic power. Strange, unaware of this, did so, later banishing Mordo to a different dimension - he only knew that Nebulous was holding Bentley as a hostage.[2]

Strange happened to be on a mission for the Living Tribunal, who heard about all this[2] and battled Nebulos to destroy his staff. Eventually, the Tribunal destroyed Nebulos' home planet, with Nebulous personally withstanding the onslaught by using his scepter as a shield. Strange courageously snatched the item, and Nebulous was buried under an avalanche, seemingly killing him. The Tribunal, grateful when Strange delivered him the Staff to be destroyed, sent Strange to the hideout where Nebulous had hidden Bentley.[3]


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