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Origin in the 8th century

The Necronomicon was a powerful tome of black magic created by Abdul Alhazred, the Mad Arab,[5][4] in the 8th century.[6] It was one of the most powerful tomes on magic,[7] and presumably magnified Alhazred's powers.[5]

The Necronomicon was derived from a small part of lore from the Shiatra Book of the Damned (The Darkhold),[8] or was based[4] /patterned after it.[5] The Darkhold was created by Chthon, one of the Elder Gods.

The Atlantean Logomancer theorized that the both the Necronomicon and the Darkhold, as well as the Oracles of Zoroaster and other mystic scrolls and books were in fact just imperfect copies of the ancient writings etched on the walls of R'llyeh, the city of the Aqueos (incorrectly believed to be "Atlantean Vampires"), who had been produced by ancient beings,[9] the Great Old Ones,[10] among which Chthon was allegedly the greatest[11] (despite being an Elder God).

The book was seemingly updated (by Alhazred or others) or contained information on future events, as it mentioned the Undying Ones's powers waning and them consequently fleeing Earth, despite the fact this event occurred about 200 years after the book's creation.[12]

The book was banned and dreaded for centuries,[13] while becoming legendary.[14]

Late 19th-early 20th centuries

In Providence, Rhode Island, a copy was kept in the church used by the Starry Wisdom cult which remained when they were driven out in the 1880s. Robert Blake recognized it when he explored the church[13] as he had earlier learned about the book from correspondence with a reclusive scholar native to Providence.[15]

Modern Age

In 1935, near Schwartzhof, Austria, the Witch of the Hills used the spells of the "forbidden tome of Alhazred", and invoked the names of the demons Yngvi and Dyktawo to summon Satan (Lucifer) on behalf of the Gypsy Lucio Nuti who wanted revenge over Baron Krutze and his heirs, corrupt and tyrannous nobles who had destroyed his family.[2]

When Isaiah Curwen was denied the papacy, he extensively studied a part of the Vatican Library which housed the most complete collection of books on the dark arts, including the Necronomicon.[16] The Scarlet Witch considered the book an abomination and mistakenly believed all copies long destroyed. What appeared to be Agatha Harkness at the time, however, stated that it would be really useful to helping with Wanda's demon problems.[17] Doctor Strange possessed a copy.[18]

Other people may or may not possess it as well (see notes).
While studying extensively the occult, including Vampire and Werewolf matters, Elizabeth Nikos read the Necronomicon.[19]

During the Aqueos' hostilities towards Atlantis, Namor tasked Loa to read the darkest of the dark books. Doing so, she found an obscure footnote about the old vampires races, and the cause of the Aqueos' strength when near of their home territory, as they were power-boosted by the eldritch energy radiated by the Aqueos' elders, beings known as the Old Ones.[1] She also read about the Undying Ones.[12]

Alternate realities versions

Earth-818793 / Earth-2149

The 818793 Necronomicon creating a time portal

The Necronomicon was a Sumerian evil[6] sentient book with powers to create portals through time and between realities, as well as to create mystical zombies called Deadites through corruption of souls or demonic possession, similar to the "Raimis" created by Earth-555's Darkhold. Ash referred to it as the Sumerian Book of the Dead. One of Doctor Strange's sentient books, however, said that it was translated from the texts of a Sumerian death cult and written in blood on the flesh of the damned and tortured. Fought over by practitioners of the black arts it disappeared on Earth-2149 for several decades until it recently resurfaced in the collection of Doctor Doom. It was last seen with the Marvel Zombies who decided to use it as toilet paper.[20]


The Necronomicon contained instructions on how to summon "strange creatures and stranger gods",[14] including Satan (Lucifer).[2]

It included an obscure footnote about the old vamp-races, mentioned the ancient Aqueos and their eldritch energy radiation power-boost to Aqueos warriors/drones.[1]

It also mentioned the Undying Ones, the waning of their power, and them consequently fleeing Earth[12] (despite the fact this event occurred 1000 years ago, and the Necronomicon was written before, during the 8th century).


  • The Necronomicon from H.P. Lovecraft's stories and the Cthulhu Mythos is the mystical equivalent of Marvel's Darkhold, though it has been stated that the Necronomicon was derived from a small part of lore from the Shiatra Book of the Damned, another name of the Darkhold.[8] and also that both were imperfect copies of the ancient writings etched on the walls of R'llyeh, who had been produced by ancient beings,[9] later confirmed to be the Great Old Ones.[10]
  • The Necronomicon might or might not be appearing in possession of various people, including Ralph Halley,[21][22] or Myrna Lukaikas.[23]
  • Michael the Necromancer possessed a "Mini Necronomicon" which he used to perform resurrection/zombification spells.[3] It is unknown if that book is actually a pocket book format of the Necronomicon, or another book altogether.


  • Tony Stark: Iron Man #13 is named "Starkronomicron", a reference to the Necronomicon. The issue also includes a mention of Lovecraft.
  • The famous verse of the Necronomicon, "And with strange aeons even death may die!", mentioned in "The Call of Cthulhu" (1928) by H.P. Lovecraft, was referenced on occasion:

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