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Quote1.png In Necropolis. The Wakandan City of the Dead... Where Black Panthers go to die. And where you will rule. As king of the dead. Every Panther that has ever lived, their strength, their knowledge is now yours. Every battle fought... Every battle won. Unbeaten. Unbroken. A crown of the unconquered. A king of kings. My champion. My Black Panther. Quote2.png
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The Necropolis is the Wakandan City of the Dead, where previous Black Panthers are buried. T'Challa was recently made King of the Dead by Bast, granting him the strength, knowledge and experience of every Black Panther that ever lived. It is entered through the Wall of Knowledge.[1]

Home of the Illuminati

After T'Challa reconvened the Illuminati in response to the collision of alternate universes, they made the Necropolis their base of operations, building a lab, meeting area, and prison to hold the Black Swan.[3] It later also became home to Terrax the Truly Enlightened who was imprisoned along with the Black Swan, and the home of the Illuminati's arsenal of planet destroying weapons.[4]

After Thanos the Mad Titan invaded the Earth in search for his last living offspring and the Infinity Gems, he was directed by Illuminati member Namor to Wakanda, in an attempt to get revenge for Wakanda destroying his city of Atlantis. While invading Wakanda, Thanos discovered the location of the Illuminati's hideout in the Necropolis along with their prisoners and arsenal of weapons. Thanos was defeated by his son Thane, and trapped in a state of living death, along with his servant Proxima Midnight. The Illuminati brought him to the Necropolis, imprisoning him along with the Black Swan and Terrax.[5]

Time Runs Out

Eight months after the formation of the Cabal, the Cabal had destroyed Wakanda and claimed the Necropolis for their own.[6]


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