Ned Lanthrop was a member of Magneto's second Brotherhood of Mutants team.[1]

When Magneto abandoned them, Lifter and his allies became a separate group called Mutant Force. They acted as mercenaries working for Mandrill and his Femme Force against the Defenders.[2] After being captured, they were pressed into trying to defeat the Hulk by the government.[3]

Sometime later, Mutant Force joined the Secret Empire as thugs, working for Mad-Dog and Professor Power. They battled the Defenders again when they tried to break-up Damian and Patsy's wedding, and later during an attempted missile strike on Russia.[4]

Mutant Force later adopted new identities and became members of the Resistants. As Meteorite, Ned and the Resistants openly opposed the Mutant Registration Act through rallies, civil disobedience, and active criminal behavior.[5]

The Resistants eventually folded and Mutant Force was reformed in their original identities. Lifter was last seen fighting against the New Warriors but was defeated by the young heroes.[6]


Density Manipulation

  • Superhuman Strength: Lifter can increase his own density by an unknown amount, giving him superhuman strength.
  • Superhuman Durability: Lifter can increase his own density by an unknown amount, giving him superhuman durability.

Gravitikinesis: Lifter can also reduce the effect of gravity on objects by touching them.

Strength level

Lifter has superhuman strength proportionate to his density. The upper limit of his strength is unknown.

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