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Ned Lee is a young reporter, he is convinced that he can find out the identity of Spider Man. J. Jonah Jameson thinks he's wasting his time and nearly hands the assignment to Frederick Foswell, but Robbie Robertson thinks he may have something and tells him to "run with it".

Lee also convinces Robbie that the Green Goblin might be connected to the mystery. When Venom outs Spider-Man's true identity, Ned goes and interviews people that Peter Parker and Spider-Man both know, like Aunt May, Curt and Martha Connors, Norman Osborn, Quentin Beck, Flash Thompson, and Eddie Brock.

He eventually decided that Peter Parker is not Spider-Man, as he wore his costume unmasked on Halloween, a move the real Spider-Man would not make. Ned is also shown to have an attraction to his co-worker, Betty Brant. While asking Betty if she thinks Peter Parker is Spider-Man, he asks her out, only for his advances to be interrupted by J. Jonah Jameson.[1]

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Ned is a veteran reporter.



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  • Ned Lee is Earth-26496's incarnation of Ned Leeds. His surname was changed to accentuate that fact that he is Korean-American in this continuity.

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