The government succeeded in passing Operation: Zero Tolerance, an act that saw super-humans either incarcerated or eliminated. There are not many records of Domino's past prior to her incarceration during Zero Tolerance, however her origins are likely similar to many of her other alternate reality counterparts. While she was imprisoned during Operation: Zero Tolerance, she was forcibly sterilized to prevent super-humans from breeding. This act polarized her hatred toward human beings.

When the recently formed reality hopping heroes known as the Exiles arrived on Earth-1815 on their first mission, they freed Charles Xavier, believing him to be the "great leader" they were supposed to find in this reality. In reality, Xavier was an evil man who wished to eliminate the human race. Incapacitating the Exiles, he freed other super-humans to join his terrorist X-Men, among their numbers was Domino. She joined Xavier's X-Men in attacking the New York Stock Exchange. Their attack was opposed by members of the Exiles.

During the fight she was initially clubbed by the Exile Morph, but soon recovered and succeeded in removing a power dampener from Xavier's back. She was be blasted aside by the Exile's co-leader Mimic who slew Xavier shortly after. Domino's fate is unrevealed, however it's likely she was re-incarcerated.


Presumably, Domino has the same powers as her Earth-616 counterpart.


Domino is an expert fighter and combatant.


Domino has been sterilized and is incapable of female ovulation. Given the poor treatment super-humans received in this reality, it is questionable if this operation was done with skill or the patients well being in mind. Although any potential health implications due to this sterilization remains unknown at this time.


Following her escape from prison, Domino armed herself with two uzi machine guns.

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