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Domino went to Deadpool's casting call that was being held to join the X-Force, at first, Deadpool didn't believe that "having good luck" was a power even though she was recruited to the team. Wade briefed them on the mission to rescue Russell Collins from a prison convoy and protect him from Cable.

X-Force launched from a plane to intercept the truck, but all members were killed, except Deadpool and Domino, upon landing due to various accidents. Domino managed to infiltrate and take control of the truck but was assaulted by Cable who managed to hold him at bay until Deadpool arrived to fight him, unnoticed, Russell broke out of his cell and released Juggernaut who caused the prison transport to crash and escaped with Russell.

Domino joined forces with Deadpool and Cable to confront Juggernaut and stop Russell from killing the head of Essex House, an act that would start him on the path to darkness and end up killing Cable's time-traveling family. In the end, Juggernaut was defeated when Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Yukio arrived, also Deadpool managed to convince Russell not to kill the director avoiding the future that led to the death of Cable's family.[1]



Mutant Physiology / Probability Manipulation


  • Master Markswoman
  • Expert Martial Artist
  • Expert Acrobat


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