Nefer Neith Sinué is a paradox. Implied to be a native of the Negative Zone, she and everyone else on her planet were put in suspended animation to wait out an ecological catastrophe. While they waited, Sinué and her associate, Jomo Kimayne, were appointed as guardians of the system, as Rosetta Stone and Lockdown.

To keep the subjects sane, they were put in a VR program and allowed to socially interact within their roles. Nefer's role was to live a double life: dilettante heiress by day, caped vigilante by night.

The program was stable, until a group of new arrivals - the Fantastic Four - managed the impossible and escaped the system by sheer force of will. Pulled out of VR by an emergency program, Lockdown and Rosetta Stone vowed to track the interlopers down to keep their city safe.[1]

They showed up again during a "contest of champions", having apparently tracked the Fantastic Four to Earth. However, at no point in the encounter did they meet their quarry, and they apparently left soon after having helped the heroes.[2]

Real name taken from the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A to Z #6.

  • Nefer Neith Sinué's name, civilian dress and religious references are reminiscent of ancient Egypt. Whether this is because she is from an alternate Earth, a descendant of Ancient Egyptians lost in the Negative Zone, one of a race who interacted with the Heliopolitans in the past, or simply parroting what the VR programmers thought sounded "cool", is unknown.

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