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Quote1 These are what is left of Captain Marvel's legacy. All I have left of him. Quote2

The millennia old Nega-Bands were powerful relics of the Kree Empire. Transforming mental energy into physical energy, the Nega-Bands are able to grant the wearer fabulous powers.[1]



The Nega-Bands were awarded to Captain Mar-Vell by the Kree Supreme Intelligence. However, the Nega-Bands quickly trapped Mar-Vell in the Negative Zone.[4] Meanwhile, on Earth, Rick Jones found a pair of Nega-Bands after he left the Avengers. Using the bracelets, Rick Jones was able to trade places with Captain Marvel in the Negative Zone.[1]

Captain Marvel's children Genis and Phyla-Vell also wielded a set. A fourth set, possibly Mar-Vell's original pair, were stolen by the Shi'ar in order to create the Nega Bomb which, under influence by the Supreme Intelligence, they sent to devastate Kree Space. A fifth set was acquired by the Skrulls and given to Khn'nr who was to insert himself into the superhero population as a time lost Captain Marvel, the location of these nega bands after his death has not been revealed.

Nega-Bands from from Last Annihilation Wiccan & Hulkling Vol 1 1 001

The Nega-Bands repurposed as Hulkling and Wiccan's wedding rings

The ore of the Mar-Vell's bands were repurposed by his first born, Dorrek-Vell, into wedding bands for him and his husband, Wiccan.[5]

Hank Pym[]

Dr. Hank Pym once created a pair of Nega-Bands, but they were apparently destroyed in an explosion.[6]


Lord Annihilus stumbled across a pair of his own Nega Bands which he used as a means of creating another breach from his domain into the positive matter universe.[7] Using one band in each opposing space to act as a target waypoint from which to shoot through using his Positron cannon, a device which was revealed to be powered by the second band as they could channel matter and antimatter to be used both as a power source and firing mechanism.[8]


Yet another pair of bands pertaining to unknown origins once belonged to a corpse found on the Milano, a Raptor ship stolen by The Guardians of the Galaxy.[9] An enclave of the Fraternity came to retrieve their prize, led by Talonar, but came into conflict with Star Lord after he poisoned Rocket.[10]

Robbie Rider[]

Robbie/Talonar had sought out the Nega Bands specifically for their ability to open trans-dimensional shunts in order to get to and from different points in space.[11] Having finally acquired them after his run in with an Ultron infected cluster of space where Quill deposited the other half of his prize, he studied and experimented with the Kree magitek weaponry for months after their acquisition.[12] trying to open a gateway to Null Space where the Tree of Shadows resides, in order to access the Darkhawk Drone technology; but to no avail.[13] Until eventually succeeding by traversing to a Shi'Ar Outpost IV in a bid to monopolize a wearied spot in the fabric of reality in order to reach the True Raptors with them.[14]

The Kree Nega-Bands were classified by the Initiative as Omega Class Weapons, at the level of the Tactigon.[15] It was later revealed that while the bands do work without their mate, users will only possess half their functionality with only one band, their power often cutting out while the other is in use. It was also revealed they can open gateways to and from different points in the universe.[16]


The Nega-Bands will automatically adjust their size to perfectly fit their wearer. The Nega-Bands are also able to transform the mental energy of the wearer into physical energy[1] granting the users enhanced abilities including:

  • Increased Physical Abilities
    • Superhuman Strength: Using the Nega-Bands, Mar-Vell could lift 10 tons.[17]
    • Superhuman Speed
    • Superhuman Agility
    • Superhuman Durability
  • Interstellar Flight[18]
  • Energy Manipulation: The ability to absorb & manipulate various types of energy.[citation needed]
  • Invulnerability: The bands increased invulnerability to physical attacks.[citation needed]
  • Omni-linguistic Translation[19]
  • Self-Sustenance: The bands allow the user to survive without the requirement of nourishment, water, or oxygen.[citation needed]
    • Vacuum Adaptation: The Nega Bands enable their wielders to seamlessly survive within the crushing depths of deep space.[citation needed]
  • Teleportation: They can be used to warp to & from different areas at will or open gateways to and from different points in the universe.[16]
    • Matter/Antimatter Force Transferal: When slammed together, the bands allow for the transferal of negative atoms and positive atoms. This is how Captain Marvel and Rick Jones could exchange places from the Negative Zone and Earth.[1]
    • Matter Transferal: Users of the Nega Bands can be used to act as a conduit channeling dynamic minutia to and from the Negative Zone or between different points in space.[20] Enabling them to channel matter & antimatter seamlessly through them.[21]
  • Cosmic Awareness: Some users gain Cosmic Awareness when wearing the bands.[citation needed]

Alternate Reality Versions

Home Reality of Noh-Varr (Earth-200080)[]

Nega-Bands from Dark Avengers Annual Vol 1 1 001

Noh-Varr's Nega-Bands

A new set of Nega-Bands, different in power and appearance, were created specifically by the Kree of Noh-Varr's universe to protect Earth.

Noh-Varr's Nega-Bands were taken away and destroyed by Ronan the Accuser after Noh-Varr turned on the Prime Universe's Supreme Intelligence.[22]


Noh-Varr's bands, gifted possibly by an alternate Supreme Intelligence, granted:

  • Many practical aspects of the in-universe Nega-Bands
  • Produces a performance boosting kree Battle suit
  • Teleportation, range unspecified
  • Analysis and tracking of energy signatures
  • Tracking and detection invisibility
  • Holographic projection
  • Onboard technological arrays used for mechanical construction
  • Cyberpathic interfacing with technology & machinery


  • There are only 4-6 known sets of Nega-Bands.

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