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The Nega Bomb is, according to Shi'ar Admiral Ka'ardum, "the most abominable devices" his people have ever created.[1] It was first forged by them during their war with the Kree (although some influence by the Skrulls and the Kree Supreme Intelligence was all involved). The Nega Bomb was created by cracking open a pair of Nega-Bands and releasing the anti-matter portal inside, harnessing that potent force into a "death light" capable of reaching an entire star system.[2]

The Nega Bomb was detonated at the conclusion of the Kree/Shi'ar War.[3] It decimated the population of the Kree Empire, killing billions, but also seeded the survivors with a mutagenic potential, just as the Supreme Intelligence had planned.[4]

The Supreme Intelligence later recreated the Nega Bomb en masse, and planned to use them to level the Earth to deal with the Inhumans. However upon the arrival of an Annihilation wave, an enlarged Inhuman city, and Galactus their targets shifted. They ultimately deployed multiple Nega Bombs against Galactus to no effect.[5]

Shi'ar invasion forces received permission from Emperor Vulcan to use Nega Bombs against the Kree during the War of Kings.[6]

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