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The Nega-Gauntlets are a special multi-purpose super armament capable of change and morphing into differing classes of heavy artillery or melee weaponry on command.[3] He would take them on as a personal signature weapon of his own accord while declaring war upon the human race of the Prime Marvel Universe after the crewmen of The Marvel flagship, his family; were brutally killed by the Midas Foundation whom sought to strip their vessel for it's cosmic energy warp drive.[4]


These special bands are Kree Diplomatic Gestalt fashioned polymorphic weaponry extracted from the armaments wing of Noh-Varr's trans-dimensional vessel known as The Marvel.[3] Fashioned out of unknown metamorphic alloys from the Kree Soldiers home dimension, they seem to react to Marvel Boy's thought patterns or body motions and can channel any number of exotic energies through a booster pack apparatus which accommodates their morphogenic tech. Be it heat, plasma, stellar or even cosmological ray emissions.[5] Their functionality may have been based upon the Nega-Bands technology, as they possess similar trans-spatial rearrangement abilities similar to the precursor they were modeled from.[6]

  • Metamorphosis: The main facility of the gauntlets is their ability to transform into whatever tools that Noh-Varr might need at the time.[3]
    • Supergun Formation: Their main function is transforming into any manner of ranged artillery that discharge most any form of energy Marvel Boy desires be it mildly concussive or heavy destructive force.[3]
    • Weapon Transmutation: Noh can change his armguards into razor blades that can sheer with great force.[7]
    • Equipment Transformation: Wearers can manifest specialized facilities useful for spying and infiltration when the need arises.[6] They can even detach from the wearer to become other utilities such as a pair binoculars for others to use.[8]
  • Energy Channeling: In the event of needed firepower, Noh-Varr's gauntlets can connect to an external battery pack provided by the Marvel equipment archives in order to siphon and refocus differing energy outputs to magnify their blast force.[9]
    • Energy Generation: By themselves these weapons can dole out sizable dynamic output, easily able to slag the face of superpowered individuals as mighty as The Sentry with ease.[10]
  • Matter Substitution
    • Quantum Swapping: Marvel Boy can initiate something called a Under Kree-Vann Directive Zero-One, he could engage in a Quantum Swap and trade his place with an ally working alongside him.
  • Customization: Special augmentative accommodations can be applied to the morphing bands in their weapon form to increase their versatility.[9]
    • Armament Attachment: Other munitions from the archives of the Marvel can be applied as a unique form of battery reload if necessary.[5]

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