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When the Fantastic Four met the Inhumans, Black Bolt argued with Mister Fantastic, encouraging him to leave peaceably, Maximus sealed the refuge in a "Negative Barrier" after discovering that Inhumans and humans were of the same race. [1]

With his brother insane, and the key to the barrier trapped within Maximus' diseased mind, the Inhumans sought frantically for a way to escape the Negative Barrier. Black Bolt's first attempt was to use his own energy to empower a bomb that would burst it open, but it almost destroyed the entire city before he used his powerful voice to stop it. [2]

Finally, he was forced to expose his secret and again use his destructive voice to demolish the barrier surrounding Attilan, freeing his people. [3]

Attilan remained free of any sort of barriers for years and the hidden city was eventually relocated to the Blue Area of the Moon. [4] However when the city's artificial atmosphere was compromised, the Fantastic Four saved it by shrinking Attilan down in size and recovering it. This occurred during a time that the sorceress known as Morgan Le Fay had risen the undersea kingdom of Atlantis from above the ocean floor and formed an alliance with the Inhuman's Genetic Council. [5] They had recovered the shrunken city of Attilan, [6] Although the Fantastic Four, Inhuman royal family, and their allies defeated Le Fay and the rogue Genetics Concil, a new Negative Zone barrier was erected around Attilan, trapping the Terrigen Mist which was unleashed inside, leaving all those still trapped within constantly exposed to the mists. [7] However eventually, Black Bolt regained the Inhuman throne, contained the mists and took down the barrier, although the circumstances behind this are not recorded at this time. [8]

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