Negative Forbush-Man was the embodiment of Forbush-Man's internal rage, caused by his inability to become part of the real Marvel Universe. Prior to his first confrontation with Forbush-Man, he spent time searching for him.

After coming into possession of the Infinity Wart, a magical wart that the possessor's desires, intentional or not, Irving used it become ruler of the world. It was then that Negative Forbush-Man appeared, saying he was never meant to get the Infinity Wart and it was rightfully his. He kidnapped Irving and steals the Infinity Wart.

Negative Forbush-Man began experimenting with his new power when Milk and Cookies attacked. He used his abilities to bring out their dark sides in the shape of Bread and Water. The four did battle, but eventually, Milk and Cookies succeeded. Negative Forbush-Man used the Infinity Wart to collapse all of space and time, crushing Milk and Cookies under every character in the Marble Universe. However, Milk and Cookies escaped to the Aniverse, home of Spider-Ham.

From a secret lair, Negative Forbush-Man sent Pork Grind to do battle with the heroes. He watched the fight unfold from a hidden camera as the real Forbush-Man attempted to break free. After Pork Grind was defeated, Wolverina appeared suddenly, destroying the hidden camera and rallying the heroes to go after Negative Forbush-Man.

The heroes ambushed Negative Forbush-Man and freed Irving. Negative Forbush-Man gained the upper hand and attempted to kill Irving. Wolverina used her claws to cut the Wart off of Negative Forbush-Man's finger. In his panic, Negative Forbush-Man lost the pot he used as a mask and disappeared in a flash of light.

Milk asked if they killed him, but Wolverina reassured her that Negative Forbush-Man was a spoof of a Starlin character, and they never really die.[1]


Negative Forbush-Man formerly possessed the Infinity Wart, which gave him nigh-omnipotent power.


Neganite Forbush-Man is apparently dependent on his helmet to remain in existence. Without it, he can vanish without a trace.

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