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The Negative Zone is an anti-matter derived parallel dimension to Earth's reality. Unlike our universe, where matter is positively charged, all matter in the Negative Zone bears a negative charge, creating unique phenomena and challenges for those who traverse its realms. One notable aspect is its atmosphere, which is entirely breathable and pressurized, allowing for a strange juxtaposition of hostile environments with conditions suitable for life. Anyone or anything that moves from one universe to the other must reverse its polarity on a molecular level or be instantly annihilated. Second, it is a mature universe that has already started to contract (ours is still expanding); eventually, it will implode. Third, time passes at a faster rate relative to ours. Fourth, a still unknown factor (possibly lack of water) makes evolution difficult, because much of the Negative Zone is still uninhabited. At the heart of the Negative Zone lies a mysterious and ominous vortex of immense power, shrouded in legends and feared by its inhabitants. This vortex, rumored to be capable of unspeakable devastation, adds an air of danger and mystery to the already enigmatic realm. Despite its potential for sustaining life, the Negative Zone remains largely uninhabited, with only a few resilient species managing to eke out an existence amidst its harsh landscapes. This relative emptiness has not gone unnoticed by ambitious conquerors from both within and beyond the Negative Zone, who see Earth's population as a valuable prize worth conquering. A Builder described it as "a failed pocket universe resting inside an existing a tumor."[3]

Among the denizens of the Negative Zone, two figures stand out as prominent and formidable: Blastaar and Annihilus. Blastaar, a warlord known for his insatiable thirst for power, constantly seeks to expand his dominion beyond the boundaries of the Negative Zone. Annihilus, with his powerful Cosmic Control Rod and ruthless ambition, has posed a significant threat to Earth and the wider universe on multiple occasions. The Negative Zone's allure lies not only in its potential untapped reserves of cosmic energy and exotic materials. These elements make it a sought-after destination for adventurers, scientists, and would-be conquerors alike, ensuring that it remains a focal point of intrigue and conflict.



No one in our universe knows how or when the Negative Zone appeared/came to be or how old it is. If its aging process is similar to our universe's, it is much older: it has already begun to contract and will eventually implode (a Big Crunch, as opposed to a Big Bang). At one time, there were several species who had flourishing cultures and made progress in science and the arts. When the contraction began (one estimate puts it at a million years ago), their focus changed to survival. The people of Tyanna, for instance, used spores to terraform other worlds and produced many of the species now known to live there. Other species include the people of Argor, Arthros, Kestor, Krysok, Mantracora, Ootah, and Tarsuu.[citation needed]

Discovery: The FF and the Zone[]

Dr. Reed Richards , the ingenious scientist of the Fantastic Four, discovered the Negative Zone and built the first inter-universal portal. Testing his invention, Reed, accompanied by Ricardo Jones who was pretending to be the Thing at the time, ventured into the anti-matter realm. When the tether broke, revealing the impostor's true nature, he sacrificed himself to save Reed. Reed returned safely, while his brave companion perished at the energy barrier separating the universes.[4] Later Reed and Ben conducted a experiment using a device enabling Reed to remotely monitor the Negative Zone from the safety of their lab. Their experiment is interrupted when they come under attack by the newly empowered Ulysses Klaw, seeking revenge.[5]

During the Sandman's attack on the Baxter Building, he revealed a new ability of his costume, creating a poisonous gas. To save their lives, Reed opened a portal to the Negative Zone, but he got sucked in just before it closed, risking his life at the convergence point of positive and anti-matter.[6] Crystal of the Inhumans arrived at their headquarters with her dog Lockjaw, offering a solution and teleported away to seek help. Meanwhile, within the Negative Zone, alien beings drop off a dangerous criminal in a special containment suit on an asteroid headed for destruction. Unaware of the danger, Reed observed as the aliens departed. Crystal asked Triton for assistance in rescuing Reed from the Zero-Gravity dimension. Triton swiftly swims through the portal, rescued Reed, and brings him back. However, the containment suit exploded, releasing Blastaar. Unbeknownst to them, Blastaar has followed, teaming up with Sandman to plot the destruction of the Fantastic Four and world domination.[7] The Fantastic Four are ambushed by Blastaar and Sandman and Triton joined the fight but was incapacitated by Sandman. The battle spilled onto the streets, attracting police attention. Sandman questioned his allegiance to Blastaar's power-hungry ways. The Thing subdued Sandman at the docks, while Reed and Sue devise a plan to stop Blastaar. Ultimately, Reed's invention neutralized Blastaar, sending him home.[8] When the Mad Thinker's Android attacked the Fantastic Four, Reed lured the machine into his space-time laboratory and sent it hurtling into the open portal into the Negative Zone.[9]

With Sue Storm's life on the line due to imminent childbirth, Reed must procure Element X from the sole source in the Negative Zone to counter the threat posed by cosmic rays within her body. Venturing into the Negative Zone with Ben and Johnny, they confront Annihilus, who possessed the coveted Cosmic Control Rod containing Element X. Despite Annihilus's refusal to relinquish it, Reed stole the rod, triggering a perilous chase. Trapped on a drifting rock, Reed sacrificed the rod to save their lives but managed to extract some Element X. Returning home, they rush to the hospital where Sue safely gives birth to a healthy baby boy named Franklin.[10]


Deep in the Negative Zone, Blastaar sought to return to Earth so that he could find a realm worthy of plundering and scourging. Furious over his past defeats, he traveled onward, vowing to get revenge on those who had defeated him. While on Earth, at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, Jean Grey attempted to use a device left behind by the late Charles Xavier that could convert her thoughts into radio waves. Despite being cautioned by Beast and Cyclops to be careful, Jean continued to use the device, causing it to malfunction and transported Blastaar from the Negative Zone into the mansion. In the ensuing chaos, Blastaar attacked, injuring Beast before Cyclops called for reinforcements. With Jean and Hank in the infirmary, the team devised a plan using ice statues animated by Jean's powers to defeat Blastaar. The plan succeeded, leading to Blastaar's demise. Though remorseful, Jean found solace in Cyclops's assurance that Blastaar's evil warranted their actions.[11]

Captain Mar-Vell[]

After Captain Mar-Vell ventured into space, he was unexpectedly thrust into the Negative Zone by electromagnetic radiation. The Supreme Intelligence facilitated a telepathic connection between Mar-Vell and Rick Jones, a friend of the Hulk. Guided by Mar-Vell's image disguised as Captain America, Jones donned the Nega-Bands, causing them to swap places: Mar-Vell to Earth and Jones to the Negative Zone. The bands allowed them to maintain telepathic contact, fulfilling the Supreme Intelligence's objective. Mar-Vell could briefly visit Earth before automatically swapping back with Jones.[12][13]


The Nega-Man clashed with the Fantastic Four and developed a module to harness anti-matter energy. Seeking to increase his power, he ventured into the Negative Zone but was swiftly defeated by its ruler, Annihilus. Janus, realizing his defeat, offered to guide Annihilus back to Earth, despite knowing the disastrous consequences. Allowed aboard one of Annihilus's ships to absorb negative energy, Janus was confronted by the Fantastic Four's male members seeking to stop him. Despite achieving his goal, Janus was betrayed by Annihilus's crew and ejected from the ship. Despite Reed Richards' attempts to save him, Janus seemingly perished when pulled into an anti-matter interface.[14]

Frightful Four[]

The Frightful Four, led by the Wizard, came together for revenge on the Fantastic Four. They hypnotized Spider-Man and use him to incapacitate the Human Torch, seizing control of the Baxter Building. While tampering with Reed Richard's devices, the Wizard inadvertently empowered Annihilus by opening the Negative Zone portal wider. Annihilus aimed to invade the positive matter universe, with only the Wizard to stop him. However, the Torch broke free, releasing Spider-Man from the trance. Together, they defeated the Frightful Four and halted the Negative Zone machine, sending Annihilus back.[15]

Later Visits[]

On an extended trip there, however, they encountered several of the other denizens. They discovered Ootah, a world half-covered by a city, where the control systems had driven out the citizens.[16] Another world, Kestor, imploded when it was drawn into the center of the Zone.[17]

Recently, Reed has returned to the idea of using the Zone as a prison, this time with an actual facility built for the purpose.[18]

During the Secret Invasion, Lyja opened a portal and transferred the entire Baxter Building to the Negative Zone.[2]

Other Heroes in the Zone[]

Spider-Man has also visited the Negative Zone. He became involved in a rebellion against Blastaar on the world of Tarsuu and acquired the costume now used by Dusk.[19][20]

The realm of Asgard once drifted into the Zone. Odin drove Annihilus back when he tried to invade.[21]

A section of the Negative Zone was under the protection of Allene Green, who turned it into the utopia for her Squirrel Avengers Initiative.[22]

Alternate Universe Versions[]

Ultimate Universe (Earth-1610)[]

In this universe, the N-Zone is another, much older and dying, universe with a corrosive atmosphere and an insectoid villain named Nihil.[23]

Humorverse (Earth-9047)[]

Negative Zone from What The--?! Vol 1 7 001

Negatory Zone

In this universe, the Negative Zone is called Negatory Zone. It is a labyrinth that the Fantastical Four went through, trying to avoid dangerous inhabitants including Annihilator and Blastarr.[24]

Battlerealm (Earth-15513)[]

After the destruction of the Multiverse caused by incursions,[25] Doctor Doom with the power of the Beyonders was able to create Battleworld in a new reality.[26] The Negative Zone served as the planet's core.

Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes (Earth-135263)[]

The Negative Zone is inhabited by various serpent and insect like creatures. The zone is alleged to be a nexus to all other universes. Unlike its Earth-616 counterpart, this Negative zone was not discovered by Reed Richards; Dr. Doom alleges he discovered it years before. Also, this Zone does not appear to be composed of anti-matter, as Johnny Storm and his girlfriend were seen entering this Zone with no protection or preparations and, were it anti-matter, they surely would have been annihilated.[27]

Heroes Reborn (2021) (Earth-21798)[]

In this reality, the Negative Zone is used by the Squadron Supreme of America to place Earth's most dangerous villains after capture. When some of them escaped from Negative Zone, Dr. Reed Richards warned Hyperion of the dangers of using it as a prison, but Hyperion ignored his warnings.[28][29]

Points of Interest


Annihilation Area / Crossroads of Infinity[]

As already noted, the Negative Zone is contracting. A black hole (at least, the Zone's version of a black hole) has formed at the center of the universe, made up of all the surplus matter. As it grows, its pull becomes stronger, thus adding more mass to itself--a vicious circle. Some call it the Annihilation Area.

In theory, entering a black hole in our universe and traveling through the singularity will send you to another universe. In the case of the Negative Zone black hole, this theory is fact. For ordinary beings, though, this trip would be fatal. The first hazard is the sheer amount of mass already on its way into the black hole, in the form of gas, rock, and debris. The second is the exponential increase in gravity as one approaches the singularity, which would exert tidal forces on the traveler (see Larry Niven's short story "Neutron Star" for a good explanation). Finally, everything that approaches the singularity is pulled toward and through a single point at faster-than-light speeds, a process that would turn normal matter into a microscopic stream of plasma. The whole process would be like going through an avalanche, an earthquake, and a flood simultaneously, all of them at literally astronomical levels. On the only known successful passage into the singularity, it took the combined forces of Doctor Doom, Annihilus, and Susan Richards to survive.[30]

Inside the singularity, though, is the Crossroads of Infinity, a path that branches off to many other universes. Where you step off the path determines the universe you enter. And, if you stay on the path to the end, you reach the new location of Tyanna.[citation needed] The Crossroads were created by the Sixth Cosmos.[31]

Distortion Area[]

A direct link between our universe and the Negative Zone would mean the end of both. Reed Richards found (or created) an energy field that serves as an insulator so that travel between the universes is possible. The Distortion Area is an energy sphere in the Zone that is normally invisible (presumably to keep people like Blastaar from noticing it). A beam of the correct wavelength will energize the sphere, making it briefly visible, and open a portal. Passing through the sphere not only takes you to the other universe, it reverses your atomic particles to match the charge of your destination. The experience is disconcerting, to say the least; nausea is the most common complaint, while others may suffer psychological effects such as anxiety or depression. In rare cases someone may enter a fugue state, a sort of waking dream. These mental problems only seem to happen when traveling into, not out of, the Negative Zone, so some property of the Zone itself may be responsible.[citation needed]


  • In the space-time continuum of the Negative Zone, time passes at the same rate as it does here: one second per second. When compared to each other, though, the rates differ. While one day passes in our universe, eleven months go by in the Negative Zone. Conversely, while one day passes in the Zone, only 25.7 seconds go by in our universe. This phenomenon offers amazing opportunities for research in such fields as astronomy and cosmology. So far, the difficulties of getting to the Zone and staying alive there have discouraged such research.[citation needed]
  • The Negative Barrier was an energy field that the insane, evil Inhuman Maximus created around the Inhumans's city of Attilan by reversing his atmo-gun.[32] This seemingly impenetrable energy field was eventually permanently destroyed when Maximus's brother Black Bolt, whose rightful hereditary rule of the Inhumans the evil Maximus has been attempting to usurp for years by trying to overthrow his brother and murder him, unleashed the power of his voice, shattering the field and laying to waste much of the city.[33]

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