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This huge, radical cube was designed by Mr. Fantastic to create a dimensional entrance into sub-space. Reed Richards first entered the Negative Zone attached to a reel of super-tensile-strength cable held by the Thing Impostor, who then sacrificed himself to save the superhero scientist and bring him back to the positive matter universe.[1]

When Sandman attacked the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards opened the portal again, forcing the villain to flee, even though the superhero was sucked into it and soon found himself floating free through the Negative Zone, much to everyone's horror.[2] He was eventually rescued by Triton, who crossed six safety chambers and jumped into the Negative Zone portal, saving him just moments before Reed was destroyed at the barrier. Unknown to them, Blastaar freed himself and traveled into the positive matter universe with them.[3] After a week of work, Reed and Ben Grimm removed a power core, in order to prevent any other alien entrance.[4]

Some time later, as Rick Jones, assisted by Captain Marvel, jumped out the Negative Zone, he also inadvertently released Annihilus as well, who was forced back into the Negative Zone Portal by the Avengers.[5]

When the Frightful Four took control of the Baxter Building, the Wizard accidentally opened the Negative Zone portal in such a way that it empowered Annihilus with more energy. Annihilus then attempted to break free into the positive matter universe to take it over, with only the Wizard trying to keep the creature at bay. As the Human Torch broke free and snapped Spider-Man out of his trance, the two then defeated the Frightful Four and stopped the Negative Zone machine, shunting Annihilus back to the Negative Zone.[6]

Many years later in Flash Thompson's perfect world, an unstable Negative Zone Portal was created by Dr. Doom to reach Annihilus.[7]

Alternate Reality Versions

Image Description Issue
Negative Zone Portal from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 2 7 001.jpg In Earth-TRN921, Doctor Doom opened an unstable portal. Annihilus and Blastaar were able to escape, but were quickly confronted by Flash Thompson and Spider-Man. Flash was able to push them, alongside Doom, back to the zone. Doom attempted to pull him in, only for Spider-Man to rescue him. Flash then proceeded to close the portal. Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #7

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