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Dr. Neil MacKenzie, a professor in the Physics Department of Thames University, was also Brian Braddock's tutor and friend. He lived in Seraph Mews, where he rented a flat out to Brian.

Dr. MacKenzie defended Captain Britain against Chief Inspector Thomas' accusations of having deliberately provoked Hurricane's attack against the Thames University.[1] Dr. MacKenzie further accused the Chief Inspector of persecuting the wrong man for the crime.

Sometime later, Dr. MacKenzie accidentally heard Brian inside his room, knocking unconscious his brother Jamie to prevent him from involving himself in the search for another costumed criminal. Talking through the door, MacKenzie accepted Brian's excuse that he'd simply knocked over a stack of books and continued on his way.[2]

Powers and Abilities


No known paranormal powers

Physical Strength

Average strength level for a man of his age who engages in minimal regular exercise.



Dr. MacKenzie kept a well-stocked laboratory at his home, which Brian occasionally snuck in to use to aid him as Captain Britain.

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