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Quote1 Yeah! Let everyone have their own thread. But they all weave together. Then maybe they go left. Maybe right. Who knows? Not us. They're the ones making the patterns. It's our construct, but it's their great web. And it's pretty, right? Quote2


Neith is the goddess of spiders, the daughter of Elder Goddesses Oshtur and Gaea, and the younger sister of the wasp-goddess Shathra. As a child, Neith begged her sister to play with her, but Shathra boasted that their mothers had tasked her with designing a celestial map of the multiverse. Shathra created the "Great Nest", to which Neith critiqued to her sister that she was overthinking the assignment, and created her own design in the form of a web. Although their mothers were unimpressed by Shathra's design, they offered Neith the opportunity to try her hand at the task. Neith created the Great Web to chart humanity's destiny, also creating spiders to repair, maintain, and expand it, as she sought more time to herself, while Shathra dismissed her sister's creation as too chaotic and disorganized.

However, Oshtur and Gaea were greatly impressing by Neith's Great Web, showing off her creation to the other gods and nominating her as the shaper of the Multiverse. Neith only agreed on the condition that Shathra would not mind, and Shathra wished her well even though her own heart had become blackened with spite. By the time Neith finished building the Web of Life and Destiny, Shathra became so consumed by envy and hatred that she transformed herself into a wasp-like dark goddess, determined to one day have her spider-wasps take revenge on Neith and her spiders, and make her Great Nest a reality to supplant the Great Web.[1]


It is unknown what became of Neith by the time the Inheritors conquered Earth-001, though by that time the Great Web had come to be housed in a massive temple overseen by a powerful Spider-Totem called the Master Weaver,[2] the future self of the Inheritor Karn.[3]

Following her sister's banishment and cleansing, Neith appeared to the Spider Army and as gratitude she restored Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spider, and Spider-Boy after they were cut from a Web.[4]


Being a child by godly standards, Neith enjoys acting like a child which includes playing and relaxing, as well as frequently pestering her older sister Shathra to play with her. A believer in free will, she crafted the Web of Life and Destiny so that humanity would be free to chart their own paths, which opposed to the ordered rigidity of Shathra's Great Nest. Somewhat on the lazy side and not as attentive, Neith created the spiders so that she wouldn't have to do the work of repairing, maintaining, and expanding the web herself.[1]



Spider-Powers: As the goddess of spiders and progenitor of the Spider-Totems, Neith possesses powers similar to those they bestow upon their avatars.[1]

  • Organic Webbing: By making a gesture with her fingers, Neith could fire strands of golden webbing from her wrists, which she used to form the basis of the Web of Life and Destiny.[1]
  • Spider-Totem Creation: Wanting to spend her time playing, Neith created the Spider-Totems to maintain and expand the Great Web.


Inattentiveness: Being a child among the adult gods, Neith's prioritizing fun and joy precluded her from noticing Shathra's dark envy subsequently tampering with the Great Web and its caretaker spiders.[1]



  • Divine Golden Bracers.[1]
  • Personal Crown
  • Spider-Emblem Sash



  • In real world Egyptian mythology, Neith was worshiped as a primordial goddess of the hunt, fate, weaving, and numerous other aspects.
  • Given Neith's divine traits and that she is the creator of the Web of Life, it would stand to reason that she would be the first Spider Totem in the multiverse.

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