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A troubled young girl in Eberhardt, Nebraska, Nell Ruggles hoped not to be remembered as the quiet girl who killed her classmates. However, she acquired superhuman powers which can eventually be traced back to a device which the Icarus One astronauts brought back from the Moon. Using her powers to attack local students who had bullied her in the past. Running away from home, she was captured by the Blur and turned over to Nick Fury's SHIELD organization. Thanks to an electroshock collar, she has been prevented from leaving, though she appears to be making the best of the situation, having made friends and eventually falling in love with Tucker Ford (aka Biogeneral) whom she would go on to marry after being depowered.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Ruggles previously had unspecified "spider" powers. Her skin changed to a red/yellow checker pattern when she used her powers. Based on rough estimation, these include:


  • Despite clearly being based on Spider-Man, Ruggles has not exhibited any precognitive powers or "danger sense".

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