Nelson Gruber was a student at Metropolitan University. He was conducting sleep experiments as part of his studies. One of his experiment's patients, Rick Sheridan, demonstrated unusual brain patterns. Gruber was curious about the patterns and amplified them. The computer he was using exploded from the energy and knocked Gruber unconscious. The energies Gruber was infected with were from the Mindscape, which were released as Sheridan was the host of Sleepwalker.

When Gruber woke up, he discovered that his mind was able to generate representations of any written material. Adopting the identity of Bookworm, the unhinged Gruber decided to take revenge on his perceived "enemies." Sleepwalker sensed the energies of the Mindscape and discovered Gruber torturing Whitney Cooper, a student he felt had wronged him. With the assistance of Sheridan's girlfriend, Alyssa Conover, Sleepwalker was able to defeat Bookworm.

Bookworm was taken into custody and imprisoned with the strict rule that he have no contact with written materials.


Gruber was able to manifest physical representations of any written material.


Gifted psychology student.


Only able to use his powers when in physical contact with written material.

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