Nelson Kohler was like every other human on the day the White Event occured. Blinded by the light white driving, Nelson wrecked his car. His life hanging in the balance, his wife opted to have his life-support pulled. When Nelson died, only his body ceased to function - his spirit became something more, altered by the White Event. Taking on the form of a Noir-styled detective, Nelson soon found himself being pulled towards certain people, watching their powers manifest.[citation needed]

Horrified at what he had saw, he attempted to ascend on, but found that his spirit would not rest. Overcome with despair, he found himself encountering the Anti-Body of Randy O'Brien. He lashed out at the creature, hoping it could make himself die. Instead, not only did he fear that he killed it instead, but he could also take over O'Brien's body. However, when the Anti-Body was starting to die, Nelson relented and released O'Brien. The event changed him, making him realize that he may be fated to be a mere witness towards all.[citation needed]

On December 22, 1987, Nelson would find himself pulled by something dark and twisted. Rushing to the source, he found Ken Connell soaring over Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, attempting to pass the Star Brand onto a barbell. Despite his best efforts, Nelson failed and Ken attempted to pass it, the results leading to Ken destroying Pittsburgh in the process. Nelson attempted to follow Ken, but opted to investigate the results instead. Unable to cope with the tragedy, Nelson hallucinated finding Pittsburgh, only to have the citizens there attack him. Attempting to flee, Nelson finally regained his senses, realizing he went mad from what he had witnessed. After evading the view of Jenny Swensen's MAX Armor, Nelson made a vow - he would make Ken Connell pay for the destruction of Pittsburgh.[citation needed]

This goal he would succeed in - taking the form of one of Ken's friends, he haunted a powerless Ken, causing him to drive off a cliff. He would appear one last time, convincing Jacob Bumley, the latest wielder of the Star Brand, that resurrecting Pittsburgh was impossible.[citation needed]


As a specter, Nelson has complete and utter intangibility. He is also drawn to when humans first use their powers or to some other catastrophic event


Despite being a ghost, no one can hear or see him, save for a select few.

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