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Nelson Mandela was a leader of the up-rising against the Apartheid, racial laws against coloured people in South Africa.[1]

He was eventually captured by the South African Security Forces, after they had been tipped by the C.I.A..[1]

During this period, the African National Congress, Mandela's party, was strongly supported by T'Chaka, monarch of Wakanda.[2]

Nelson Mandela (Earth-616) from Black Panther Vol 4 3 0001

Congratulating T'Challa

President and retirement

The apartheid was eventually abolished and full voting rights were established in 1994.[3]

Mandela became the first President of South Africa after the abolishment of Apartheid.[3]

On T'Challa's coronation, Nelson Mandela was among the nations' leaders to congratulate him, along President George H. W. Bush, Fidel Castro and Prince Namor.[2]

At some time, he visited The Black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley, even if his role was unknown to most people and was kept secret by the U.S. government.[4]

Nelson Mandela attended to the wedding of Storm and Black Panther, again along Castro, and Bush's son, President George W. Bush.[5]

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