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The Eternals of Earth are unable to procreate among themselves,[1] but can produce offsprings with other species, such as baseline Humans[2] and Deviants.[2][3] The Eternals refer to these offspring as "Nephilites", as they can have both extended lifespans and various enhanced abilities. However, they are not part of the Machine and thus cannot be resurrected upon death, making them separate from True Eternals.[1]



Human Hybrids

Deviant Hybrids


  • Although Nephilites weren't introduced until Kieron Gillen's run on Eternals, there have been several instances of Eternals having children with members of other races. Whether or not these children are considered Nephilites or not is unconfirmed.
    • On Earth-9997, Sui-San was revealed to be a Skrull, meaning that this reality's version of Eros and Thanos are both hybrids.[4]
    • When a tribe of Inhumans ran afoul of the Mad Titan Thanos (who was later revealed to be a true Eternal rather than a Titanian Eternal), one woman became pregnant with his son, Thane.[5]
  • The Eternal known as William Carmody is known to have a daughter, Mary.[6] However, due to the nature of Kieron Gillen's run, it is unknown what role William has in the current state of the Eternals (assuming he even has one) or if Mary qualifies as a Nephilite.

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