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Nephrus was the royal wizard of Egyptian Pharaoh Aram-Set circa 1,000 BCE. Aram-Set's reign ended when a Swarlili slave named N'Kantu led a bloody revolt which ended with the Pharaoh dangling on the edge of his spear. As he raided the Pharaoh's temple, he came upon the wizard Nephrus. Nephrus was prepared for the warrior-slave's treachery and splashed him with a chemical agent that caused immediate paralysis of N'Kantu's limbs. He brought him down to a private dungeon laboratory where he bound him with linen and injected him with a special fluid. This fluid granted N’Kantu immortality, but at the price of his mobility. Nephrus sealed him inside of a sarcophagus, promising that he would suffer as a Living Mummy for all eternity. Moments after entombing N'Kantu, a great earthquake struck and devastated the temple, killing Nephrus and burying N'Kantu for centuries. Trapped and unable to move, N'Kantu gradually went insane as the centuries slowly passed. Nephrus' spirit languished in the underworld for centuries. During this time, N'Kantu rose from his tomb and wandered the Earth as a living mummy. Years passed, and N'Kantu eventually acquired the Orb of Ra. Using the Orb, he summoned the spirit of Nephrus and begged him to release him from this hellish existence. Nephrus however, had never anticipated a need to reverse the serum's effect and was unable to provide the Living Mummy a peaceful death.[citation needed]

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